Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas is in the air!

Come on in everyone, I have the tree up, most of the decorations out and I also have Hot Gingerbread Coffee waiting for you. Sit with me and enjoy the music playing in the background, don't hold back, just allow yourself to indulge in all things Christmasy.

Usually I don't acknowledge Christmas right after Thanksgiving, I'm one of those that wait until we're well into December but this year it's different, everyone seems to be doing it earlier and I don't like being left out LOL

So here we go, I'm giving you the pictures first and then I'll talk more afterwards:

Christmas tree

Some of my favorite christmas ornaments

Two of my favorite decorations, Santa and Mrs Claus....they actually light up the candles in their hands and move it slowly back and forth while playing christmas music.
What can I say, I'm addicted to snowmen......just love these guys!
Another snowmen holding up our names...too cute!

Our beautiful Angel tree topper!
Countdown to Christmas
HUGE snowman on my bench

Those are just some of the Christmas decorations, I have plenty more but don't want to flood the blog with photos. This weekend we'll work on the outside ones, we have 3 big lighted motion reindeer and hopefully they still work, who knows........we'll pick up some more stuff this weekend I'm sure.

Now here's something really neat, I had never heard of The Cinnamon Bear but while blog visiting this morning I came upon one of the bloggers who had mentioned it and one of her readers actually posted the website for us. My kids are going to love it. All you have to do is sign up for it, download the first 6 chapters and the coloring book and then the next day you get the remaining chapters in the mail. It's a 63 year old children's radio story and I'm so so thrilled to have found it, guess what we'll be listening to Christmas Eve???

And if you want to download the new story "Jonathan Thomas - Christmas on the Moon" they have all the chapters up.


I'm slowly getting around to finishing my snowmen ornaments, I only hope I get to them all in time but seeing that I'm still sick I just don't know.....oh well, whatever gets done gets done and whatever doesn't will have to wait until next year.

The weather has definitely cooled down, we're still in the 60's though and usually by this time in Idaho we would have snow on the ground and temperatures in the single digits. I miss that, I truly do and just can't wait to move back to Mountain Home after Curt retires in 4 years.

Time is just flying by lately and I've noticed that we seem to zip from one day to the other without even realizing it, it was just the weekend an now it's wednesday again...what is up with that???

I'm not going to complain too much because it just means that I'm one month closer to going to South Africa, we are SO SO excited, it's going to be wonderful seeing my family again and showing my children where I grew up at. Don't worry, there will be plenty photos to show.

Anyway, it's time to head out and finish my laundry and get some other things done around here.

Don't forget that tomorrow is Slow Cooking Thursday and I have a recipe to share PLUS a special one I got in the email from a wonderful sure to check it out!




  1. It all looks beautiful Sandra.
    I finally got all mine pretty much finished! Now I need to start wrapping.
    I'm going to try to be back for slow cooker Thursday tomorrow! Have a great Wednesday.

  2. Everything looks beautiful!
    I can't quit decorating, myself.
    I am running out of room.....


  3. Everything looks great. I love snowmen too! I didn't know you where going home for Christmas - I'm excited for you! It will be a special holiday, being able to see your family!

  4. Oh, I love how you decorated you home and your tree. Everything looks lovely! I love all of your snowmen!

    We put up our tree on Thanksgiving night (pics to come soon). We normally wait until the first, but we decided that since we won't be home for Christmas (we're going to CT to spend Christmas with Steve's family) this year, that we'd go ahead and put it up so we could enjoy it!!!!

    Thank you for the links, I'll be heading over to them after I'm done here.

    I didn't know that Curt would be retiring soon. I do hope you get to settle in Mountain Home.

    When are you going to South Africa? January? I can't wait to see all the pics!


  5. How exciting to be going to Joberg for christmas!!!How pretty the house looks decorated!thanks for the link to the book,mckenna is sure to enjoy it.

  6. Your decorations are great- it looks really festive! I'm going to check into the coloring book link you posted. What a great idea- Thanks!!

  7. The decorations are so pretty and I'm a snowman lover, too. They just make such cute things to look at.

    Here in Idaho it's cold, cold, cold! Not single digits yet, but they are predicting a little bit of snow tomorrow. I think I'd enjoy your 60 degrees.

    How wonderful that you get to go home for Christmas!

  8. I love all the snowmen! Judah 's favorite movie right now is Frosty - so to him all things Christmas are Frosty. He'd flip out at your house from seeing all the snowmen!

    Your tree looks beautiful! I am looking forward to putting ours up - it's so exciting when there are children involved - everything is magical!

    Hope you feel better SOON!


  9. Your tree is great....we do ours this weekend...and your Gumbo looks heavenly.

  10. -damn- I did a long and covering many points comment, and it went poof. Grrrrrrrr..

    In a nutshell, I'm so sorry for all your 'troubles' and so happy for all your joy.


  11. I love snowmen!! They can be fat and fluffy and everyone loves them. Wish we were all like that!! Smile. Thanks for stopping by. i love the music here on your blog too...Wonderful!

  12. I love all your snowmen...I collect them also! I guessed I missed it in previous posts that you're going to South Africa. How wonderful!

  13. Sandra,

    On the Cinnamon Bear Programs... you really need to send folks to the main page of the site: they can sign up to get all 26 episodes sent to them. The page you have linked only provides the first 6 shows. Be sure to listen to one of these each night from now until Christmas eve (if you can keep the kids from wanting more!)

    The Erskine Family

  14. I loved looking at all your decorations!


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