Saturday, May 3, 2008

# Arizona

Take a walk with me!

Well the internet has been down for us for the last 2 comes up for about a min and then back down again, not sure what the problem is but I hope it stops....that is the reason though that I have been away and not visiting or posting anything.

So I'm taking you on a walk with me today, with the gas prices being so expensive and the weather being gorgeous outside, we've been walking to and from school everyday. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it feels especially early in the morning, to get out there and smell the fresh air. I think it's one of the perks of living on a military base, you can walk freely with your children without being scared or feeling endangered in any way.

Yesterday morning we set out towards the school and this time I took the camera, let's walk while we catch up on the last few days.

Now I may be totally ignorant when it comes to plants and especially cactus. I was under the impression that they all looked like the ones we see in movies LOL But when I started walking around this base I realized there are so many different kinds and these caught our attention.....they are blooming ROSES! (or at least what they appear to be)

Now I'm going to be keeping my eyes on all the different cactae around.

We're almost to the school here, it's just around the corner

My beautiful girl chugging down the water before she even gets to school. You know my kids aren't really water drinkers, but to get them to stay hydrated through this horrible heat, I have one of those brita filters on my faucet and I fill up big pitchers of water, pop them in the refrigerator and then when they're thirsty I pour them a glass and add a slice of a lemon from our tree out back. They LOVE it and they've been drinking tons of it.

Another thing they really like is the Koolaid Burstin Waters, grape or cherry flavored. It's great!

My handsome boy :)

Almost home now....

And here we are....home sweet home!

I hope you enjoyed the walk with me. I'm hoping the internet stays up today so I can come around and visit later.


  1. That was a nice walk - but sadly didn't burn near enough calories for me! :)
    I wanted to say that our internet does the same thing from time to time - it will go up and down for a few days and then comes back good as new. Odd -
    And frustrating to spend hours with the ISP just to have them help you do everything under the sun - none of which works - but they are okay once you can browse pages without ever getting to the root of the problem. I have too much to do to waste 45 minutes on a phone call. Grrrr.

    Hope you have a good day!

  2. What a great walk. Would have loved to have done that with you. I love the design of your blog its beautiful. I enjoyed the pictures. The flowering cactus will be gorgeous when its all bloomed out.

  3. That was a great walk- I think I need to sit down now and rest awhile- smiles!

  4. What a nice walk, thanks for taking us along!

  5. That was nice. I enjoyed it. The cactus was really cool.

  6. That was a nice walk - it gives me a better idea of yur surroundings.

  7. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Thank you for the great walk, your kids are gorgeous. Look at those blue skies!!

    Let us know when your passports come, I'm praying hard over here.

    Hugs and love


  8. Thanks for the walk...hope I got my mile in with you! I remember the beautiful still mornings I spent in Phoenix one summer and the lemon trees growing everywhere. Jealous again!

  9. Sandra,thanks for haveing me along for the is helping me to lift my spirits.

  10. that type of cactus really looks pretty when the flowers are in bloom...and I didn't know cactus had flowers on them until I moved here :)

    Hey when are you due back from South Africa? We might be in your area on June and I wanted to try and plan around the time you would be there so we could meet up! I know you said you were going to be gone for a month; so I was just wondering when you'll be back?

    Praying your passport comes in this week!

  11. Thank you for taking us along on your walk! I love the weekends!

  12. What a beautiful walk you have!

    I am quickly learning about staying hydrated. I am doing fine - I was already drinking enough water to sink a ship, because of nursing, but I am sure my kids are SICK of me jamming more water down their throats than they have ever had in their lives!! This air just sucks every drop of moisture out of me. It is such a huge change for us!

    Hope you have a great night!

    Any word on the passport yet?


  13. I enjoyed the walk:)
    What a pretty neighborhood you have!
    Passport yet? I hope so!!

  14. Just look at the cacti! it.that's great that the kids don't mind drinking water and even nicer is the walk to school .have a great week...

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  16. I miss being able to walk the kids to school. You know, we lived in a house like a block from the school and I was too scared to walk/let them walk even in the afternoon I would drive them to and from school every day? Of course, we live in a rought neighborhood, so....ah well, maybe we can move soon. :)


    Sorry I've been so scarce lately, I went back to work at Sonic. (WHY would I do something that STUPID?) Anyways, I sure do miss you guys!

    Hope you are doing well.

  17. Beautiful great that you are safe, that's really good for the kids...

    Your kids are so gosh-darn cute...

    And what interesting foliage surrounds you...

    Glad your internet is back up!

  18. I was wondering where you'd been ! Not that I've been around much int he last few days either ! :)

    That was a great walk ! I love walking Jono to school but we haven't been doing it much lately. Too busy. I need to start again though ! It was such a nice start to all of our days to have that fresh air and exercise first thing in the morning !

    It's funny what you said about the safety of a base. I was thinking about that the other day. How young I was when my (normally very protective) parents started letting me ride my bike to school by myself. I would never let Jono do that ... not that I was as young as him but in 2 years he still won't be riding by himself !! But ... we lived on a Navy Base so things were different !!

  19. What great pictures Sandra!!! I loved going for a walk with you!!! :)

  20. wonderful walk! I will say those cacti are called Prickly Pear and you can make jellies and jams from those flowers. It is a rare and fun treat!

    I miss this time of year at home (AZ) because a trip to Canyon Lake always meant driving by Saguaros, Century, plants and Ocotillos in bloom and that is a wonderful sight!
    God was laughing when he made the cactus plant, he said it will be prickly, and it will poke but once a year for a brief, brief time it will bloom with beauty and it will be good to eat. No one ever believes it until they see it!

    Enjoy it while you can, it will be gone soon.


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