Tuesday, March 24, 2020

{ Day 2 of Quarantine - Churros Cake }


"But God did not give me a spirit of fear, but power, love, and a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7

As the world continues to change rapidly outside our doors, we are inside trying to make the best of our time.

For me, it is just a continuation of my usual routine, the slowness of the day, pottering around, thanking God for every moment and trying to find joy in every thing I see and do.

I know some of you are struggling at the moment, and I wish more than anything that I had the magical word to take it all away.  I don't, but the Bible does, and you can always find just what you're looking for, and most importantly what you're needing to hear.

I invite you to take this time of quarantine, to make the best of the moments you are inside with your family.  Enjoy every second, keep yourself busy and in no time, we will be past this obstacle and back to our normal lives.



Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”  Mark 5:36

I love early morning light, and as soon as it starts getting bright outside, I water my plants, or get a load of laundry hanging out to dry.

This morning as I was watering the plants, I noticed that the two mats I have outside on the patio, were needing a good cleaning.  One of them Marley had actually been peeing on when he had that issue with his private parts.


I quickly hit the pause button on what I was doing, and gave the mats a good cleaning, with a water and bleach mixture.  I used the broom and gave it a good scrubbing, then rinsed it and let them sit out to dry.

In no time they were dry and looking and smelling much better.


I desperately want to get my plants in the ground, but it's been raining and before I can do that, I need it to warm up a bit more.  I think I may actually get that chance this week, as we're headed towards high 80s temperatures.



When you get your housework done, and don't let things accumulate, you will realize that it leaves you quit a bit of free time to do the things you enjoy.

I used to get a lot of questions about my routine and how I had time to read, crochet, or watch a tv show.

For a long time, I'm talking years now, I have taught myself to get my daily chores done in the morning, before I allow myself to have any downtime.  Some days I may be a bit busy and end up with no time for any of those things, but for the most part that is how my days go.

I had some lunch with Nicholas today, he was up and playing on his VR, so I fixed us some fish sticks and we had fish stick sandwiches and a slice of cake.

As the kids get older, spending time just talking is not as easy as it used to be when they were little.  They are not as keen to talk to their parents as they once were, but I have to say that I am blessed in that both my kids love chatting and talking about their days, and all things whether news, current events or whatever else may be going on.


After spending about an hour and a half chatting back and forth with Nick, I sat down and managed to read another chapter in my book.  I'm really enjoying it, I've always been a huge Tudor fan and especially when it pertains to King Henry VIII.  One of my favorites of his wives, was Catherine of Aragon, his first wife who was daughter Isabella the warrior queen of Spain.  She is fascinating, or was I should say.  Truly, if you ever are curious, read up on her, I think Isabella was quite formidable.  

Churros Cake

After reading for a bit, I went into the kitchen and made a cake.  This cake.....what to even say other than you need to make it.  It is easy and I'm quite certain you will have all the ingredients on hand.

You know I love making cakes and try to make at least one, every week.  This was the choice this week, although I may have to make another cake at some point because this one is not going to last.  Half is already done, that's how good it is.

As you know I post a lot of stories on Instagram, if you don't follow me on there yet, be sure to go on over and send a follow request.  I share my days from morning to night, I show you my routines in real time, and I've also recently started sharing my meals as I cook them.

I did that with this cake and was immediately flooded with private messages asking me to please post the recipe.  So as soon as I was done reading, I immediately jumped on my laptop to type it up.

Churros Cake

I guess now is the perfect time to work make some special treats for the family, right?

If you love Churros and want to make a super yummy treat, go on over to Full Bellies, Happy Kids and grab the recipe for the Churros Cake.


Once the recipe was posted, someone was at my feet wanting to play.  How can you say no to that sweet face?



We played fetch for a bit and then it was time for me to get dinner started.  I love this time of day as well, when the day starts winding down and I'm in the kitchen starting to prepare my family's meal.

This quarantine has meant easy, simple meals, and so I'll be sharing on Instagram as well, all my dinners.  Tonight I made a Creamy Ham Fettucine using some diced up ham I already had on hand, and served it with a salad.  Quick meal but filling and not expensive to make at all.


Of course in between all this, there are multiple, and I mean multiple hand washes.  My poor hands are so dry.  Not that I never washed my hands before but never to this extent.  I think everyone is feeling the same way Hahahah


And so the second day of our Quarantine comes to an end.  I end my day feeling thankful and blessed for one more day with my husband and children, and my little one Marley.

I don't know if I'll start to feel cabin fever, I don't think I will just because this is so much like my usual routine, as crazy as that may seem to some of you, but I do think that eventually, depending on how long this lasts, I may start to miss driving Jasmine to work, going to the stores without waiting in long lines.  I'll miss doing my usual shopping without worrying about the shelves being empty, and I will definitely miss the moments where we didn't have to be so incredibly crazy about disinfecting every thing within our reach.

For now though, I will do as I'm told, follow the rules, and trust in my Heavenly Father, and live faithfully through this fear.

Much blessings to all of you, stay safe, stay indoors and I'll see you all tomorrow!


  1. Hi Sandra. How do we find you on Instagram?

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  3. Good post Sandra. You always inspire me. Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. We are on day 10, but the state order is not up until April 6th. No cake here. Flour is no where to be found.

  5. Everyone I know started washing their hands with dish soap when they ran out of hand soap and that stripped the natural oils from their skin. I opened up a few bars of Dove soap and put them out and my hands are no longer red and less dry

  6. We're on day 12 here with our quarantine. I'm not sure when businesses will reopen, but schools here are not going back until next year.
    Your cake looks yummy. I'll have to try to come up with a gluten free option.


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