Monday, December 17, 2012


Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

My day began with some amazing pancakes.  I don't make them too often as breakfast at my house is usually more along the lines of cereal and toast, with a cup of coffee and juice or milk for the kids.

But there are times I crave something else and these were on the agenda for today.  Superb, delicious, and will have to be made very very soon, maybe Christmas morning if I don't make Cinnamon Rolls.

You can find the recipe on the food blog.

Then it was right into housework with the never ending laundry.  I sometimes wonder if we wouldn't be better off in some nudist colony somewhere.  No clothes to worry about, though the thought of burning my retinas with other visuals keep me from fully jumping into that choice LOL

December 17

Found some time to wrap a few last presents. Of all the talents God has blessed me with, I can safely say that wrapping gifts is definitely not one. And that is ok with me.

But in the middle of all my busy moments and mundane daily activities comprised of housework chores, I found myself staring at one of my favorite Christmas Nativity scene which sits atop my TV entertainment center.

December 17

Not just for it's beauty, but for it's significance, and at this moment in time, for it's peace.

I have tried so hard to get back into normal Christmas preparations but I'm struggling. I can't help my mind from drifting to the events last week, it's like I'm stuck in this despair, in this sadness, as if I'm swimming against the current.

So I pray, constantly, fervently, repeatedly. And my eyes drift back to this simple but poignant decoration.

December 17

It makes me smile, it gives me hope, it brings me joy.

So, I move forward, push through. I'm setting my focus on Christmas in just a few days. Last minute gifts are being purchased, last minute cards are being mailed and food planning is being done.

I don't now about you all, but seeing that I'm Portuguese and my husband and children are American, we tend to do a little of both worlds so that our children can enjoy both traditions.

On my side, we celebrate on the 24th, have a great dinner, then set the dining table with a bunch of different appetizers and desserts. It's where we hang out, graze for a few hours and count down the minutes. Then we open half of the presents.

The next morning, we open the other half as my husband grew accustomed to. We have cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then a Ham dinner with mashed potatoes and green beans and some more dessert.

I think it's so important that we not only share our own traditions with our children but create our own as well.

For ourselves as a family, we always don on new pj's Christmas eve. We drink hot chocolate, we read about the birth of Christ, we make reindeer food and sprinkle it out front.   And on Christmas day we have a cake for Jesus' birthday.....and Nicholas will never let me forget to make one :)

December 17

What are your family's favorite traditions?


  1. what a beautiful post...nice traditions Sandra...
    i cant stop thinking of those little babies, just so sad..
    take care,

  2. I love how Christmas traditons are so important to a family ... ours include the Bible reading as well - and new jammies on Christmas Eve too! :)
    Miriam has her own nativity set this year (a playmobil one) - and she is entralled with the "Butterfly" (angel) who watches over Baby Jesus. LOL :)

  3. I set up my nativity so that I can look over at it all the time while I'm on the computer. One very special thing is that this nativity is one I grew up with (and miraculously, all pieces are still intact) so it has even more meaning to me.

  4. Your Nativity is beautiful, I have never seen one like it before. I too am trying so hard to get back on task with much pain for the families of the little children

  5. Sweet, lovely photos. I wish I could eat those pancakes. My make my gluten free stomach frown and say sad words. :( Blessings to you.

  6. We do the pj thing too. We call them sweet dreams presents. We also have a happy birthday Jesus cake on Christmas day too. Red velvet. The kids look forward to these little traditions.

  7. I grew up not having Christmas so when I had my daughter I took everything that I had heard about from other people and did it for my daughter. I buy a new ornament for each person in the house every year because when I started celebrating Christmas I had no decorations. 11 years should see the tree now and all the ornaments are special. When my daughter grows up and leaves the house it is my plan to send her ornaments with her so that she does not start from nothing like I did. When my daughter was little I always made a birthday cake for Jesus. I would tell her the story of Jesus. I'm not Christian now so I make Pineapple Upside Down Cake and tell her The night before Christmas instead.We burn a Yule Log and I make a Yule Log for eating along with a Solstice dinner either Dec 21/22. For Christmas Eve we have either Mexican or Italian for dinner. Only 1 present gets opened. Christmas day we open presents and have another big dinner. I guess mostly we eat A LOT.

  8. We love opening our pajamas Christmas Eve and playing in the Christmas present mess the next morning. Grandma and grandpa come early in the morning and we have our Christmas tree cinnamon rolls (big cinnamon rolls positioned like a tree worth a candy bar for the trunk).


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