Tuesday, January 14, 2020

{ Dense fog, a new Bible and devotional }



There is beauty in everything!

Fog is often thought of as scary, dark, dreary and usually used in horror movies, or movies to show impending doom.  While that description might be true, to a certain extent, I find foggy mornings to be one of the most beautiful.  Right up there with Spring mornings when the sun is is just rising and bathes the land in a golden glow.



I can't say that I particularly enjoy driving in dense fog, but to look at, there's nothing quite like it.

We woke up this morning to some dense fog.  Cold as it was, I slipped on my robe and stepped outside with my camera in hand.  I believe that we need to enjoy every aspect of our lives, every moment, every day, every season, for they all bring beauty in their own simple ways.


Pottering around the house on days like these, is quite possibly my most enjoyed moments.  I rely on the light flickering from candles or a simple warmer in the corner of a room, bringing soft light but also a sweet fragrance to the air.


I'll usually put on a documentary on my laptop, or a turn to a playlist on Spotify, something medieval, or instrumental.  Soft tunes that will blend right in with the slow rhythm of the day.

I have been in deep thought since the year turned to 2020.

There is so much going on around the world, in our own backyards and even inside our four walls.  I have prayed, I have talked, questioned and given it all to the God.

Maybe it's the beginning of a new year, or maybe it's the winter season, whatever it is, it is all that is needed to get my thoughts going.

Most times they are consumed by daily tasks, whatever I have going on that day, what needs doing, am I forgetting something, do I have dinner under way, what time do I need to pick up Jasmine from work, is Nick getting all his lessons finished in time?

But there are times where my thoughts go deeper, deeper into what I don't like about myself, what I wish was different, what I want to change or what I want to focus on bettering.  In those moments I turn to God, but I also take a walk down memory lane and start thinking about my great grandmother and the kind of woman she was.


She was not a religious woman, she didn't attend church, but she prayed daily, had a very strong faith and devotion to God, and above all, a love for her family.  There are numerous things I admire in her and wish to emulate but there are others that I want to expand on, especially the Christian side of her.




As I threw all these thoughts and wants at God's feet, asking Him to help me and give me a sign as to what I need to do, or should be doing, a thought came through loud and strong, repeatedly running through my mind.

Spend more time in my word.  Read my word.  Devote a moment each morning to Me and I will set your mind at ease.

So I am listening and I'm going to start doing just that.  It won't be easy at first, it is all about creating habits and as you know it takes about 21 days for a habit to be created.  My issue is not even so much feeling like I can't do it, and I certainly don't have a problem reading my devotional.  My problem comes in reading the Bible.

You may not know this about me, but I have always struggled to read it, especially the old testament.  I find it extremely dry and difficult to read, too many names and explanations, things that don't keep my interest for long.  I've struggled and I've hated struggling with it, because I want nothing more than to be one of those faightfully strong women who read their bible and understand it.

I've never quite known where to start, so I did a big of digging around, 4 books in the bible seem to be the most commonly recommended, for someone who is starting from scratch.

John, Romans, Psalms and Proverbs

I've put it off long enough, I am opening the book of John today and not looking back.


I am fully aware that this is going to be a life changing journey, and I don't quite know what I will learn from it, but the thought of drawing closer to God is all I need to get me going.

So I'm here to tell you, if you're wanting to start on this journey too, don't hold back, buy that new bible, pick up the new devotional and just start reading.


  1. Have you heard of Bible Study Fellowship? It's an international group that meets weekly to study different parts of the bible. I participated for a while years ago and think this group may be just what you are looking for. https://www.bsfinternational.org

  2. "You may not know this about me, but I have always struggled to read it, especially the old testament. I find it extremely dry and difficult to read, too many names and explanations, things that don't keep my interest for long." I think you're voicing what many feel - it is complicated, confusing, the history alone is daunting. I found one thing that helped me was a visual guide to the books of the Bible, an easy to read outline of what each one covered, something you could refer to. Perhaps your library might have something useful? I love foggy mornings too, as long as neither I nor anyone I love needs to be on the road in them!

  3. Get a copy of Warren Wiersbe's 'with the word'. It is a chapter by chapter summary of the Bible. Great book!

  4. Beautiful photos. Your grandmother sounds wonderful. I love the fog, too. I grew up near San Francisco. I feel closest to God when in the mountains. It sounds to me like your heart will guide you.

  5. Good for you. I took a bible study last year on how to read the bible. I ended up not finishing it. I wish I had. I praise you in your journey.

  6. Enjoyed reading your post and you shared such beautiful photos especially of the fog. We've had that fog as well but I couldn't figure out how to capture it with the camera. Your grandmother sounds amazing, made me think of my own parents a bit who didn't attend church, weren't particularly religious but we never had any doubt of their faith. Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!

  7. When I was younger I wanted to read the Bible from beginning to end. I started, then got hung up in the book of Numbers when they took a count of all the tribes. It is about two chapters long. I got bored sort of speak. I was taking notes and keeping up with who was related to who and so on.
    I want to try to do it again.
    I have learned that the Bible was not published as to the correct time each book was written in order and the correct time line. I found a link to the Chronological order of the bible as to how they should be according to time line.
    I just think it's interesting about all the stories and events that took place in history that has lead us to where we are today. The Book of Leviticus is truly amazing with all the laws and such. Boy, if God took care of things today like he did back then, we would all be on our best behavior. Lol
    I love digging in Gods word to find answers to today's situations.

  8. I know the love of a grandmother and I am blessed to have the Bibles of both my grandmothers. I like the list of the 4 books you plan to read. I have several Bibles. KJV is a little harder to read but I do like the old world words. I also have some easier to read Bibles. I see the Bible you posted is a journaling Bible. I have one too. I found a group on Facebook that is all about illustrating your faith in your Bible. I started out simple but have learned to do more. It makes the Bible come to life. You have a beautiful site here.

  9. I downloaded the YouVersion Bible App and started a daily devotional where you read the Bible in a year. I have always struggled with comprehending the Old Testament. So I use The Message translation and it is so much easier for me to understand and retain it! Keeping you in my prayers.

  10. I love the quietness that comes with the morning fog. The Old Testament is my favorite to read. I obviously love the New Testament for its teachings of our Savior but the older stories interest me most. I began reading the Bible chronologically with my children (the Old Testament is very much out of order) and it helps to better put things into perspective. I also find biblical/historical fiction books to read along with it. I recently finished Connilyn Cosette's 'Out of Egypt' and 'Cities of Refuge' series beginning with the exodus out of Egypt and continuing on through to the conquering of Jericho and the establishment of the cities of refuge. I definitely recommend her books as they are beautifully written. Blessings to you on this journey.


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