Sunday, March 16, 2008

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Stop and Stare!

I come bearing photos, some fun ones some educational ones and some of where we'll be heading in May of this year.

You all know by now that I'm going home, home to South Africa, to boerewors and koeksisters, Nando's Chicken and the Lost City. I'm beyond ecstatic, as the time nears I can't control my emotions, I go from smiling like an idiot to wanting to break down and cry, it's such an emotional roller coaster but so well worth it when I step off that airplane and smell the South African air and get to walk into the arms of my family.

But first let's talk about what's going on here at home. Yesterday afternoon, the kids and Curt decided to play some softball in the backyard, it was fun watching them all laugh and have fun. I even got in there too, though for some reason the minute Curt throws the ball my way I tend to shut my eyes and cover my face. Not very conducive to actually catching the ball, but hey, who said I was perfect??? LOL

Love action photos, they're so much fun to watch :)

While they were playing I decided to snap some more shots of the lemon tree. Do you know that it produces these gorgeous white flowers and when they start blooming the scent is just heavenly, oh my goodness, I could sit out there all day, under that tree just with that wonderful scent all around me.

They are just beautiful!

Here's some baby lemons growing

And there's a few more pinkish buds starting to form.

But now going back to South Africa, do you want to see some of the places I'll be visiting???

We're starting with a trip to the Kruger National Park where the kids will get to see the big five up close and personal, I can't wait for this......I have such fond memories of our vacations there.

After we are heading straight to Mozambique, my country of birth, I can't tell you just how excited I am to return Home, to show my husband and my children the country I was born in, it's one of those beautiful lands that are not very well known, as a matter of fact when I usually tell people where I was born, they look at me like I'm crazy and then ask just where exactly is that.

One of the beaches we want to visit again is Bilene. How can you NOT want to just sit there and relax???

Then it's back to Johannesburg, if we have any time we may go down to Margate but if not, we will most likely be going to The Lost City

My favorite place to go for the day, there's a casino and restaurants, there's an artificial beach and waterfalls and just so much to do.

Another place I'm hoping to return to is Gold Reef City.

International travellers savour the offering of traditional African music, dance and history found throughout the complex. The carefully-documented history of Apartheid, chillingly yet beautifully depicted in the Museum, is a must-see on a South African visit. And nowhere else will the tourist find such a comprehensive and colourful depiction of mining life at the turn of the nineteenth century.

But it's not all about the sights because the food is something Curt and I are dying to get into again.

Calamari Steaks with garlic and lemon......*drool*

King Prawns

Crab Curry

Alheiras - I absolutely LOVE these and haven't had them for about 10 years

Bolas de Berlin - my favorite desserts, you can find them in portuguese bakeries. It's like a donut with a creme filling and rolled in sugar

I think you get a general idea of what a good time I'll be having LOL

Right now I've got laundry to do and I need to mop the floors too.

Spring break is over so it's back to school for Jasmine tomorrow and not a minute too soon, she is bored and getting cranky. The fighting and bickering between the kids is escalating and I'm just done, you know when you reach that point that you can't take another word? They fight about everything and everything is a competition....who gets their food first, who gets to have their bath first, who got what color towel, who drank out of what cup, who watched tv first, even the first one to take a bite of dinner is the winner........UUGGHHHHH!

I left you a great recipe for breakfast, Breakfast Delights and let me tell you, you can't just eat one, they are SO good, good enough that I offered to send a bunch of them to work with Curt in the morning and he quickly denied saying that they are too good and he is NOT giving them to anyone LOL

For dinner tonight I'm fixing a portuguese Chicken Rice, I'll have the recipe on the blog later.

Have a great sunday everyone.


  1. Hi Sandra... I'm sorry I haven't been here for so long, it's all about work, work, work... Anyways, we got back from the evening service and I said to myself, I gotta catch up with my blog reading!!! So, you're going home, what great news! "Bolas de Berlin" are called "sonhos" here! I took some pictures of lime blossoms last week on the farm, and they look a lot like lemon! And they smell great huh, oh, the aroma in the orchard, I love that feeling.

