Monday, March 3, 2008

# moving

I'm in pain!

It took us 15 hours to move the whole house and two 24 foot truck trips. We had no one to help so it was just Curt and I....I'm exhausted, I'm in a LOT of pain, there's muscles I discovered I had no idea existed.

My hands are swollen, cut and scraped and my body is covered in bruises.....I won't even mention my feet, after being on them the whole move and then today unpacking the new house, they are DONE. I literally get shooting pains up my legs with every step I try to take.

I've missed blogging and staying in touch with everyone, not sure if I'll be back in business tomorrow but I should be by wednesday and then I'll tell you all about our new house and the HORRIBLE neighbors we were unlucky to be settled with.

See last night, Curt and I were unloading the last of the things into the house, it was 10 pm and next thing we know, we have the cops at our house. Some very UNFRIENDLY neighbor called them because we were making too much noise moving in. I'm sorry but that really irks me, do they honestly think we LIKE being out there hauling heavy stuff??? The cop was very nice and actually said that the words the caller used were "there are some loud noises and bangings from there". Gee ya think? I'm sorry they haven't invented silencer U-Hauls. Even the cop thought it was ridiculous that they would call it in, but he had to come do his duty and we completely understand. Just don't get a very good impression from the neighborhood you know.

Way to welcome a person to the neighborhood. Needless to say, I guess I'll stick to myself around here, sad but oh well.

Anyway, I'm off to bed, I'm physically and emotionally beat and I think I need to sleep it off for a few days.......oh I wish!


  1. Oh my goodness ! I can't believe someone called the cops about that ! It might have been nice if they'd come and HELPED you instead !! Sheesh !

    I hope you settle in soon - I know whenever we move, I can't rest until we're all settled in !!

  2. oh that is so uncalled for.. I guess they won't be getting a glass of lemondade !!!! hugs to you and Curt..and the kids of course :-) we'll visit when you're better...

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that you are going to be stuck next to unpleasant people! It's their loss! And you know it's not forever -- so that helps. A little. *smirk* I guess.

    Rest up!


  4. Oh gosh...i wish i were there to help you! Sorry you guys had to do it all yourselves!!!

    I can't believe your neighbors called the POLICE about the noise!!! MY GOSH!!! You would think one of them would have come over to help rather than complain!!! Geesh!!!

    I hope unpacking goes well and you find the perfect place for everything!!! xoxo

  5. Oh you poor thing. That is horrible. As if having to move was not bad enough, but the whole deal with the cops, that is totally rediculous!! Hope it gets better for you!

  6. I'm on a bloggy break myself but I just popped in to see how the move is going.

    So sorry you have some mean neighbours, let's hope they lighten up a bit, perhaps they were having a bad day? I'll pray that all the other neighbours make you feel really welcome and settled.

    Poor you all aching. I pray you get some good rest and recuperation.

    Hugs and love.

    Sarah x

  7. Sandra, do get some rest and feel better soon. How dreadful that no one was around to help with the move. I've already started worrying about that myself b/c everyone we know will be on class break (just like Steve will be) the week we move and they are all planning to be out of town.

    How rude your neighbors were! They could have helped you guys move in and you'd probably would have been done early. Glad the policeman was nice.

    Hugs and hope you feel better soon,

  8. Some people can be so inconsiderate. I hope you can rest today and start a new later....

  9. Goodness, Sandra, you poor thing. I can't believe you guys moved that much in one day. I'd be aching and sore too, take care and get some rest.

    Bummer on the new neighbors. Maybe there will be some others nearby that are a lot nicer!

    Have fun settling in your new home!

  10. Sandra, The others said it all. I'm sorry you had to move without help. We might have to too when we sell our house. It's a scary thought with 3 little ones. I hope you get some much deserved rest and hopefully your mean neighbors won't be there much longer.

  11. As we say in the south, Bless Your Heart!

    What crummy neighbors. Hopefully not everyone in the neighborhood will be that way!

  12. That's incredible! What a disappointment to find out that the neighbors are cranky.

  13. Well, you know what I would've done at 10pm with a neighbor calling the cops? Oh yea, I'd have pulled out my monster grill and asked the officer if he was hungry!

    Good BBQ always pisses off people who aren't invited. :D

    I'm sorry you had such a tough time, if I had thought about it sooner I would've driven right over and helped!

    Hope things get better!

    XOXOXOX! :)

  14. You're in pain, but you're in!!!

    And these complainers are military??? WTF????


  15. Oh brother! Some people can always find something to complain about! Glad you're in. Now just try and rest those muscles so they can recuperate!

  16. Sandra I feel your pain.we had to do that on our move to our first place that when we moved back to shareing a house w/her Mom & Dad it was a royal pain in the a$$.After that we decided if we ever move again that we would hire movers to do that for us.
    We did when we bought our condo 20years ago.Then more and we own it,Yeh for Us.

  17. Oh man, what a weekend. Too bad about the stinkers next door.
    I'll pray for your sore bod my dear, moving just sucks. Take a bath with epson salts or something that stinks nice & soothing ;)

  18. That is a bad way to start off a neighbor relationship. I hope they were just having a bad day.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  19. Wow! That is crazy to complain about someone moving in. How about helping??? Hope you get all rested and that you find your neighbors to be friendly...

  20. Oh my gosh, how rude is that?!! I'm sorry about the trouble and all your bruises, scraps, etc. That's no fun.
    (((Gentle hugs)))

  21. Oh, brother. That's is awful..
    Yeah, what a way to welcome neighbors.. Well, maybe they were just sick or in a bad mood. I hope you don't have any more grief from them.. Bless your hearts.. Yes.. They should have been out there helping.. My goodness.I will be praying for you and your sore muscles..Take care . Hope you get the much needed rest and I want to thank you and your husband for serving our nation.. God Bless you and keep you safe..

  22. Take two aspirin and blog me in the morning. So sorry you've had it rough! Jennifer

  23. Oh no! Moving is miserable to begin with, and then to have neighbors make a first impression like that...geez...

    I was sore for a week after we moved. We also had no help from anyone. I had my then 2yo carrying things inside the new house for us. I hope you can at least relax this weekend :)

  24. I'm sorry to hear about your neighbors. I hate to say this but they sound like real jackasses. There is no other way to put it. I hope you meet someone anyway who can become a great friend to you. What happened to the days people chatted over the backyard fence. Maybe you could join something like MOPS. I don't know how else to meet others. My neighborhood is not much better. The people all keep to themselves.

  25. You poor things!!!! I hope you recover soon and that your neighbors aren't really as bad as they sound!

  26. I'm sorry you're so sore- not fun.
    I have every confidence that you'll win the neighbors over- if not with food-smiles- you're sweet personality will surely do the trick.


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