Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hello Sunshine!

As the sun started rising this morning, I climbed out of bed, threw on my robe and walked through my new home....... as I padded barefoot through the hallway to the kitchen, I looked around at the boxes mixed with furniture and all our things and realized that no matter where we go, it's not the house that makes it a home.

It's US, it's the family and it's the personal things that we bring with, so I'm happy, I'm content and I'm ready to start this new chapter of our lives.

The picture above is of the sunset last night, gorgeous beautiful vivid colors splayed across the sky, it literally took my breath away and made me smile, big big smile.

So are you ready to see some of my house? It's slowly getting unpacked and set in order, but like I said......s l o w l y. Curt and I are still really sore from the move, I tell you every step I take my calves are killing me, so we're taking it slow, doing a little at a time.

Come on in and take a look around and please be careful, I don't want anyone tripping on a box or slipping on a stray toy on the floor.....yes those pesky little toys that seem to fall out of boxes and flow into the hallway, kitchen and living room.....even the bathroom.

Of course the first place I'll take you to is the kitchen, it just wouldn't be me if I didn't right? If you're good and behave I may even give you some Gingersnap cookies that I'm baking today.

Here's another view of my kitchen....
Looking from the kitchen into the laundry room.

In my laundry room there's a pantry, or maybe it's not but I just turned it into one, who knows? Here I have my extra appliances and most of my cooking books.....

Eating area, you'll notice a spiderman mask sitting on the bench. What?!?!? Doesn't spiderman eat? *shrug*
Living room. I just have to shake my head here, there's so many boxes and odd stuff laying around. There's a drill and a couple toys on the couch, there's a video game drawer set just sitting there and yet more boxes. Oy.....someone save me from this unpacking LOL
Here's my bedroom, the only one that is pretty much done and that's because the kids are still getting used to the new house so we've been letting them climb in bed with us at night.

And this is the honeysuckle right outside my kitchen window, I can NOT wait until the hummingbirds come visiting.

In between all this unpacking, one thing I've really been enjoying is my clothesline. Goodness gracious, there really is nothing like the smell of air dried clothes. I won't be hanging my underwear out there though LOL

I mean, there's no fence in the backyard and I don't think the neighbors need to see my unmentionables LOL

But comforters, tablecloths, towels etc...pretty much whatever I can get away with, is going out there.

I'm in love with a clothesline!

And now I have to head out, back to the other house to finish cleaning all the appliances and get it ready for inspection in the morning.

We're also having our old refrigerator switched with this one, the one in this house is so tiny I can barely fit anything in there.

Have a great day everyone, I'll be back in the morning with my Slow Cooking Thursday.


  1. Sandra, I am so impressed with you everytime I read. I find it absolutely hilarious that after one and a half years my house is still not done and you get this far in a weekend! UGH!

    Anyway, it is beautiful! I am very happy for you guys and the sun is beautiful too...oh how I miss AZ sunrises! and sunsets too!

  2. Another beautiful sunset! The house looks really nice and you are doing great in the unpacking department! Any more neighbor issues?

  3. Anonymous2:18 PM

    you live in such a beautiful area!!! you lucky woman! good luck in the new digs.....and enjoy your nature-dried linens.........

  4. I love that last photo of the sheets on the clothesline with the sun shining through !! Beautiful !!

  5. Sandra!!! :) It looks great! You have done a wonderful job decorating! You got moved in so quickly!! It looks so warm and homey! I love your table and benches...beautiful! My mom has something similar...although she has a different type of wood with hers. I love your dark brown color! :)

    And i totally agree...clotheslines are the best!!! :)

  6. it's lovely Sandra.thanks for having me in for a gingersnap *wiping crumbs into the garbage..*I agree a decent sized fridge is everything!!! I love the smell of clothes from the line.. :) heaven..I agree with Katy it looks so homey and lived in.. don't sweat the boxes..

  7. Girl, you are amazing! To already have things hung on the walls is truly a feat. And you need to come & spread a little of your decorating to my house - it's desperately needed :)

  8. I can't believe how unpacked and organized your house looks after just moving, wow! Great job and I bet y'all are sore and tired.

