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{ Baby Unplugged by Sophie Brickman - TLC Book Tours }

• Publisher: HarperOne (September 7, 2021)
• Hardcover: 336 pages

A charming, meticulously researched, and illuminating look at how technology infiltrates every aspect of raising children today, filled with helpful advice parents can use to best navigate the digital landscape, and ultimately learn to trust their own judgment.

There’s an app or device for nearly every aspect of parenting today: monitoring your baby; entertaining or educating your toddler; connecting with other new parents for tips, tricks, and community—virtually every aspect of daily life. But it isn’t a parenting paradise; the truth is much more complicated.

The mother of two young daughters, journalist Sophie Brickman wondered what living in a tech-saturated world was doing to her and her children. She turned to experts, academics, doctors, and innovators for advice and insight. Baby, Unplugged brings together Brickman’s in-depth research with her own candid (sometimes hilarious) personal experience to help parents sort through the wide and often confusing tech offerings available today and to sort out what’s helpful and what’s not.

Filled with relatable and entertaining stories as well as practical takeaways, Baby, Unplugged is destined to become a touchstone for parents today, giving them the permission to forge their own path through the morass of technological options, to restore their faith in themselves, and to help them raise good, social, and engaged people in the modern world.

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About Sophie Brickman

Sophie Brickman is a writer, reporter, and editor who has written for The New Yorker, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Elle, Saveur, the San Francisco Chronicle, and other outlets. Her work has also appeared in the Best Food Writing and the Best American Science Writing anthologies. She lives in New York City with her husband and two daughters.

Find out more about Sophie on her website and Twitter.

Technology, and how much are we using it with our children? 

We live in a world that is so technologically advanced, that there seems to be an app or computer program for literally everything we do.  It's quite interesting but also a bit intimidating.

As a mother, of grown adults, I often found that when my children were toddlers, it was so much easier to get things done, if I could just pop them in front of a kid's show.  It's not something I did too much, but at least an hour a day, especially around dinner time, I would use technology to help me mother.

Good idea?  Well, yes and no, at least in my own experience.  My parents and grandparents, never used technology of any kind, to raise us, entertain us, or get things done.

Sophie takes her own experience as a mother of two, along with experience and advice from a myriad of experts, to really tap into the world of screen time.  How much is too much, or how much is even perceived as right?

As parents we all have this struggle, and it really is a hard line to walk between the two.  Finding the right balance is not as easy as it may sound.

This book offers so many good ideas and advice, along with some interjected comedy, Brickman really brings to light the daily struggles we go through as parents in a world that seems to run on internet, video games and tv shows.

I'm passing this book onto my niece Tiffany, as she has a 3 year old girl and a little boy due in December.  I think it may help her a lot, and besides, my children are now 22 and 18.  Sure wish I had had this book when they were little.

Thank you to TLC Book Tours and Harper Collins Publishing for a copy of this book for the review.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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Sara Strand said...

I'm almost done with this and I really enjoy it as well. Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours