Tuesday, May 13, 2008

# South Africa

I'm singing in the rain!!!

What a wonderful day it is. First of all, it's HERE, the passport is HERE in my little hands and I couldn't be happier. Praise the Lord, all our prayers have been answered!

Thank you all so much for the prayers and the thoughts and the comforting words while I felt like I was loosing my mind and worried sick. It means a lot to me to know that even though I haven't met you personally, I can still say I have great friends in the blogging world.

And if that wasn't cause enough for celebration he also blessed us with some much needed rain. As I write this it's thundering and raining really hard outside, it's bringing a huge smile to my face, we were desperate for some water here and finally got some. Praise the Lord again!

On sunday we also got our fence up in the backyard, we had been waiting since pretty much the week we moved into this house and only now they came out. But again, it works out just fine, we're having one of the airman stay at our house and watch the girls for us, and I didn't feel right making him take them out on the leash, this is better for everyone involved.

The girls love it out there and we've had ZERO potty accidents in the house since then.

Then I stepped out front to bring the trash can back in and saw this......I thought she was hurt or had fallen off the tree with the high winds we've been experiencing the last two days....but no.....

She sat there for a few minutes and then took off leaving this little bundle behind RIGHT as the rain started pouring. Oh it broke my heart to see it sitting there, but the mommy come back, and I'm glad she did because I'm helpless when it comes to birds and I have no clue how or what I would have done to help the little one.

I'm pretty much all packed and ready to go but I have a few last minute things to throw in the luggage.

Here's what my to do list looks like:

  • Finish Packing
  • Do all the laundry and pack what we need, put away what we don't
  • Change all the bed linens
  • Gather the recipes I want to take
  • Pack away all the digital camera accessories
  • Make sure all the passports and travelling documents are together and ready
  • Leave phone numbers and contact list on refrigerator
  • Finish uploading songs to my MP3 and movies to the Ipod
  • Return all books to the library
  • Pick up Jasmine's report card and yearbook from school
  • Ziploc all medicines etc for the carry ons
  • Make sure kids backpacks are ready
  • Run to bank to withdraw some money to leave behind in case dogs need something

Let me tell you, just reading it makes me want to run away considering that I only have tomorrow left before all this has to be done....but I have no doubt I'll knock everything off that list.

Thursday morning I'll have the Slow Cooking Thursday post up for you all, but then there will none until I return.

I do plan on blogging from South Africa, I have access to internet and my oldest brother already told me he has an extra laptop I can use for whatever I need. So I'll be posting photos and taking you along on my journey, starting at Phoenix and ending back on base when we return. I'm so thrilled I can't wait.....just knowing that this time next week I will be enjoying the feel of sand beneath my feet, the smell of the ocean and a much deserved break at the beach.

I'm off to pick up Jasmine from school and give her the good news that mommy's passport came in, she will be over the moon.

God Bless,


  1. Sandra,I'm glad that you recieved your passport.I hope that you are haveing a fantanstic day.

  2. yeah, I'm so glad it's actually in your hands. What a relief. Sounds like you are right on top of things Sandra, even though you still have some stuff on the list.

  3. God is so great! He takes care of things like passports, rain and baby birds. And - of course us!

  4. I'm so excited for you Sandra. I would have been a complete wreck waiting on that passport. So many plans made and so much anticipation and it all hinged on you having that one document in your hands. Thank goodness you finally got it.

    If I don't get back over here before you leave, I hope you have an absolutely amazing time. I know you will. I know how long you've looked forward to this.

    PS - your Be Warm ornaments came out really, really sweet. I'm very glad I sent you that pattern and seeing yours inspires me to make some more of them. :-)

  5. Oh, that's awesome news! I know you are so happy and relieved to finally have that passport in your hands. It sounds like you guys are ready to go. I know you're going to have a wonderful time and I can't wait to read more about it. Just be safe and enjoy every minute :)

  6. YAY!!!! Prayers for you and your family as you travel... for a hedge of protection over the plane.
    Can't wait to hear all about it!

  7. Hooray Hooray Hooray !!!!

  8. I couldn't be happier for you, Sandra! Rain, passport, anticipation, a dream realized.... It's all so wonderful! Enjoy conquering your list!


  9. Hooray dear friend...your going home. How exciting. I'm beyond happy for you.

  10. Yay for the passport being in your hands! I know you must be so excited and can't wait to go. Lots of packing going on I see from another post. Be sure to post pics when you can!

  11. Yeah!!!!! I'm so excited to see your pictures- thanks for taking us along on your trip!

  12. Glad you got your passport, have a wonderful trip and good luck with that list.

  13. I am thrilled you have your passport in hand. I'm also a bit envious of your trip. Too cool. I'm glad you are "taking us with you". It'll be the closest I ever get to Africa. :)


  15. YAY!!!! I'm so excited for you, have a great time!!

  16. Sandra"Howzit"...

    Have a wonderful time!!! I look forward to the pictures..I'm so happy the passport came..Have a great time meeting Marcia ;-)

  17. Oh praise God...I teared up when I read this!!


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