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About The Book of Timothy

Publisher: Red Hen Press (November 9, 2021)
• Paperback: 320 pages

Set in Rome, Chicago, and Anchorage, and spanning thirty years from crime to confrontation, The Book of Timothy: The Devil, My Brother, and Me recounts in lyric movements a sister’s journey, partly through trickery, but eventually through truth, to gain a long-absent admission from the priest who abused her brother. While on that journey, Nockels Wilson, a former prosecutor, confronts not only the priest, but her personal quest for vengeance. She further seeks an understanding of how the first Book of Timothy, the work of St. Paul, contributed to the silencing of women in her once loved Catholic Church. This Book of Timothy promises to take the reader on a quest for justice and down a path of unexpected coincidences that ends where it first began: out of a great love for a brother and in the power of first memory.

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About Joan Nockels Wilson

Joan Nockels Wilson is a writer and lawyer. A native of Chicago and a forever-learner, she has studied at Northwestern University; University of California, Berkeley; Lewis and Clark College; and the University of Alaska. She holds a Master’s of Fine Arts in creative nonfiction, is a Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist award winner, and is a member of the Breadloaf community of writers. Her work has appeared in literary journals and audio shows, most recently Cirque and Arctic Entries. She lives with her husband, daughter, and a vizsla named Vivian in Anchorage, Alaska. This is her first book.

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This was not an easy book to read, I will start by saying that and giving you a heads up.  It could trigger some people as it deals with sexual abuse, molestation, pedophilia, and suicide.
The book itself is written by Joan Nockels Wilson, who is directly involved, as the sister of the victim in this case.....and yes this was and still kind of is a huge case, that maybe many of you will remember or even know yourselves.  
I wasn't exactly sure who the case was about until I started reading, and then it hit me.  "Oh my goodness, I followed this case when it hit the news, and I know what they are talking about."  
Never in a million years did I think, I would be reading the first hand accounts of the victim, and find out the back story, how it started, how it happened and how it came to light.  It is a fascinating albeit heartbreaking and extremely difficult story, to read.  
Ok, so with that out of the way.  This is the story of Timothy Nockels and the abuse he suffered at the hands of his family priest, John Baptist Ormechea.   

As Joan begins unraveling this horrifying story, through the accounts of her brother, more victims begin stepping forward.  The more information that is divulged and brought to light, the more the author feels, she needs to do something about it, culminating in her confronting the priest in Italy.  

This book is a memoir and follows not only the fight Joan is determined to win, against her brother's abuser, but it flips back and forth through different decades and countries, cities, to give us the full story of the atrocities committed against children.  

Again, as I stated above, it wasn't an easy book to read because anything to do with children and abuse, is very difficult for me to get through, but the book it self is very well written and I feel touches on a subject that unfortunately is extremely prevalent in our day and age.  

Thank you to TLC Book Tours and Red Hen Press for providing me with a review copy.

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