Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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When life gives you lemons......

I never really took notice of lemons, I mean, I would go to the grocery store and buy lemons and bring them home to use in my cooking, but I hadn't the foggiest idea of what the tree looked like, how they started growing etc.

Since moving to this house and having the beautiful lemon tree out back I've become fascinated watching the lemon evolve from this tiny little pinkish bud into huge gorgeous yellow beauties. So I figured I would take some pictures to show you exactly what it looks like.

Who knew the tree would become so educational, especially to the kids.....so come with me out back and take a look:

These are the tiny little buds that you first see sprouting all over the tree.....

From those tiny ones they start developing into these longer ones.....

When I first saw this guy I thought "poor thing is bad" but I realized that it wasn't, that was an actual lemon developing from that longish bud. See the fully grown ones in the back?

How amazing is that?

I have a couple prayer requests for you, not for myself but for some dear bloggy friends and family.

If you could go over to Heidi and say a prayer for her and her baby.....she really needs our comfort and support right now.

Susanne has had surgery for her hand and now begins the process of healing, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

My sister in law's sister, Roxanne, just had a baby girl, she was born premature and is still in the hospital in the incubator at least for another 4 to 6 weeks. Please say a prayer for Kyara and for Roxy.

There's not really much going on here, nothing very interesting, the house is finally done so I've been enjoying reading and watching my Netflix movies. I'm frustrated though because I sent in the "Address Change" to the Post Office about two weeks ago and I'm still waiting for my mail to be forwarded to this address, in the meantime I have 3 Netflix movies sitting somewhere in limbo.

One of them is the last one for "The Tudors" Season 1 and I'm just DYING to watch it. I really got into the series after I read "The Boleyn Inheritance" and I have to tell you, if you're thinking of watching them, just know that they are brilliant but there is quite a lot of sex scenes in there. It's crazy how there was so much sleeping around and mistresses and cheating in those days, even worse that it seemed to be accepted and condoned by some. But setting that aside, Jonathan Rhys Meyer does an excellent job as King Henry VIII and I absolutely love Maria Doyle Kennedy as Queen Katherine of Aragon.

The new Season starts March 30th on Showtime, I'm so thrilled.

In between all these movies I'm also reading a lot, practically devouring anything to do with the Tudors and historical books, but I also picked up one that I can't wait to read.

Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson

Before Green Gables is the story of Anne Shirley's life before her arrival at Green Gables-a heartwarming tale of a precocious child whose lively imagination and relentless spirit help her to overcome difficult circumstances and of a young girl's ability to love, learn, and above all, dream.

Published in 1908, L. M. Montgomery's coming-of-age classic Anne of Green Gables has enchanted generations of readers, both children and adults. The story of the spunky red-haired orphan from Prince Edward Island is known to millions, and copies of the eight titles in the series have never gone out of print.

But when readers first meet Anne, she is eleven, and has just been sent from an orphanage to meet her new family. No one ever learned the events of Anne's life before she arrived at Green Gables.

Until now.

And that's it, I'm going to do the dishes from lunch and clean up a bit around the living room before I go exercise, it's been a week since I did my last Slim in 6 Weeks and I don't want to completely stop it.....this is what happens when you move, things tend to get put on halt or left behind.

Have a wonderful day. Please don't forget about the giveaway on Thursday, for my readers who participate in the Slow Cooking Thursday specifically.

God Bless,


  1. I love seeing the lemons grow - I never saw a lemon tree or blossoms before!

  2. That is so cool- I've never seen the progress of a lemon before!
    Any lemon meringue pie yet??

  3. Oooh, I am jealous of your lemon tree -- I *love* lemons! How neat to see how they grow!

  4. We have a lemon tree as well. I love having fresh lemons!!! We also planted an orange, lime, and nectarine but they haven't developed fruit yet. I hope soon :)

  5. I love lemons. I have never seen how they grow so thanks for the pictures. They really have pretty little purple buds in the beginning. They seem to grow fast too. How long is it about from start to finish?

    I will pray for Heidi and Susanne and Kyara and Roxy. I hope our prayers are answered. You can never have too many people praying for you and we have a lot of prayer warriors in blogland.

  6. The lemons are sooo cool! i have never seen a lemon bud before! :) Thanks for sharing that with us!

    Oh my goodness gracious..that Before Green Gables looks awesome!!! Let us know how you like it, please! :)

    Have a wonderful day Sandra...and many thoughts and prayers sent to your friends...*hugs*

  7. Thanks for showing the lemon grow, very cool. Your friends are in my prayers.

  8. The lemon tree is so cool. What a blessing. I can taste it all now: leonade, lemon tea, lemon cake, lemon bars, lemon ice cream....

    Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers Sandra!

  9. Hi Sandra.It must be nice to have a lemon tree.yum.I will pray for all. I saw the "Before Anne of Green Gables"at the bookstore..must read it.have a great day..see you tomorrow..

  10. Ahahaha! i love nicholas's take on a bored/board game!!! LOL that is too cute and really smart!! :)

  11. Oh my! Another Anne book??? I'm there!

    I'm enjoying Christy BTW...lol if it had been me I'd have scarpered from that school already.

    I'll be praying for Heidi, Susanne and Roxy.

    Enjoy your lemons!

    Hugs and love

    Sarah x

  12. Aw!!! I wish I had a lemon tree!!!

  13. Loved the lemon pix. At our last house we had a small orchard with apricots, cherries, plums, pears & lots of apples. My fave to watch was the pears - the tiny lil ones were just so cute!
    Glad you've got the house done & getting back to normal now. What a relief that is!
    Have a wonderful day,

  14. Thanks so much for your prayers and sharing my prayer request. I really appreciate it.

  15. Good Afternoon Sandra,
    I am just now making it here for my visit. My DH left out about an hour ago. Wow, I have never seen a lemon growing before. "THANK YOU" for sharing an educatinal tutorial about the Lemon. I know you will be using those lemons all summer long. I can almost taste some Lemon-aid or lemon juice in a glass of sweet tea. Mmmmm, can I come live with you? LOL. It is 62 degrees right now and I turned my A/C on about an hour ago. It's suppose to be near 70 degrees today and in the 70's tomorrow and then rain on Friday. I pray that it won't so we can get this move over and done with. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  16. I just finished reading The Other Boleyn Girl, Sandra. My word, I had absolutely no idea all that stuff was going on in the castle bedrooms back then. Can't wait to see the new movie and I'm definitely going to add The Tudors to my Netflix lineup.


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