Tuesday, May 6, 2008

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My day in pictures!

It's true that a picture is worth a thousand words, so what better way to show you what I'm doing today than taking the camera and just snapping whatever is around me?

All clean laundry just pulled out of the dryer, now the fun begins right??? UGH...wrong....I hate folding and putting away laundry.

A few dishes in the sink this morning, a load is already being washed in the dishwasher so I guess I can do these by hand. What boggles me is the super hero in the picture....why is it there?
Is it in need of a good bath? Is it going to help me do the dishes? How did it get up there in the first place? Oh the joys of having children.

The sprinkler has been turned on in the front of the house and now I get to listen to the woosh woosh woosh and smell the damp grass. Am I the only one that loves that scent???

I wish I could bottle it up LOL

Speaking of scents, this is burning in my house right now and it smells heavenly. I initially picked it up because it said Jasmine, had no idea what it would smell like but boy was I surprised, it's just wonderful.

Here, I'll wave some scent your way, that's it.........breathe in deep. Aaaaahhhhhhhh!

I never throw my sheets and comforters in the dryer, I always hang them up to dry outside. Again I'm sure there's no question as to if we have children in this house. Spongebob, pretty flowers, Bratz....yep......wouldn't you be surprised if I told you those were mine????

But they're not LOL

Last but not least, this is what the kids were doing this weekend..........Curt was outside cleaning his truck and it got dark, so before we headed inside I grabbed the camera (seriously, I don't know why I don't just attach the thing to my side permanently)...........and snapped some candid shots.

LOVE that top one, the expression on Nicholas face is priceless.

Is there anything better than swinging in the dark???????? My kids say NO and I believe them, because I did actually sit on those swings and I was shocked that my behind fit LOL

I swung? swang? swing? Wow, I'm drawing a complete blank I don't know which word it is.....help a girl out. I am leaning towards swung but it sounds weird. Whatever, you get the picture.

Hope you enjoyed the visual look at my day....how about you grab your own camera and go show us what you're up to? If you do, let me know so I can come by and visit.

I'm off to move the sprinkler, it's a skill you have to master, because when you're being lazy like I am, you don't want to turn the water off and then go move it and then turn it on again, so you run to it while it's shooting water in the opposite direction, then you grab it real quick and hop around a bit pulling and dragging the hose then slam it on the ground quick and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Try it........it's fun and the kids will laugh at you!


  1. I also hate laundry for the same reasons.... which is funny. It's not like we have to beat our clothing with a rock down by the stream.

  2. I hate folding laundry too! I love the smell of damp grass, though. Have a great day - sounds like your being very productive!

  3. I actually like folding laundry- just not the white load.
    I do love the smell of grass- especially it being cut.

  4. It's amazing how happy a $10 sprinkler will make kids.

    I once did a sixth birthday party with nothing but a sprinkler, and the kids had a blast!

    And I love my clothesline too. But sprinklers and clotheslines don't go together :).

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  5. Well, I thought those sheets were you and Curt's hanging there. LOL. You are so funny.

    This was a very creative way to let us into your day, Sandra.

  6. This was a neat blog post, I am a visual person so I love blogs with pictures.

    i got a kick out of the laundry drying outside, yes this says kids live here.

    Swinging at night looked like it was a lot of fun for the kids. It seems you have a good amount of yard space.

  7. Loved the pictures Sandra! The kids are so cute.

  8. I hate folding laundry too. I am the worst about putting it away.

    Love the photos. Seeing your house makes me miss the one we had when we were there. :-(

  9. Now you've got me all confused too, Sandra, but I'm pretty sure it isn't swang. LOL

    Loved your photo trip through your day. All the photos are just great and really, it makes me feel like I'm right there, looking at that laundry that needs to be folded. Ugh.

    I am soooo relieved that passport came. You have no idea how many times it's just suddenly popped into my head in the last couple of weeks. "What if Sandra's passport doesn't arrive in time and she can't go on this trip she's waited ten years for!" Thank goodness it got there in time.

    What a fun post this is!

  10. I love all the pics Sandra!!! How fun! I totally hate the folding and putting away of clothes too!!! I am RIGHT there with you! :)

    LOL @ the dishes you are doing by hand...i do ALL my dishes by hand!!! LOL when we moved in..we had a dishwasher..and it barely got stuff clean...so i made chris take it out and now I just do them all by hand...which i don't really mind. I would rather do that than laundry!!! LOL

    Love the pics of your kiddos too! Soo cute! :)

  11. Lets all give Cheri our laundry to fold she likes to do it..that's right up there on my list of don't likes too, along with making school lunches(which I don't do anymore) or taking clean dishes out of the dishwasher and putting them away, or dusting,or ironing, does anyone iron any more?? LOL
    Fun pictures

  12. What a creative and fun way to tell us about your day!

    I think it's swung, but yeah, it does s sound and look a little strange!

    Ha! I laughed at the sprinkler thing! I have tried to do that before - it always turns out very badly for me. I must not be a master yet - not even close!!! :)


  13. Great photos all.

    Must get me some Jasmine... But what is it, which you show? I see the oil of Jasmine bottle and a tiny candle. Help, please! I thought those oils were to put on a lamp bulb ring...

    Me too, I hatttttttttttttttttte folding laundry!!!!!!!!! Bleahhhhh...

    How many days now? Till holiday? How come no count down clock or some such? ,-) I don't like to see such, in most blogs. Because I don't like the idea of 'advertising' that one is going away. But on base, I'd think your home should be secure.

    But then, who knows... Don't put up a count down clock! Now I'll worry if you do. Yish.... :-)


  14. i love your cactus on the window sil...

  15. Love this post Sandra ! A day in the life ... in photos. I'll have to put one of those together too ! I'll let you know when (if) :) I do !!


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