Thursday, December 13, 2012

A winner and some randomness

Guess what?  It rained here today.

I had to tell you all because you know, rain is not something we are privy to very often LOL

Worst part, is that I had no idea it rained until I stepped outside to check the mail.  So in essence, I missed the best part of watching it actually come down.  Oh well.

I just finished using to draw a winner for the Modern Makeovers Giveaway.   And the winner was #14 Lacey.  Congratulations Lacey, I've already emailed you :)

Now, onto me and mine.

Boy this cold is frustrating.  We've moved on from the sniffles and sore throats to the coughing and that is one of my least favorite phases of a cold.  Not that I like any of it, but seriously, the hacking it up constantly and especially during the night, is just annoying.

We're trying to fight these colds as well as we can but it hasn't been easy.

It's kind of a bummer since we're on winter break in homeschooling and hubby is on leave from work.  We've spent this week at home surrounded by kleenex and sneezes.  At least we're together AND it's before Christmas, right???

Ok now let me show you my progress on my crochet.

December 13

and my crochet buddy. She sits right up against me while I work.

December 13

and sometimes she plays with the boy, they run and wrestle and he laughs and laughs

December 13

but other times he just sits and chats and they listen. It just cracks me up watching them all together.

December 13

These cuties sure bring a lot of love and laughter to our home.  Yes I know pets can be a tie down, and they can be an issue when you want to go somewhere.  But honestly, I couldn't imagine my life without my girls. :)

December 13

I was staring out my kitchen window into the sky and saw the sun rays trying to peek through the dark clouds. It just made me smile because it reminded me that at times my life feels just like that.....a dark mass of problems and sadness and worries, but there's always a shining beacon reminding me that it's not all bad.

December 13

and while I was staring out the window pondering these things, behind me were squeals of laughter, and then some unhappiness and tears and all the things that come along with children involved in any kind of game

December 13

It's these days that bring me the most joy. Whether we're all completely healthy, or even sick with colds, the moments that we spend together doing the usual mundane things make me extremely happy at all the blessings that surround me.

Nothing else matters.

Aside from family and friends of course :)

December 13


  1. Congrats to Lacey!
    That crochet pattern is so pretty and I really liked all the pictures in this post.

  2. Pretty crochet. I have wanted to try that pattern for awhile. Maybe after Christmas and things settle. Sorry to hear you and yours are sick. A trick to try for the hacking cough at night is to put a layer of Vick's vapor rub on the bottom of your feet add socks and got to bed. I know it sounds strange, but it works wonderfully for my son. Hope everyone feels better by Christmas! Your dogs are so sweet. They are great additions to a family!

  3. The colors in the crochet project are just lovely!

    Love the pictures of the pugs and the one with your boy laughing with them is priceless.

  4. I love this new crochet pattern you are working with.

    Photos and postgreat.

    Hope you are feeling much better soon.

    Love and hugs and have a wonderful holiday.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  5. Love the pictures of your dogs! So adorable! We have 4 dogs and 1 cat and they are a big part of our family. Hope you all get to feeling better soon! Take care and enjoy your weekend!



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