Monday, December 3, 2012

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Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte

Enjoy delicious, authentic coffeehouse style drinks at home with the Mr. Coffee® Café Latte.

One word............COFFEE!!!

Just one simple word but it can cause the happiest of smiles to cross my face.

I will admit to being a coffee lover.  I don't function without coffee, I need to have it first thing in the morning and no matter how tired or cranky I am, that first sip just puts me in a whole new level of well being.

But I don't just enjoy a regular cup of coffee, because let's face it, nothing beats a delicious latte.  Only problem with that is that I really don't like paying the money for it outside the home.

Enter Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte.

The Mr. Coffee® Café Latte features a simple, one-touch system, allowing you to brew, froth and make your favorite specialty drinks easily from the comfort of your own home.

Forget everything you thought about coffee makers, and about making your own lattes and not getting the milk frothed just right, or the coffee and milk perfectly mixed.  Or maybe you thought that making a delicious flavored latte at home was impossible.

Well....I am here to tell you that it's not, and why?  Because the Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte machine is going to make it all easy for you....oh and not just lattes, but hot chocolate and tea chai lattes too.

It should brew regular coffee as well, obviously not the usual quantities of a whole pot of coffee but a cup or two at a time.  But forget that, that's not what I use this baby for, and ever since it arrived at my doorstep, hubby and I have been enjoying lattes first thing in the morning and boy is it good.

I'm getting ahead of myself here, let me show what I'm talking about. It started with the cutest box I have ever encountered, the kit itself sits on my kitchen wall because it's just too cool to put away.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte

Really? On a scale of 1 to 10, how cute is this?

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte

And then the star of the show.....oh Lordy....

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte

This is not just a good machine, it's a gorgeous looking machine, and it's quiet folks.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte

First order of business within 30 minutes of opening this box???? Our first Lattes.

It brings a cute booklet with yummy recipes to try. For this one I went with the Gingerbread Latte. YUMMMMMM!!

I got the machine up and running real quick, it's super easy to put together. Added the coffee to the filter on top, poured in enough water to the fill line for 2 lattes and closed the lid.  Added the milk straight into the pitcher....I know, I's awesome.

Next, I just switched the little button up to Cafe Latte and pushed down the on button attached to the pitcher. Off it went. I was almost hypnotized just watching the coffee drip into the carafe while the little whisk attached to the lid of the pitcher whipped and frothed up the milk.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte

When it was done, it switched itself off. All I had to do was lift the on lever up, removed the pitcher and poured. Goodness in a mug, not even kidding.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte

And the frothiest milk I had ever seen. I have NEVER been able to get the froth just perfect at home and this little machine is brilliant at it.

So far we have tried pretty much all the different lattes that came in the booklet, and I can't wait to experiment with new flavors.

I also tried a Tea Chai Latte which was phenomenal.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte

And after a quick wash of the carafe, I put together 2 hot chocolates for the kids, and I am not lying when I tell you that they were so happy. They said it was one of the best hot chocolates they had ever had.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte

Look at that gorgeous mountain of frothy milk???

This would make a great Christmas gift for someone on your list, OR, you could put it on your own wish list and perhaps be enjoying Lattes on Christmas morning???

Mr. Coffee Cafe Late is also running a great Pinterest contest right now and I know that a lot of you are on Pinterest.

Win the grand prize of $500 or one of two Mr. Coffee® Café Latte makers in our Pinterest contest! Help us bring the coffeehouse home by sharing your ideal coffee home, whether it’s the perfect mug, your favorite chair or the essential soundtrack. Get brewing and get pinning!

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte Pinterest Contest

It's THAT simple.  And you could end up winning $500 OR a Cafe Latte machine like mine.

But HURRY, the contest ends tonight, so get pinning, hurry, go go go.

And a special offer from Mr. Coffee for my readers....$10 off and free shipping on the purchase of a Café Latte at Enter promo code: MLAT10A

Thank you to Mr.Coffee for sending me the Cafe Latte machine for review purposes. All expressions and opinions are my own.


  1. So bummed I missed this! The coffee machine looks so great!

  2. Oh, this is going on my kitchen gadgets wanted list!!

  3. Where am I going to put this? After reading your review, I looked into this and on a whim I added it on my Amazon wishlist thinking I probably wouldn't receive it till my birthday in the spring. I just checked and it's marked as "purchased." I'm super excited but have no idea where I'll find the counterspace for it. :)


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