Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Rain, Books, Cows, Ducks and Baby Chicks...oh my!


It has just gone past 10am, and I've come in to sit for just a few minutes to chat a little.  

I used to keep up with my blog and made sure to have daily updates, a record for myself and for my children one day, to be able to look back at where I've been, what we've done and what was happening around us.  We live in such a high paced technologically filled life, that it's often hard to take some moments to record our lives.

It sounds strange to say that, I mean everyone has a phone stuck to them at all times, and we have no shortage of videos and photographic evidence anytime anything happens.  But have you noticed that it is not really used for family time?

We are so eager to capture anything news worthy, but not our lives, and I find that quite sad and disheartening.  

And trust me, I say all this knowing that I am part of the problem too.  I may not be out there doing tik toks (can't stand that app), or filming world news, but I also get caught up in daily life and forget to see what is around me.


It also doesn't help that my children are now grown and don't like being photographed, or talked about on my blog.  Hence no birthday pictures from Nick's birthday on the 11th and there will be none from Jasmine's either on the 25th.  It bums me out, but I have to respect their wishes.
But, I digress!
So let's rather talk about the things that I can talk about, or want to talk about, which is what I've been up to around here.
Tea.....lot's of cups of tea, some times milky tea, sometimes plain black tea.  The weather has been rainy and wet, which always puts me in the mood for a nice cuppa while I read a book.



I've been using my free credits on Paperbackswap, to pick up some new reads, like this one from Lucy Maud Montgomery.  It is actually a compilation of 2 of her books, The Story Girl and The Golden Road.

I've also received Georgette Heyer's Venetia which I'm quite excited to get into.  Georgette Heyer is fantastic and I don't think there is a single book of hers that I didn't like.




Last week we also had quite an interesting thing happen on our property.  Every evening, after dinner, our family plays games, whether a card game or a board game, even sometimes some tv games.  It's a way that we bond and spend time together.

It was during one of these evenings, that we looked out the big dining room window and noticed a huge cow, just casually walking across our yard.  It's nothing new, and it's certainly not the first and I'm sure the last time that a cow happens upon our property.  We live surrounded by land and there are about 5 or 6 homes in the area that own cows.

We put the game on hold and my husband headed outside, right as a truck pulled into our driveway.  The man was not the owner of the cow but he did know the owner.  

About 35 minutes went by, the cow just stayed behind my house, just hanging out doing nothing.

We had a neighbor from just up the street, come down to us, who also knew the owner of the cow, and said he would grab her and deliver her to the ranch.

Next thing we know, we have cowboys, cowboy hats, horses and a full on cow chase with lassos going on. 







It was quite fascinating to watch, especially since on the 2 horses, were a father and son.  The young boy looked to be about 8 or 9.

They went around the back and chased the cow towards the front where a huge trailer with other men were waiting.  It was over pretty quickly once they got the horse to our property.

I swear, never a dull moment in my life.  




Our duck friends have also returned, we get them every year.  There are about 8 or 9 them, they show up during the day for an hour or so, then they leave, and come back again.

One of these times, they decided to leave us an egg.  I chuckled so hard when my husband came inside with an egg in his hand and completely confused Hahahahah

We feed so many animals in our area, I wonder if this was their way of thanking us for food and water.

Whatever the case, I think it was sweet.

Last but not least, our little baby chick is doing amazing.  Puffy is such a good mama to this baby.  She brings the baby out every morning and then takes it back into the coop every night.  Until 2 days ago, we would have to go out every evening, and let puffy into the coop, then help the baby in because it was too small to climb the ramp.  Our ramp has a little space between it and the coop entrance, and the baby was just too small to make that jump.  Now it's big enough.  

I swear, we may have lost our other 3 chicks but it's been such a wonderful, fascinating and informative journey just watching all of this from start to finish.

How long have I been wanting chickens?  If you know me, you will surely know that it's been years if not a decade that I've been talking about this.  It seems surreal sometimes that we now have our own coop and flock and we've had the pleasure of seeing chicks hatch, from egg laying to brooding to hatching.  All of it.  So thankful to God for this blessing.

Anyway, you are now caught up on what has been happening around here.

I sure hope you all are doing well, and please friends remember to stay close to God, to stay in prayer and above all to cover yourselves and your families, homes, cars, finances and health, with the blood of Jesus.  It is so important to do that right now.

I love you all, stay blessed and until next time,


Debbie said...

A wondering cow (or pigs, in our case) always brings such excitement and adventure, doesn't it? One day last year I looked out the front window and could see some small animals roaming all around our front gate. I thought they were puppies, but turned out, they were wild piglets! As we headed outside to see them, we noticed two huge sows grazing near by, so we left them alone. Thankfully we have a gated yard or we would have had to round up about 6 babies and two huge wild hogs!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Hello Sandra - so happy to meet you! Your blog is beautiful, and I just love your header! I understand about kids and pictures - our kids are not as picture-friendly as they were when they were younger. I just loved your chicken story - I have certainly had many little chicks in our coop hatched out, and it is so amazing to watch Momma care for them! I love that your family plays games after dinner - that is such a wonderful way to connect, and you're right, we are missing out on so much of life because of the phones. That was a fun evening with the cow round-up! Quite impressive I'm sure! Many blessings to you!

Tara said...

It was nice seeing you still using your blog, so many are gone. I am working on getting back to my blog (Home is the Heart of a Family). As I update, found my reading list of blogs is so very outdated. Many are gone or life has taken their time as well or interests have changed. as you stated the kids are grown. I am no longer homeschooling, have college grads and grandbabies. I do miss the reflection on life the blogging world provides. I stay busy helping my husband with his business now that the kids are grown. Hasn't left me much time for quilting and cross stitch or for my blog either. Will be trying
Cows made me miss when we had 5 acres the neighbors bull loved to come over. He would come hook him up to the truck and led him home. We don't have the farm life, some days we miss other not at all.
Nice seeing you writing will visit again.