Friday, March 27, 2020

{ Day 5 of Quarantine - Coffee and Crochet }


As we entered day 5 of this quarantine, we received the news from the city mayor that we are now in a Shelter in Place order, until the 8th of April.

There are currently 15 cases in our county, 4 of those hospitalized, so drastic measures have been taken.  It is all so incredibly sad to see.  I pray that all of this will be over soon and that we will all be able to go back to our normal lives.

However, I am still saying positive and not worrying or panicking.  I've done a lot of praying, a lot of bible reading and devotional reading.  I start my day thanking God for everything, even for this difficult phase we are in, because we need to remember to be thankful through everything, and that includes the tough patches we go through as well.

Everything that we face in life, is filled with lessons, and it's through those trials and tribulations, that the Lord works within us.  Is it fun?  Not really, no one likes to be put on the spot, to be vulnerable, to be made to dig deep and face certain aspects of ourselves that we may not be quite comfortable or happy with.

So, my advice to you at the moment, for whatever it may be worth, is to take note of what is going on, but stay strong, stay in prayer and always, always be thankful.


The thing with being home 24/7 and not leaving for anything at all, is that your house is soon completely clean and tidy, and you find yourself actually looking around wondering what to do you pass the time.

Today was one of those for me.  It started slow, it seemed to drag and then drag a little more.

In moment's like these, I like to take a little more time with certain things, like for example breakfast.  Instead of a quick cup of instant coffee while standing at the kitchen island, and munching on a piece of toast, take the time to brew some coffee in a carafe.


Yes I'm using a funnel because I lost my pour over filter, a long time ago and keep meaning to get another and just get around to it.  But a funnel works just as well.  I take a coffee filter and squeeze it down into the funnel itself, just to make the opening a bit smaller and therefore not having the coffee filter too fast.

I then place another coffee filter  over that one, add the ground machine coffee, boil some water and then pour over the coffee and sit back and listen to that delicious brew dripping down into the carafe.


I set a spot at the table, a slice of the Churros Cake and sat down to enjoy my coffee and cake, while reading the Bible.  I'm reading in Romans right now and loving it.


The house was quiet, the kids were asleep, Curt was at work and it was just me and Marley.  I sipped the hot coffee not feeling rushed, ate the cake, refilled the cup again and just enjoyed my time with God.


There is nothing wrong with enjoying some self care, even if it means just a quite moment with God, a little table setting for yourself and the light of a gorgeous candle.


After breakfast, I did my usual housework and then grabbed my crochet and tried to watch the newest adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma. for 30 minutes before I turned it off and gave up.

I am not a huge fan of remakes, I don't understand why the need to keep remaking a movie and especially when that remake is nowhere near as good as the original.  Such is the case with Emma.

Though there are a few moments in Jane Austen's books and movies that we may find comical, it is not a comedy, and the fact that this new remake approaches it as such, is quite frustrating and annoying to be honest.  The quirky weird music, the whole comedic vibe to it just ruined the story itself for me.

If any of you have watched it and enjoyed it, let me know.  Me, being the huge Janeite that I am, I was not only disappointed but super annoyed with it.

I ended up turning the TV off, putting down the crochet, and laying on the couch with Marley, which of course resulted in a 30 minute unintentional nap.  Oh well!!!

For dinner I made a Sheet Pan Pizza and that was our Friday.  Very quiet, very slow.

How are you holding up in your quarantine, self isolation, social distancing and shelter in place?  So many terms aren't there?

We went from a quarantine and social distancing to now being told to Shelter in Place and only allowed out for groceries, or get fined $1000, or get thrown in jail for 180 days.  *sigh*

Never thought I would live through something like this and truly hope I never do again.

Stay safe my friends, praying for you all.


  1. Oh, wow. Those are intense consequences. I think we are still allowed to walk our dogs. I went and bought groceries and gas today. I felt quite paranoid. There are so many things to remember. It's such an intense time. This was a beautiful post. Your coffee looks delicious. That is clever how you used a funnel for the filter.

  2. Hi Sandra. Yes, these are very challenging times. We will get through this together, relying on our faith in God. So glad you are finding peace and comfort in the scriptures. It has been such a long time since I have visited your blog. I did so regularly years ago and it sure is good to be back. Stay safe and well.

  3. Girl, I'm like you. I just take one day at a time. Have faith and keep holding my head up. I think each state has their own rules because of the intensity of the cases in each state. Some are more relaxed than others. I don't get out unless I have to. People are encouraged to get out and get sunshine and fresh air though.


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