Monday, November 12, 2007

I wish it would rain!

I truly do miss the rain, I miss the smell of it and the darkness and coolness it brings, I miss snuggling in front of the tv and watching movies while the rain drops pitter patter outside and most of all, I miss sleeping at night and hearing the drops fall against the roof.........there's something very calming and relaxing about rain and I for one miss it terribly.

We have a couple clouds outside so I'm wondering if I may get lucky today, who knows?

I just now finished visiting all the ladies who left a wonderful Slow Cooker recipe yesterday, I seem to be completely out of touch with everything and everyone, it's like I'm on this never ending roller coaster and I keep trying to make it stop so I can get out and stretch my legs and catch a breather, but it just keeps going and going.

It's been a great relaxing weekend, I can honestly say that I've done NOTHING, I've slept in, I've had donuts for breakfast, I've had my slow cooker making the meals and we've played with the kids, watched movies and played games on the I know why they have these long weekends spread out through the year, it's to make you recharge and feel ready to take on the world.

Since today I'm still relaxing and forgetting about the laundry and the house cleaning and everything else that requires my attention, I'm putting of posting my Menu Plan until tomorrow, I don't want to get sucked into Bloggyland because's addictive and it literally keeps me captive for hours on end.

So I'm headed out, but I leave you with some Bloggy News....

There is something wonderful going on that I should bring to your attention and that is Kelli's Giving Thanks feature this week, you can read more about it in her post here. I'm going to participate today with a Thanksgiving Planner for 2 weeks before the day.

For more great recipes, decorating tips, thanks, menus etc go on over to Kelli's blog.

Thanksgiving Planner

* Draw up a guest list, and then invite each person via phone or email.
* Plan the menu. It's easiest if the host (you) handles the main dish or anything else that doesn't travel well (i.e. turkey and mashed potatoes) and willing cooks supply the rest.
* Are kids on the guest list? Think about age-appropriate ways of getting them involved or keeping them entertained.
* Start downloading dinner music.
* Clean out the freezer.

Ten Days to Go

* Call to confirm "maybes" from your guest list so you can establish a final head-count.
* Assess tables and chairs, table linens, etcetera. Do you need to borrow anything? Make arrangements now.
* Purchase your frozen turkey if it's too late to order a fresh one.
* Finalize your shopping list. Break it down into what can be purchased ahead, such as canned goods, and what perishables should be picked up closer to the day. Make your first shopping run. Don't forget the candles and firewood.
* Get started on make-and-freeze-aheads such as casseroles and pie crusts.

One Week To Go

* Clean out the fridge.
* Start thawing your frozen turkey. Note that thawing in the fridge will take one day for every 5 pounds of meat. A 15-pound turkey will require three days to thaw thoroughly.
* Polish silver and wash glassware.
* Clean house and make sure you have what you need for houseguests.

Two Days Before

* Purchase fresh produce.
* Make pie crusts and refrigerate (if you haven't gone the frozen route).
* Clean and press table linens, set the table or decorate the buffet, lay out serving pieces, and set up the bar.

One Day Before

* Wash and prep produce.
* Remove giblets and neck from turkey cavity and make turkey stock for gravy.
* If you're brining your turkey, give it no more than a 24-hour soak.
* Assemble stuffing but do not put it in the turkey until just before roasting. Better yet, put it in a separate pan, moisten with your homemade turkey stock, refrigerate, and bake it on Thanksgiving day.
* Bake pies.
* Arrange frozen dinner rolls on a sheet pan and thaw overnight in the fridge. (Otherwise, thaw at room temperature on Thanksgiving morning.)
* Make one more quick run with the vacuum cleaner and dusting cloth.
* Purchase and arrange fresh flowers.
* Make sure your camera is charged and ready.

Thanksgiving Day

This is when all your advance work pays off and you look like a genius. Yes, there might be dishes to be prepared on the day, but you won't be in a panic. Do remember to map out oven and stove time for items brought by guests. Here's what you might have to plan for:

* Stuff and roast turkey (or bake dressing).
* Mash potatoes.
* Make gravy.
* Toss salad.
* Warm or bake bread and rolls.
* Arrange appetizer platters.
* Whip cream for desserts.
* Chill or open wine.
* Heat cider, make coffee.


  1. That is a lot of planning, but it would definitely pay off to have it done ahead of time. :)

  2. We are not sure what we will be doing for Thanksgiving dinner. We probably won't be having it at home, so I don't need to worry much about that. But thank you for posting this; as I might need it in future years. I enjoyed reading it too. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Sandra!
    You have some great helps there.
    I too, use a Thanksgiving Planner. It is the only way to go! Making the day of so much easier and less stressful. I've use "Fly Lady's" countdown. Very helpful.

  4. I'm glad you took a weekend off - you deserve it!

  5. I wish it would rain here too!

    Thanks so much for the T-giving tips. I am hosting T-giving at my house and these will be a great help.

  6. Gosh we have so much rain here I wish I could send you some :)

  7. I love this....great tips gal.


  9. Your relaxing weekend sounds wonderful, Sandra! I love those kinds of days!
    Thank you for the Thanksgiving planner, it will be very helpful!

  10. I wish I could send some of this rain here in Idaho down to you, I'm sick of it :P


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