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About Falling Home: Creating a Life That Catches You When You Fall

Paperback: 208 Pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (February 2, 2021)

Beloved speaker and radio host Hallie Lord shows how to use unexpected hardships and challenges to build a life that will make you more secure and grounded than ever before.

Hallie Lord understands the upheaval life can bring. From her parents’ divorce when she was a preteen to moving eleven times in fifteen years with her family, the radical changes she faced relentlessly pushed her toward fear and helplessness. Yet by digging into her faith and through much self-reflection, she realized that even though those challenges had left her a bit battered and bruised, they had also equipped her for any difficulty that may arise.

In Falling Home, she describes the four interconnected foundations that now give her strength and security during life’s upheavals:

  • committed, supportive friendships,
  • healthy family relationships,
  • an intimate love affair with God, and
  • a compassionate sense of self.

Inviting readers into her hard-fought journey, Lord shows them how they, too, can embrace whatever life brings their way. With lyrical prose and a tender, inviting voice, she shares how hurts and sacrifices are also the groundwork for creating a beautiful life that can catch them whenever they fall.

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About Hallie Lord

Hallie Lord is the author of On the Other Side of Fear and Falling Home: Creating a Life That Catches You When You Fall, cohost of the Beatbox Gospel podcast, cofounder of Mixi Media, and the mom of eight kids. In her free time she can be found searching for her inner peace on or in the drive-thru lane of the Charleston, SC Starbucks near her home.

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 My thoughts:

First and foremost, I loved that the book was not super long, it was a small, short and quick read, which is great when you have a busy life and can't always find the time to sit and read.

I will start by saying that I don't have anxiety, not on a daily basis.  The only experience I've had with anxiety was a few years ago, and I've mentioned that here on the blog.  It lasted only a month but that month was excruciating for me and since then I've tried very hard to familiarize myself with everything and anything about it.

Why you may ask?  Well aside from wanting to know how to deal with it, if I am to ever go through it again, my daughter, niece, sister in law, stepmother and many friends, suffer from anxiety.  I see them struggle and don't always know how to help or what to say.

That was the main reason for me wanting to review this book.

Hallie Lord brings forth her struggle with anxiety, and takes us through her life, the lessons she learned, her therapy and the tools she used to get through the bad days, always with God at the forefront.  As a Christian woman I could completely relate to those moments where the struggle is so real, that all we can do is turn to our Heavenly Father for comfort.
But over the past year or two, I’ve gained peace and confidence in who I am and what God put me on this earth to do. They have settled into my bones. I am no longer so easily hurt by the opinions of others, and I’m far less impressionable than I once was. Now, when I ask myself why I did that thing or reacted that way or made that choice, I am almost always, after a little self-examination and consultation with God, able to answer. 
This quote right here, was one of the moments I found myself nodding in agreement. Along my journey with God, my whole life, but most specifically the last year, He has taught me that my worth is no dependent on what other people think of me, or say to me.  

Hallie's life story is not only interesting but so poignant.  Her vulnerability throughout the chapters, is palpable but she also exudes this incredible strength and faith that so many of us only wish we had.  She gives us the tools to know how to deal with whatever life throws our way.  The battles, the hurt, the grief, everything moves us continually towards our Heavenly home, towards unshakeable faith,  and towards living a full, happy life no matter the obstacles in our path.

I learned so much through her journey, and I know that I'll take many of these lessons with me.  

Thank you to TLC Book Tours and Thomas Nelson Publishing, for providing me with a review copy of this book.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.


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  1. A short book is always a great weekend read. Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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