Saturday, December 29, 2012

Soaking in every moment

December 29

We have become sort of hermits in my house. I think it would have been perfect if we were back in Idaho with the snow and the cold weather, then we could really blame it on that.

But the fact is simply, that hubby is on leave until the 8th of January, and we are also on homeschooling winter break until then. Yes we could be going here and there, or taking this time to enjoy some day trips all over, but we have chosen to soak in every moment.

We have stayed home, quite literally in the house without going outside unless absolutely necessary. And it's been fantastic.

December 29

Our girls enjoy spending time with us too, and I think, well actually, I KNOW that one of the reasons I love the pug breed so much is that they are amazing pets to have.  They aren't much into noisy, rowdy play.  They are very content just laying on their bed or on the couch next to us, napping.

December 29

We've had dorky, nerdy, geeky chats as a family, talking about Doctor Who, space travel, dimensions, the universe and all sorts of other geeky things.  We've learned, and we have taught each other, and we continue learning through our chats.

December 29

I've also ingested copious amounts of homemade lattes and tea chai lattes, eaten tons of chocolate and generally pigged out to the point where my body is begging for a diet and a rest from holiday food.  And that is what I'll be doing come January 1st....back to counting calories, drinking only and only water and setting those bad junkie foods aside for special occasions.

December 29

Won't be giving up my teas and lattes though, they are my fuel for the household chores that surround me on a daily basis....and really, a reward right?

December 29

Remember I mentioned we've been on a Doctor Who kick? Well we've literally been doing a marathon from Season 1 and all through to the last episodes before the new episodes start in April. It's been so much fun doing it as a family.

Matter of fact one of my favorite times of the day is after dinner, we all take our showers, get into comfy warm jammies, grab our favorites blankies, popcorn or any snacks we wish and then sit in the living room with Doctor Who.

December 29

My crochet is never far though, I find that I get most of my projects finished when I'm watching TV.

And speaking of projects, I'm working on some right now for my bathroom.

December 29

More specifically for my kids. I was browsing one of my favorite blogs and she had some knitted ones for her college kids. Cute washbags to hang on the bathroom door for each kid, to hold their belongings.

I think that is a brilliant idea and of course I had to start on some for my own kids, that way they can keep their toiletries separate and off the counters.

My husband saw these and loved them, so I've decided to make one for each of us :)

December 29

Drawstring crochet bag....who knew.

I have also started a knitted one to see how it looks. Oh and I've also got a hot water bottle crochet cover on my hooks. So a bunch of easy quick projects to keep my hands busy while watching TV.

Just really been enjoying the time I'm spending with my family, it's been a good rest for us, time to regenerate and replenish our souls as individuals and as a family.

But it's also made me remember that my children are quickly growing and soon they will be out of the house and on to their own lives. So when I see things like this laying around, I've stopped getting frustrated over them not being in the right place.....

December 29

All too soon I will miss seeing these little guys all over my tables, counters and random areas in the house.

December 29

I guess in the end, all I'm trying to say is that you need to concentrate on what matters, on your loved ones.

Enjoy every second.....soak in every moment!


suzannah said...

:-) mu husband and i were hermits all day today too. we stayed in the bed watching tv and napping:-) it was much deserved and both needed it. time to put on comfy pjs and curl in the bed to either read or finish watching ER:-) be blessed and happy new years:-)

Malorie Shepherd said...

You Sandra are.100% correct. I was actually thinking of this just this week. My two year old is two already! And my baby I just had .. well he's already 5 weeks old! Time is just to fast for me! Your children grow all to fast and it Is indeed that batch of toys you find in the most random places that can frusterate you, melt your heart, and tear up all at the same time. Cherish every family moment :)

Debby said...

You are soo right, I can think of nothig better than hanging out at the house enjoying our time together

Denise said...

Lots of family time at home for us too. I've always been quite the homebody, but since life tends to be busier now that the girls are getting older (one a teen)...even though we homeschool, there tends to be a lot more running around. I used to love (and guard) at least 2 days a week and preferred 3 that I didn't have to go anywhere. Now I'm fortunate if I get one. So yes, I'm cherishing this time of vacation with our family of 5. Hubby has his own business, but it's always almost non-existent between Christmas and Jan 2nd. Feeling BLESSED!!

Happy New Year Sandra!! I really do love reading your blog. :) So tell me more about this Doctor Who series. My 13 yr old daughter just mentioned it, so I'm wondering if we'd like it. We just finished watching the Jericho series on Netflix streaming (hubby and I snuggled in bed with my ipad ;)

Elise Martinez said...

I love Dr. Who!!! Also loving your new blog banner/header with its Jane Austen theme!! Have a great weekend.

Tracey said...

I love your blog, what a great family!

We too have just been lounging and enjoying being together.

May you and your family have a blessed 2013.

rmboys2 said...

Beautiful post and so true. Happy New Year to you and your family!