  2. I'm so excited for you to get to go home ! All your photos and descriptions made me so want to visit South Africa ! Not that I didn't want to before. I'm a travel lover and I am itching to go somewhere !! Soon !!

  3. I'm excited for you too, Sandra, I would love to see South Africa, your pic's are fun.

  4. I would be so excited to have a lemon tree (not that it would grow here).

    Hope you have a good week.

  5. The king prawns look amazing!

    You'll have such a great time. We saw the Big Five in Kenya at three different national parks over the last two years. It was incredible. Probably the highlight of my life.

    My heart just breaks with what's happening in Kenya now.

    But I'm glad you get to go and experience South Africa with your kids!

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  6. No wonder you are emotional about going back home, those pictures are awesome.
    I am a Navy wife and SAHM too.
    Hope you have a great trip back home.

  7. Sandra! Do you actually have a lemon tree in YOUR BACKYARD? LUCKY! Citrus is my #1 favorite flavor, even more than chocolate. I always have a big bag of lemons in my produce drawer.

    My good friend vacationed in S. Africa and said it was--hands down--her favorite place she's ever been. (and she's been to MANY places!) I'm so excited for you.

  8. The photos look fantastic. What a fantastic experience for the kids.

  9. Wonderful pictures. How exciting to see your family again! I'd be manic too - crying one minute and jumping up and down the next :)

    I've had that sausage beginning with b can't remember the spelling ;) I have some friends at church who are South African. We had a party and they did all South African foods, they had to mail order some of it in because you can't get it in the UK. Some of it was quite spicy but very delicious.

    Hugs and love.

    Sarah x

  10. Hey girl. I havent got to talk with you in awhile. But I'm so very excited you are going home. You have waited a long time for this and's almost here. The pictures are great....and I love your new look. I'm cleaning today as well as mopping floors....aghhhh.

  11. I've decided I want a lemon tree, but I'm afraid it wouldn't thrive in Michigan! I am so happy about your trip. You'll have such a great time and it'll be here in no time!

  12. Love the softball pictures. Like you I cover my face when thrown the ball.

    I still can't believe the lemon tree goes through all these stages to produce a lemon. What pretty little flowers.

    I am enjoying the pictures of South Africa. How pretty the ocean is and looks so untouched by man. I've actually heard of Mozambique in a song one of my kids used to have. I had no idea this was South Africa though. Geography is not my strong suit. Wow a casino, who knew? What a pretty place. I would love to try out the food there. Boy do the Bolas de Berlin look yumm-o. I can't wait for you to go and post many pictures of your trip. I am enjoying learning about South Africa. I tell my hubby little tidbits and I say "did you know they have this in South Africa." And he says "No, how do you know?" I keep him guessing. It makes me sound smart.

  13. How exciting! Your kids are gorgeous and you have so much going on! Your blog make overs are refreshing too! I'd love to try some of these great recipes too. Maybe soon I'll have the time! Hugs

  14. WOW, Great pictures! thanks for sharing them. Have a Happy St Patricks day!

  15. WOW, Great pictures! thanks for sharing them. Have a Happy St Patricks day!

  16. I'm so excited for you to go home. I know how I felt arriving back in the US after 6 weeks in Russia. I couldn't wait to get home. I can't imagine how you feel being away from home for 10 years!
    The pictures look great. I can't wait to see your real pictures when you're there!

  17. I have always wanted to go to South Africa! So jelouse

  18. Hi Sandra,I like the photos that you posted.I wish I could reach right into the monitor and grab some of the great looking food.

  19. Wow! I'm green, positively green with envy.
    S Africa has always been at the top of my list for Intl. travel. I so badly want to see the wildlife...and now I badly want to eat the food!!
    I'm so happy for you to see your family again. It must be so hard to live so far away. I can't imagine moving away from my home state!

  20. Your trip will be here before you know it! Great pictures, y'all will have such fun.
    I love the ones in the yard and the one with that blue sky!

  21. I just happened upon your blog and it is great. I love to cook too. I am disabled and cook from a wheelchair but I manage just fine. I live with my daughter, her husband, and my ex-husband(just friends)so I have four adults to cook for and I am always looking for new recipes. I will be back


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