Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Absolutely Incredible Kids!

The sweet Mari over at "My Little Corner of the World" is having a really cute meme today.

She wants us to show our incredible kids, you've seen mine so many times but I never get tired of showing them off :)

Here are my sweeties.

Jasmine is about to turn 9 next month, she's smart and funny and can be the most lovable child you'll ever meet. She also has a bad temper, to match that fiery red hair of hers LOL

Nicholas is our miracle baby, after 2 miscarriages he came along and has since then been the light of mommy and daddy's eyes and big sister too. He's a very smart little boy and he's turning 5 next month and starting kindergarten this year.


  1. Beautiful children! Love that red hair!

  2. You do have beautiful children. I love that close up of Jasmine.

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  4. Your kids are adorable.

  5. Beautiful kids they resemble their beautiful mom....

  6. Sandra,every child is presious.especially afrter a trying and difficult time.
    I have a nephew that has red hair and he can be verry mischievious.and he's in his twenties.

  7. You really do have cute kids! I have probably told you that my oldest is a red head too (now it's more strawberry blond) and she had the temper to match too! Thanks for joining us!

  8. As always, your kids are beautiful! And they have you for their amazing mother!

    Eve turns five next month too - the 26th. What day is Nicholas' birthday?


  9. Great pictures. I can't believe how fast kids grow up. Jasmine looks too cute to have a temper, but I guess with that hair it's supposed to come with the package. She is so lucky. You rarely see a redhead with such a natural, deep red color. Nicholas looks like such a big boy sitting at the computer. To think we didn't even have a computer until I was 10 years out of high school.

  10. adorable kids sandra :-) thanks for the blog visit...

  11. So sweet !!

    I just did mine ...

  12. Your kids are adorable!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. The Cindy Smallwood books are well worth getting When the Heart Cries series). The third book is due out this fall and I'm anxiously waiting...chomping at the bit- LOL!!

  13. Both are precious, as always.

    And look at that Nicholas, with his hand casually placed on the keyboard.

    Does he teach computer savy-ness? ,-) Will you bring him over, to teach me some Net stuff? How much does he charge, by the hour? Will home-made cookies help? ,-)


  14. Awww... soo cute!!

  15. I found you through Mari's site...

    Your kids are just beautiful!

    I enjoyed my first stop by...

    Warmly, Joanne

  16. Awww...I love seeing pictures of your sweeties!

  17. I love your pictures of your children! And of course your ever changing blog and neat little tricks your are sharing/teaching. Maybe one day I'll be at a point to come and read back over these and actually be able to implement some of this techniques!


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