Friday, December 7, 2012

Pushing on with Christmas

I've been busy puttering away in my home, surrounded by the Christmas spirit and enjoying Christmas music while listening to the incessant daily questions "is it Christmas yet, can get an early present, what did you get me, if I tell you what dad got you will you tell me one of mine?".

Kids really keep you on your toes and make life interesting don't they?  Hahah

I've also been catching up on Kirstie's Vintage Home, I really do enjoy her shows and I learn so much from her.

But what I've mostly been concentrating on are gifts, making sure I have everyone's ready, bought, made etc.

This morning I finished two of the kids and I'm pretty happy with them, can't wait for the kids to see them.


This is Nic's Creeper scarf. I didn't follow a pattern, just made a green scarf and then cut out the eyes and mouthpiece from felt and stitched it on.


I think he will be a happy boy :)

And this is one I quickly whipped up for my daughter who is nuts over Doctor Who.


She also really enjoys he tea in the morning so I thought this would be a cute


Cute vintage bun on the handle


And I'm working on a cozy for my hubby which is going to be Zombie inspired.


But I'll show you when it's finished, which should be tomorrow as I'm almost done crocheting the cozy and all I have to add next are the eyes etc from felt.

As for this afternoon, we are officially on winter break and my dear husband is on leave.  No more waking up at 5AM and crazy busy days with school and work and all that fun stuff.

It will be a much needed break for us as a family. :)

Oh before I forget let me show my new crockpot, I don't know if I already did or not, but it's so pretty and it looks great in my kitchen next to my Cath Kidston Cookie Jar :)


I have great review and giveaway coming up next week and it's all about the crockpot you see above.

To finish off the day I fixed some BBQ ribs, homemade fries and for dessert a sponge cake.

It did not rise as it was supposed to, seems that sponge cake is my nemesis in the kitchen.  I have yet to make one that turns perfect, but I'll keep trying.

Best thing about the sponge cake though, is that even if doesn't rise too much, the taste is amazing and never goes to waste.


Matter of fact, a cup of coffee and a slice of this cake is just what I need to end off my day.



  1. The crock pot looks perfect! I live with a few Dr Who fans. I watch it, but not as avidly as they do. :)

  2. Loving your crockpot! Haven't seen anything like this here in Australia! Your sponge looks delicious too :)

  3. Love the mug cozy. Your family is so lucky to have such a crafty mama!

  4. I've got a BAAAAAD case of "Crock envy". Love that crockpot!!

  5. Love that crockpot!!!!


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