Thursday, August 27, 2020

{ Prayers for my mother in law Pat }

I've been pretty quiet on here.

I am trying very hard to get this post out without jumbling everything up.  At the moment, my mind is at full speed, thoughts swirling, constant prayers going up and trying to stay focused.

You know that a lot has been going on for us.  This year has been extremely difficult for many people, and we have also been thrown into the middle of that chaos.  Every family I speak to is going through a trial, a season, a desert, a phase that doesn't seem to have an end in sight.

Yesterday morning we got a phone call from my wonderful mother in law Pat.  The news she shared were not what we wanted to hear, not what we were expecting and so far removed from my thoughts, that I had to sit down on the couch in the office, and catch my breath.

Pat has been battling cancer for years, and I mean years.  Back in 2007 I made a post asking for prayers for her, she had just told us that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  We were shocked.  She went through surgery, chemotherapy and beat that cancer.  Was cancer free for 9 years and then 2016 it came back, she fought it again, and then returned again in 2017.

She has been a warrior, so strong, she leaves us in constant awe.

Unfortunately the cancer has spread, and she was given a Stage 4 diagnosis this week, if she does no treatments she has 2 months, if she goes through more chemotherapy she has about 14 months.

This is not a decision that is easy to make, and my heart totally breaks for her.  We want to be selfish and force her to do anything and everything needed to stay around longer, but at what cost?

I don't want her to suffer, I don't want her in pain.  So I'm asking for prayers please, for a miracle from the Lord to cure this horrible disease invading her body, but if it is her time, then prayers for comfort and peace for her, and for her sons, my husband and brother in law.

I will tell you, I am not ready to let her go.  I'm not.  But I can't be selfish, so I will support and respect her decision.

Just please, please send prayers our way. 

I am so sorry that I haven't been the best of bloggers.  I tell myself daily to get back on here and just write, write everything and anything because it helps to clear the mind and helps to get through life's difficult moments.......and yet I feel like I have this block when it comes to blogging.

I don't want to stop, I don't want to let my blog go after so many years, but what do I do when I can't seem to open blogger, type anything, or even feel like I am motivated to do so?  I don't have that answer right now, maybe when life calms down a bit I'll be able to get on with it as before, but for the moment I am truly just going with the flow. 

Please believe that I am trying my best, but I am also very overwhelmed with life right now, so much so that at times, I feel like I'm in the middle of the ocean, being pulled under and fighting frantically to stay afloat.

Life is is just hard right now.

Thank you for the prayers in advance.  I will keep you updated. 



  1. I am sending prayers for you and your family. We have been staying with our son in law through his cancer diagnosis/treatments. This morning I had to say my final goodbye to him, kiss his cheek the last time. My heart is breaking, the pain is so deep. His heart is still beating but his mind is not. These decisions are hard.

  2. I just stopped and said a prayer for your mother in law and for you and your family. May peace and strength come your way.

  3. So Sorry to hear this ~
    I will Pray for Your Dear Mother-in-law
    and for All The Family ~ Take Care ~ All Good Wishes x

  4. Dear, dear Sandra ~ don't worry about blogging, it will come back to you when the time is right.

    Now is the time to be connected with your sweet mother-in-law Pat. I will add her to my prayers.

    Love, hugs and prayers for all of you at this time ~ FlowerLady

  5. Don't worry about us, it's only natural that your attention is elsewhere. Praying for you dear MIL.

  6. Aw I’m so so sorry many prayers 🙏❤️

  7. I am praying hard for Pat and for you guys as well. Everytime someone talks to her and asks how she is doing she always says everything is OK. We all love Pat. Love you guys, keep us informed...Love Aunt Nita

  8. I am incredibly sorry to hear this news. I am praying for Pat and your whole family. My husband's mother went through a very similar journey, and it was painful, but she was at total peace in her last days. Love and hugs, ~Mrs.J~

  9. Praying for your mother-in-law, and all of your family. The same thing happened to my mother in 2013. I was soooo devastated - I thought that I would die from a broken heart. However, God gave us all the strength to accept everything. She lived the last nine months with the knowledge that she was terminally ill, but thanks be to God, she accepted it (better than I did!), and actually enjoyed life very much almost to the end. May God bless you all with His peace.

  10. Praying for your mother-in-law to be healed and for salvation if she is not yet saved. Also praying your daily will feel peace that passes all understanding through this difficult time.

  11. You have to do what is best for your family and yourself. I hope you keep your blog going, but remember we all understand your not being able to log on and write. When I lost my Steve to burketts like lymphoma it was like the earth opened up under me. Back when he became ill, lost his job I had all I could do to keep juggling things to hold us together. You all have been in my prayers and your mother inlaw will be as well. I will give her name to some nuns at an abbey near me and they will storm Heaven with prayers for her 5 times a day. God bless you all , Sandra

  12. Sandra-- So sorry to hear about your MIL. Prayers for her and for your whole family!

  13. Praying for you and your family.

  14. Praying for Pat, for the Holy Spirit to comfort her right now and give her wisdom. Also for you and your whole family. From experience, i know it is dreadful, and i know He can give you peace in the midst.

  15. ALL my prayers and hugs are being sent to you and your family. You have been through so much this year, but I know you have this faith and strength that will support you through this trying time. Whatever decision she makes and as hard as it is to accept God will be there through this for her and for the family. Make the best of whatever time you have with her.

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