Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hot cocoa anyone????

I just finished making this winter template and realized that I'm missing snow and cold weather. Here we are in the middle of November and we're going to reach record highs AGAIN, it's 73ยบ right now and supposed to get higher by this afternoon. What is this?!?!?!?

I'm used to winter time, snow flakes outside, the cold brisk air hitting your face as you walk out the door and the smell of hot chocolate or a hearty stew or soup cooking away on the stove. *sigh*

So after looking at my blog I decided that I can't enjoy all those things here in Arizona, but there's no reason why those lucky ones can't right???
To start my post off today I'm sharing a recipe for a wonderful yummy Snow Cocoa!

The weekend is over and I wish it wasn't, I'm not ready to go back to real life, I want to hide away in the house for a couple more days, doing nothing, seeing nothing, saying nothing, just being.......you ever want to just BE??? Be content with what you have and who you are and where you live???

Cause I am, truly, no really, I am reaching that point in my life where I am just happy and truly content with what I've achieved and where I am at this time......what a great feeling!

So after taking these last 3 days to hang out and let it all go, I am now faced with a house screaming for attention and before you even roll your eyes or wonder "goodness how bad can the house be?". It's NOT bad at all, but I'm a neat freak and I get annoyed with dog hair on my couches (which btw if anyone has any tips on how to minimize it or fix it, please please, let me know), or tons of toys all over the living room floor, or kitchen counters with splashes of whatever drink was spilled or crumbs laying around. Even seeing a dish or two in the sink gives me hives. Well, not really, but you get the idea!!!

I won't even mention my computer desk because it has this way of looking cluttered and messy even when I am done cleaning. I sometimes sit and wonder, do I really need thousands of game, software and miscellaneous CD's?? Or all the pens and pencils, books, coffee mugs and wrappers from whatever candy I happened to grab on the way to the computer???

Well I'm baring it all for you, not in that way sorry, but I'm showing you what I need to do today and if you're easily offended you may want to skip this part.

That's all clean laundry just fresh out of the dryer and waiting to be folded, which means if I don't get my happy behind off this computer and start doing just that, I'll end up with creasy clothes and I can't stand that. Oh lookie another thing to add to my list of stuff that drives me crazy LOL
Wasn't that bad was it???? I love how the office chair is in the middle of the living room and Nicholas doesn't even have his clothes on yet, yep, it's early and he's had his breakfast but went right to playing with his toys. If I didn't remind him to get clothes on he would be happy walking around in his undies all day long.....what is it with kids and clothes???? Or maybe it's just MY kids and clothes, I don't know!

I just want to stay and chat but if I don't get going now I won't get anything done. I'll probably come back later today with a little more to add to this post, until then I hope you all have a great tuesday.

I'm sending a huge hug and kiss to my family back in South Africa, can't wait to see them all next year.


  1. I'll trade weather! I HATE winter! It would be heaven to have 73* weather here all year round.

  2. It's not just your kids- my daughter would be naked all day long if I let her!
    I love love love your new look- it's great!
    Can't wait to try the snow cocoa- sounds divine.

  3. I love your winter look. It is getting colder here in michigan but notheng like the usual temps. I love the beauty of snow, but I hate to drive in it. Glad you are feeling beter.

  4. I'll second what she said about Michigan! It was in the 60s here near Detroit! Sunny and very pretty. Emme and I raked leaves for awhile and now I am making myself a cup of French Vanilla tea -- my absolute favorite! I use French Vanilla tea bags and French Vanilla coffee creamer & some sweet n low. I love it! Of course some mornings I just have to have some Earl Grey.

    I took some fall leaf pictures today, I'll post them later tonight so you can see what the Midwest looks like about now!



  5. I can so relate - we moved from WV to TX a year and a half ago - and I am so missing it. It does not feel like it's almost Thanksgiving - in fact I haven't even had to put on long pants or long sleeves for good yet - saw people all around in shorts yesterday! Ugh. Bummer.
    Is the snow cocoa recipe really good? Hmm?

  6. Hi Sandra I love the winter template you're so clever.thanks for posting the hot cocoa recipe.hugs...

  7. Sandra it is absolutely gorgeous...WOW!! You've got talent girl!!

  8. Your new look is so nice & so winter, I do like the seasons here in Mich but we are also having an warm fall, it was 60 today. However if I had my way we could bypass winter weather. Its beautiful with the snow but driving is the pits

  9. I love your look. Very wintery. Enjoy your high temps girl...when I lived in Fl we had the same thing..I can remember Thanksgiving day and I had on shorts and a tee shirt...it was great. Just a season in your life to look back on one day.

  10. Hi Sandra,
    How pretty. It is 82 here and 65 humidity. I long for winter too.
    Your home doesn't look that bad. You should see mine. LOL The workman will be done this week and I can get my life back. Watch me happy dance. Want to join me?

  11. Oh, i love the new template! It looks great!!! :)
    Oh gosh..our weather here in PA is cold...you can have it. We have already had snow...and it's dreary out most days! Blah! Enjoy your warmth! LOL Have a great Wednesday!

  12. OOOOPS! I just found this comment box, behind other windows! Oh I am so sorry I wrote that Help! email to you. Saying I can't comment here.

    What a klutz I am! Eeeeek!

    But you know that! And you still love me. -gigggggles-

    Yes, newwwww look here! Sooo cooool! Wish I could send you some coolnesssss of weather. We have some here, to share. Will have more of it, in the next few days.


  13. That cocoa looks good! If it makes you feel any better, it was 80 yesterday and will be 83 today in Mississippi! You might get used to the change after a while, when you don't have to shovel snow and all. It will be cooler here tomorrow though but we don't usually have snow.

  14. oh that recipe sounds delicious! I wish I could enjoy some, but it's too warm here too! We're having unseasonably warm weather too. We're supposed to get a "cold front" coming in tonight and tomorrow is supposed to get "down" to 65- whoo hoo! but by the weekend it'll be back up to the mid-70s again; I feel your pain - I want cooler weather!

  15. Your template is beautiful! I wish I had your talent!

  16. mmmm Hot Cocoa sounds good but I may have to add some ice cubes to mine also. The temp here was 77 yeasterday and already 73 now. Ay Yi Yi!


  17. I'm freezing today, so Hot COcoa sounds great, but I prefer traditional kind.

    I love your new layout. And your disorganization looks a lot more organized than my house looks most mornings.

  18. You mean we've got you beat here in Los Angeles? It's supposed to be 90 today. 90!!!! Doesn't feel like November at all. I don't even want to think about turning on the oven to roast a chicken or turn on the stove to simmer a soup or a stew. Bah humbug!

  19. Love the winter look. That hot cocoa sounds wonderful!

  20. We had warm weather here today. We're having an Indian summer, or that's what the locals call it when the weather goes back and forth.

    Your house/home looks nice compared to mine and I only have one little darling running around the house.

    I'll have to try your Snow Cocoa, it looks/sounds divine.


  21. I can't wait to try the slow cooker cocoa!


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