Wednesday, November 11, 2020

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Good morning sweet friends, how is your week going so far?

Mine has been good, though a little shadowed with sadness, since today would have been my mother in law's birthday.  
She was turning 70 years old and we were so excited to celebrate it with her.  Instead, we know she is having a huge celebration in Heaven.
We will however, be meeting my father in law and mom's sister for lunch today.  It will be a nice way to honor her and to spend some time together.  We will then head over to the cemetery to place some flowers on her grave.
In the meantime, I keep wanting to come in and put up a post, and life just keeps chucking that idea right out the window.  So I'm doing it a little different this morning, and putting up a little post that I used to do way back when.
My long time followers will no doubt remember.  
Have a wonderful blessed day everyone :)


On my bedside table: 
A Divine Revelation of Heaven and Hell by Mary K. Baxter
TV controls
Playing on the TV: 
Calming channels on YouTube (I shared some of my favorite on Instagram, but I'll give you the links here too, be sure to check them out you will no doubt love them just as much as I do)

Latest interests: 
Holocaust books, movies, documentaries, survivor interviews
Crocheting slipper booties 
On my mind: 
My mother in law
A lot of legal things we are having to deal with pertaining to her passing 
To be fully dependent on God and not on the world
How to interpret the Bible
To let go of control
A comfy home for my family
A conscious decision to fill my soul with goodness and positivity
Looking forward to: 
Seeing family today for lunch
Creating a headboard for our new bed
Painting the bedroom
Finishing projects around the house
Reading, so many books that have been filling my shelf
Calming vlogs on YouTube 
My diffuser 
Time spent with my family


  1. Those first birthdays after someone passes are hard, and I think a landmark birthday has to be worse.
    I enjoyed this post!

  2. The year of firsts are always the hardest. Prayers for comfort.

  3. Thanks for the great YouTube suggestions. Followed several here and on Instagram.

    That first year or two grieving someone had always been the hardest for me. I hope y’all are able to find comfort in each other’s company as the holidays progress.


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