Tuesday, April 13, 2021

{ A little homemaking, and a lot of books }

April 13, 2021
Pinch yourselves, it's true, I'm actually here with a mid week post, and it's not a book review or my happy homemaker Monday.  *gasp*

Last week I promised that I would come back and show you all my newest books.  These are the ones I got at the dollar sale or through swapping them at Paperbackswap.  (honestly if you love books and are not using this great website, you are missing out)

The last few days books have been arriving in the mail, and I don't know about you all, but I love books so much that getting any book in the mail is a celebration.  I have had quite a few for review as well, so I'll be showing those in this post too.  Basically, if you are looking for new reading suggestions, this is the post for you.

April 13, 2021 

April 13, 2021

I've also been going about my days doing the usual homemaking chores, driving kids around, and all that fun stuff that comes with being at home.
I have taken full advantage of the days that are slower, the ones where I don't need to go out as much, to potter around, do small projects, and take a little more time cooking and cleaning.  

April 13, 2021 

April 13, 2021

Without a doubt though, most of the week was about books, books of all genres, colors and sizes.   These I picked up at the dollar shelf in my local Christian store.  The first one, of course, you will understand why I brought it home.  Anything Amish comes home with me.  
99 Favorite Amish Home Remedies 
The Power of Praying for your Adult Children by StormieOmartian 
Hearing God Every Day by Doug Addison 
Bible and Breakfast by Asheritah Ciuciu 

April 13, 2021 

April 13, 2021

April 13, 2021 

The next ones came in from Paperbackswap, along with a few others that I didn't take a photo of, but I'll list them for you as well, and you can see them in the first photo at the top of the post. 
April 13, 2021 
The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton 
Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay (There is a movie on this book too) 
Night by Elie Wiesel 
The Sugar Camp Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini 
Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks 
Sold on a Monday by Kristina McMorris 
The King's Witch by Tracy Borman 

April 13, 2021 April 13, 2021 

And this last one I actually paid full price for it, because again.....Amish!!! Amish Cooking Class Cookbook by Wanda E. Brunstetter.

April 13, 2021 

Those are all from my own personal book shelves, but I did get a few for review as well. I didn't take photos but I'll list them below for you. 

Le Deal:  How a young American, In Business, In Love, and In Over His Head, Kick-Started a Multibillion Dollar Industry in Europe by J. Byrne Murphy
An Invincible Summer by Mariah Stewart

Everybody Fights by Kim and Penn Holderness

Amish Cowboys Homecoming by Ophelia London

Cosmic Queries by Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Don't Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table by Louie Giglio

The Essence of Nathan Biddle by J. William Lewis

And that is it for now.  I hope I was able to give you some new suggestions to read, maybe one or more of the books caught your eye.  I love sharing the books I read just as much as I enjoy reading other posts about current book lists.  It's surprising how many good ones I find and sometimes they become some of my all time favorites.

There will be more coming in for future reviews, but I don't have the new list yet so can't tell you what they are.  I am so blessed to be able to partner with amazing book companies, who have worked with me for many, many years.  Imagine loving chocolate and being sent samples every month, for years.  That's how I feel about books.  

Right, I am going to end this post here.  I started reading Elie Wiesel's Night a few days ago, and am so engrossed in it, what a fantastic testimony.

Have you read it?

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  1. So many books! Your post really made me smile, it felt a little like being in the library, something I very much miss. See a few that I'd like to read. Haven't read the Night one. I have a feeling your going to find lots of fun recipes in your new cookbook. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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