Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Ornaments, the race begins!!!!

Every year around this time I get into the race, the ornament making race that is. Last year unfortunately I messed around and drug my feet and ended up not making anything, even after the wonderful Barb went out of her way to mail out some great christmas ornament directions she was using for herself. I still remember the amount of envelopes she had to send out LOL

So this morning I decided it's now or never, I dug out the fabric I wanted to use, I got out the directions and started cutting. I'm making the Be Warm Snow Man Pillow Ornaments.

I've decided to go with a country look this year, so all my backing for the snowmen is out of fabric swatches I have laying around. I'm probably going to make a tree skirt too, not sure yet.
Here they are all cut and ready to be embroidered, sewed and filled. That's what I plan on doing this weekend and since the kids want to help, I've promised that they get to do the best part, filling them in.

BUT that is not all I'm going to be doing this weekend......I'm also going to be making some gift jars for friends and family. I'm going to be using pint jars to make Flavored Cocoa Mix and Creamy Cappucino Mix and then next weekend I'm going to pull out the bigger quart jars to make some Minty Holiday Candy Cookie Mix and Cranberry & White Chocolate Scone Mix. YUMMY!
By the time I had stopped messing around with all these ideas and getting everything ready, I realized that it was way past lunch time and though I had given Nicholas his lunch, I was now starving. So I sat down for a quick light meal, nothing like some freshly baked Portuguese Rolls, some smoked ham and swiss cheese and some veggies on the side with ranch dip. Oh and the Diet Coke, can't forget the Diet Coke, sheesh!

But switching gears now, I have to tell you I must have the kid with the weakest immune system on earth, literally all you have to do is look at Jasmine and whisper the word "cold" and she's done.

Yesterday afternoon the kids went outside to play, everything was fine, but within 30 minutes there were clouds in the sky and the wind seemed to have picked up. Now I'm not talking COLD blasting wind, I'm talking a little breeze that felt wonderful, people......well apparently that was enough for Jasmine. She woke up this morning with the sniffles and now she's got a full blown cold, coughing and fever and congested.

It's going to be ONE of those nights!!! So she's in bed, asleep, waking up every few minutes to cough or moan or ask for some water. She's determined to beat this cold real fast because Sunday they have a birthday party to go to, obviously if she's not any better they'll be staying home, I just can't afford to let her miss another school day.

Just seems that everywhere I turn there is someone sick, it's that time of the year for sure.

And that's it for me, you will I'm sure notice that I started this post just before noon my time and it's now 10:30pm when I'm finally ending it.

Life just does that to you, between crafts, sick kids, house chores, cooking and cleaning and taking out dogs and all that other fun stuff, I completely ran out of time for blogging. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Have a wonderful friday night, I'm off to climb into my warm comfy bed, prop myself up on the pillows and watch Most Haunted and then fall asleep while I dream of a white christmas, too bad I'm in Arizona and the only white I see is the Salt Factory just across the road LOL

God Bless,


  1. I'm doing Gifts in a Jar too. We are doing the M&M Cookies next Friday. Me and Madison. I thought of making a cider of some type...still looking for that recipe. Anyway....your projects look great. I so hope your kids get better soon.

  2. I love all of your ideas. I did Russian tea in beautiful glasses last year. They went over really well.
    Hope Jasmine feels well soon.

  3. Oh, I hope Jasmine gets to feeling better soon. I'll be praying for her.

    Those are some awesome ideas, Sandra!


    PS. Can I call you this Sunday afternoon?

  4. I can't wait to see your finished ornaments~ Please post a picture of them. Too cute!

  5. I love the ornaments idea, I can imagine they are going to look really cute.

    Hope Jasmine feels better soon.

    Hugs. xx

  6. Can't wait to see the snowmen. Will you post your jar recipes? I'm thinking of doing some this year.

  7. Love Gift's in a jar! i'm thinking about doing that also! Don't forget friendship tea that's a good one too, and simple.

    waiting to see the ornaments.
    i hope your daughter gets to feeling better soon!

  8. Being sick is NO FUN at all. I hope she feels better soon.

  9. I love you Christmas design, Sandra. It's adorable. And it tickled me pink to see that pattern in your photo. Those ornaments are so, so sweet when you're done with them. My favorite part is finding twigs in the yard for the arms. In my case, my sister Bev sent me some twigs from PA because I don't have any in my yard. LOL

    Do you give your kids vitamins? I had the same deal with Mandy, only with her is was strep throat. It seemed like she got it six times a year. No fun, for her OR for you, so I hope she recovers soon.

    I hope you'll post photos of the ornaments when you finish them.

    By the way, I'm such a genius, after I mailed out SIXTY sets of my patterns, I figured out how to scan them into my documents. I still have people email me asking for them so now I simply attach them to an email. I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, but with the help of a blogging friend, I did figure out how to do that! LO

  10. Hi Sandra
    My how busy you have been. I am not doing much crafting this year. But watch out in Jan I am going to start for next Christmas I will be ready.
    Hope the kids feel better soon. I love the snow blog. With it being 82 still here it hard to image winter.

  11. Airborne Jr!!! Works wonders!!!

    We are all fighting colds here too and I have to pick up my dad and step mom at the airport today. I pray we do not pass this along to them on their "vacation" with us! LOL

    I LOVE LOVE the snowmen!! They are adorable.

  12. sounds like you've got some wonderful craft ideas to keep you busy! I love the gifts in a jar; so easy!

  13. I'm totally not crafty but I'm doing oatmeal pancake mix in these adorable colored cans I found with a bottle of either fruit or real maple syrup. Or maybe this wonderful and easy toffee (Big Mama's recipe).

    You and Barb are the crafting queens, I tell ya.

  14. Oh and by the way? I'd love the recipe for that jar of mint cookie mix you're making.

  15. I hope you'll show the finished ornaments later! I made the santa stars last year but am not doing any this year. I would like to do some gift jars maybe, do you have recipes for the ones you talked about?

  16. DearHubby has a weak immune system and has passed it down to DearDaughter2. She is only 3 months old and has been hospitalized once and has been sick twice. DearHubby and I skipped church last week because we didn't want DearDaughter1 to catch anything from the nursery and then give it to her sister after just getting over a sickness...So, yeah, I can relate to having a illness prone child...I'm just glad that the Lord was gracious to give me a very strong immune system to have the strength to care for 2 Little Ones...Hope your daughter is feeling better!!! Looks like you're getting a really good head start in your Christmas planning! Good for you!!!


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