Monday, May 12, 2008

Where do we stand?

You all are amazing, the prayers have been heard and I just got off the phone with the South African Consulate. My passport is in and it's being overnighted to me, I should get it by Wednesday the latest....I'm hoping since we're only 5 hours from LA that it gets here tomorrow, then everything will be done.

I can't tell you the stress I've been under, it's just all finally coming together and I literally feel like a huge weight is being lifted off of my shoulders, the foggy haze is being cleared up and I can finally really really let the feeling sink in. The feeling that after 10 years of being away from home, I'm finally going to be touching African soil again, smelling the air, smiling at the beauty that is the country and enjoying every single second I have with my family. It's almost surreal at this time and I think it will only hit home the minute that airplane lands on that runway.

So again, I love you all, more than I could ever say and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you sent up your prayers for little old me and as always, the Lord obliged, IN HIS TIME, but he did. How does that saying go?

"Nothing worth having comes easy"

Praise the Lord indeed!

Here is what is going on around me:


More luggage

And more luggage

Wii games being packed to take on the trip....I mean, we can't just go and not take the fun with us can we?

In between all the packing and worrying, I've been cleaning and cleaning....I clean the best when I'm upset LOL

Look at those shiny floors.

Now remember these? I started them for christmas last year and then ended up not finishing any. Well I was able to finish some in time to take with us....this way everyone can have one on their family tree this year.

I also finished my "Road to Avonlea" series and I'm so sad to see it end. I can't believe that 7 seasons went by so fast. For now my Netflix is on hold until we return and then next on the list is:

Elizabeth: The Golden Age
- (Click for trailer)
Elizabeth The Virgin Queen - Click for trailer)
Mary, Queen of Scots

It's that time of the day, I have kids to round up, bathes to check on and all that other fun stuff. I also need to get some more packing done. As soon as the kids are in bed, I'm coming around to visit you all so I hope you're still up.


Mike Golch said...

Sandra,I'm glad that things are working out for you.
Just keep me in your prayers as I still need to set things right in my life.It's a long story.I talked about it on my site.

Mari said...

I'm so happy for you - that is an answer to prayer. This trip is coming fast!

Anonymous said...

I just knew it would work out! Yay!

A Captured Reflection said...

It is all sounding very exciting, I can feel the anticipation. A lot of organising I can imagine, but oh to be able to share with your children where you are It is 11 years since I left my UK homeland now, so I can grasp a little of what you are feeling.

Kelli said...

Woohoo! Wonderful news, Sandra! It looks like you are all ready to go. I love the little snowman!

Michelle said...

Praise God your passport is on the way! I'm so happy for you that you're going to be making this trip - can't wait to "follow along" with you on this journey (and to hopefully meet you in AZ when you get back!)

Katrina said...

Praise God! So excited for you! Gotta love those Wii games!

Michelle said...

oh that is wonderful!! I was wondering that today...I could not be happier for you..and the floor looks amazing!!! lol..hugz..

Susanne said...

I am sooo glad that those passports are finally arriving. That must be such a relief!

Doesn't Leona Lewis have the most awesome voice?

Lavinia said...

Praise the Lord I'm so relieved!

Why is it that there is *nothing* as bad as travel-related anxiety and stress??? The deadlines! The uncertainty, the feeling of things beyond totally beyond our control.

I'm so happy for your happy ending....!

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I have been thinking about you these last few days... I am SO happy for you! SO, SO happy!

Enjoy these days of anticipation!

Those floors look VERY familiar... :)


La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

Now the prayers will be for a safe and happy journey for you and your family. Blessings, LeAnn

Anonymous said...


Leaving in South Africa since 1993 I know how Home Affairs can take forever. I have been reading your blog with keen interest but have never left a comment.

We have so much in common.

I was born in Portugal and lived in the USA for a while but we moved to South Africa in 1993 to do mission work. I ended up marrying a South African and here I am. I also speak Portuguese fluently as my early schooling was in Portugal.

Have been praying for you and your familly and am happy that all is well.

I am so glad you are comming home.

God Bless...

Mrs. T (Bedfordview, JHb, South Africa)

Anonymous said...

Just one more thing my first name is also Sandra

Love in Christ,

Mrs. T (Bedfordview, JHb, South Africa)

Cheri said...

Hallelujah! I'm so glad you can relax now and just enjoy.

Bonnie said...

Phew ! I'm glad you can rest easy ... well, in a day or two when you are holding that passport in your hands and doing the happy dance ! Or is it only me who does happy dances ?! ha ha

Jen said...

Hooray your countdown begins. I'm so excited for you. Will you be blogging over there? I sure hope so.
Madison and Jasmine have the same back pack..too funny.

smilnsigh said...

I'm so glad everything is coming together.

Now... please just do your stuff. Don't worry about reading blogs. Please...

Hey, if we who love you, don't know by now, that you have an awesome trip coming up... And if we all will not cut you some slack, on reading and commenting in blogs, before this trip... Well, anyone who won't ~ They aren't your pal. So there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gentle hugs,

Barbara said...

That's great news Sandra! After you mentioned Road to Avonlea last week I've been trying to find it, I'm thinking I'll have to buy it from Sullivan. I managed to find the Anne movies at Sam's Club, but no luck with Avonlea. Those snowmen are adorable!

I can't wait to see pictures from your trip. Take care and be safe!

Katy said...

oh Sandra!!! I am so excited for you!!! I hope you have a wonderful time!!!
I love your new blog look!!!

Kim said...

WAA-HOO! I am so happy for you and that the weight of worrying about your passport is lifted.

Your floors look FANTASTIC!!

Knit-Wit said...

I am so thrilled your passport is arriving in due time!

I have those movies in my Netflix queue also! We just watched, Elizabeth: The Golden Age and loved it!

Jill said...

Great news on your passport! I just know everything will turn out fine.

AlaneM said...

Oh praise God, that is SO great!! I've been crying out to Him for you girl, I'm glad it's all working out - but I'm not gonna stop praying until that thing in in your hands!
I do not envy your packing, I can't imagine how crazy that must be.
Love the lil lemons in your previous post - sooo cute!! You could use those as a garnish if you were having someone over to dinner...but I spoze that's not happening soon is it :)

Mississippi Songbird said...

Sounds so exciting. Have a wonderful time...