Saturday, March 07, 2020

{ Spring peeking in }


There's a time of year that we start feeling that certain electricity in the air.  No I'm not talking about the Winter time static that snaps us every chance it gets.  Have I ever told you how annoyed I get when I go shopping, and reach out to open one of the fridge doors only to be snapped so hard, you can even hear the cracking sound?

Ooohhh I hate that.

But that is not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about this time of year, when Spring starts making it's entrance.  Little bits here and there, tiny specks among dead grass and tree branches bare of life.

It's almost like excitement brewing in the air.  I know for me, it starts making me feel alive, renewed, ready to plant and enjoy every moment outdoors.



Early mornings bring green growth, topped with tiny crystal clear droplets of dew and shone upon by the rising sun.  God continually showers us with beauty, all we need to do is, open our eyes and take it all in.



My mornings usually start with my morning devotional reading, a quick look through emails, my blog, school and so on.  I try to do it when the house is still asleep and quiet.  The only thing that is usually making any sort of noise, is Marley behind me or the birds chirping loudly outside.




Birds.  That is usually the biggest sign that Spring is about to come forth.  At least where we live, surrounded by nature, there is a huge outpouring of new babies flying all about. 



The light also changes.  Isn't it strange when you actually sit and think about it?  It's amazing to me how God made it all to the point where different seasons have different lighting, different scents in the air. 

Spring smells fresher to me, lighter and it's definitely brighter.  Not in the summer kind of brightness which at times is quite blinding, but in a soft and more subdued way. 




My seedlings are thriving and just begging to be planted into the earth.  However, we still have a few frost mornings and I don't want to put them in that environment quite yet.  I do think that it will be coming soon, maybe within the next week or two, I may finally be able to get my garden sorted out and growing, out by the greenhouse.

Speaking of greenhouse, no, it's not yet finished, it is a project that has taken longer than we wished for, but I'm also having to rely on my husband and he works a full time job, so weekends are pretty much the only time we have.  Some weekends we just want to be indoors, relaxing, doing nothing practically.


This weekend I am hoping to get my pallet garden going, I do have planters but I am thinking of going by the dollar store or even Lowe's and grabbing some cheap ones that I can screw onto the pallets.

I have laundry to do, typical daily housework chores needing my attention, and also need to take my son for a haircut.

But, I do want to get more yard work done, so that will come in somewhere in between all these other chores.

I'm also hoping to get a lot of reading time in, possibly out on the back patio, and maybe a movie or two in.  Who knows, it's a blank slate of a day with nothing really planned, well aside from that haircut.

I better get on out of here and get things going so that I take full advantage of every minute and every hour. 


  1. We are supposed to have temperatures in the 60's tomorrow and I can hardly wait to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day we are to have. I have plenty of outside chores that need completed, but I want to just enjoy the day tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful post. It is a glorious 55* and sunny day here in western NY and I am hoping that the snow will hold off. smiles

  3. We are having spring like temps here and it's getting close to preparing our porches and patios for spring and summer. It's my favorite time of year for sure. Springing forward on the time was a tad rough this morning. I really wish they would just leave the time alone. :o)) Have a great week!


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