Tuesday, November 16, 2021

{ A Saint a Day by Meredith Hinds - TLC Book Tour }

A Saint A Day:
365 True Stories of Faith and Heroism
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (November 23, 2021) 
Hardcover: 400 pages 
Teach your child to walk in faith, act justly, and lead with kindness and humility with this 365-day devotional for kids. A Saint a Day includes fascinating historical stories as it introduces young readers to over 300 saints who did extraordinary things for God. 
Mother Teresa left her family at age 18 to become a missionary. St. Patrick helped spread Christianity to Ireland. St. Jerome translated the Bible into Latin–and also had a pet lion! 
Written for ages 8 to 12, A Saint a Day inspires young readers with remarkable stories of people who made extraordinary choices to love and serve God. Featuring popular saints such as Teresa of Ávila, Francis of Assisi, Juan Diego, and Thomas Aquinas, each of the 365 devotions includes: 
• A Scripture verse and prayer 
• A short summary or inspiring story of a saint 
• A fun fact 
• Artwork with a fresh, kid-friendly design 
This daily devotional for kids is: 
• An ideal gift for First Communion, Confirmation, or Advent 
• A unique book for strengthening a child’s faith 
• A great way to share Catholic church history with kids 
A Saint a Day will help your child realize the long history of people of faith. As you journey through this yearlong devotional, your children will grow in their understanding of church history and better understand how they can love and serve God. 
First things first, I felt that I needed to start by saying that I am not Catholic, though being Portuguese means that I grew up in a Catholic home.  It's almost like tradition for us, most Portuguese are Catholic and you just go into it and follow the family steps.
I did stop following the Catholic faith when I was around 15 years old, so talking about Saints is not something I do every day, but it is something I am aware of and know about.

The Saint a Day devotional, is a year long devotional that tells the story of each saint, what they did, what they are known for.  It is such a sweet way to learn about these saints and what they stood for.  Some are well known, others I had no clue who they were but it was interesting to browse through and read little tidbits about them.

From Jesus' mother Mary, to Joan of Arc, Mother Theresa and many others.

For example, today's devotional is about Saint Margaret of Scotland and quotes Romans 12:12.

She was so beloved by her Scottish subjects, that she was known as The Pearl of Scotland.  She was actually an English Princess and a Scottish Queen.

Whether you are Catholic or Christian, this is such a sweet and interesting devotional, perfect for little ones.

Thank you to TLC Book Tours and Thomas Nelson for this fantastic review copy.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful book. Thanks for sharing. It looks like a great gift for some of my Catholic church friends.


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