  9. The house looks great already- you're impressive.
    I love my clothesline too- and I love that picture with the sun shining through the sheet.

  10. You are awesome, woman! Want to come help me down at Canon?! It looks like you are really going to enjoy your new home. Perhaps the bad neighbors were just having a tough day - I do hope they will be more friendly in the daylight! :)


  11. looks like your making a house into a beautiful cozy home.

    thanks so much for your encouragement.

  12. Always amazing! Thanks for sharing your new home with us. You always add sunshine to my time spent with you. Blessings, LeAnn

  13. Sandra,the photos are GRRRRREAT!(Tony the tiger sorry about that,not!)Sometines the oldies are the goodies,I just can't help my self. i truely hope that you and yours have a great day.

  14. Your house looks amazing for just moving in. It looks so fresh and breezy!

    Sorry to hear that you are in pain from the move. Your muscle aches and pain, cuts, and bruises will go away soon.

    I'm sure that one neighbor is not indicative of the neighborhood. You'll win them over in no time!

  15. I think the house looks great. I love those little cactus's in the kitchen window and love your curtains in there. You are so right..the people inside the house make it a home. Good positive thinking gal.

  16. Good Morning Sandra,
    Well I must say I didn't realize you would be posting so soon. I was figuring it would be about a week before you did post. I didn't do the SCT this week. One thing, I can't come up with a recipe to cook in a Slow Cooker and then we are going to be moving this weekend ourselves. I am waiting for the guy to call me to come turn the gas on over at the other house. I can't beleive you and Curt did all that by yourselves. And to have it pretty much all fixed up already. Yall wanna come help us move this weekend? LOL. Your new home is just beautiful and I do love your Kitchen. You are right, Spiderman does have to eat so he can fly thru the sky. LOL. Tell Curt you need to go have a massage and then to buy you a jaccuzzi to relax in. LOL. We won't have a U-haul truck to move our things, it will just be a small trailer that belongs to my DH's Uncle. We are suppose to be getting around 6 inches of Snow starting late tonight and tomorrow. They are being pretty optomistic about this system coming thru tho. We will see tho. I got my new Digital Camera in yesterday and my DH told me to wait until he gets home tomorrow evening and he will install the software on my computer and get it all set up for me. I'm being a good girl and minding Daddy. LOL. They are suppose to come out on Monday and hook our Cable & Internet up at the other house. So, after tomorrow, I won't be posting or be able to visit anyone until it is hooked up. Take care my friend and have a great day. Take it easy and get your bones rested up. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  17. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Looks great Sandra!! I know what a pain moving can be.. good to see you getting settled!!!


  18. "it's not the house that makes it a home.

    It's US, it's the family and it's the personal things that we bring with..."

    You have the perfect attitude, Hon!


  19. Sandra, your new home is beautiful and you've really got so much done! I'll bet you are very tired. Put your feet up and take a well earned rest.

    Hugs and love

    Sarah x

  20. It all looks wonderful Sandra! I cannot believe how much you've unpacked and settled in. It looks like you've been there for weeks and weeks instead of days!

  21. i love the way you decorate, simple and very pretty...I hope you will all be very happy there..

  22. Everything looks just lovely, Sandra. It looks like you've gotten a lot done and unpacked already.

  23. Beautiful sunset.

    Your kitchen is so cozy. I love the curtains. We had a laundry room attached to the kitchen just like this in Ft. Sill and I absolutely loved this. I miss it. I found it so easy to be cooking and having the laundry right next to the room I spend most of my day in. It just made it all so convenient for me.I also had the door right there and I think this is great because you could just come in and throw the kids dirty stuff right in the laundry and send them to the bath in their underwear. No dirt traipsed in and out.

  24. WOW! Your new house looks great! I love how you've decorated. Your kitchen is huge! Love, love, love it! I do hope that I can get our home looking as good, as quickly a you have!



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