Friday, May 9, 2008

Prayer Request and a Lesson in Lemons!

Well ladies here is what is going on with the passport. After all this running around and the Home Affairs in South Africa telling my father to come in this Tuesday and pick up the passport to mail to me, it turns out that they took the passport, finished it and mailed it back to the South African Consulate in Los Angeles.

I called up the consulate yesterday morning and talked to the lady in charge of the passports, she was extremely understanding and sweet, according to the list of passports she has and the reference number given to me by the Home Affairs in South Africa, my passport is arriving on Monday morning. THIS coming Monday morning and then the consulate in Los Angeles overnights it to me.

I don't think I need to tell you how stressed out this whole thing is making me since we're leaving a the end of the week. If that passport doesn't arrive on Monday, I can't go home and it's not just a huge disappointment but it will be $6000 down the drain. I'm praying....hard. I'm begging and praying and hoping and pleading, I've put it in the Lords hands and I know that He's watching over this issue and He's going to make it happen for me. Of course prayer and lots of it helps, so this is where you, my faithful readers come in....I'm in desperate need of prayers, I need that passport to arrive in Los Angeles on Monday morning.

Some people will say that "not even prayer will help you", I say "Just sit back and WATCH the power of prayer in numbers".

Now for our lesson in lemons, I tell you, having that Lemon Tree out back has been one of the best things that base housing has ever had to offer us. We've spent countless times out there exploring, learning, watching and smelling the wonderful citrus emanating from it's flowers and fruit.

So yesterday while turning the sprinkler on, Nicholas and I noticed that the grass under the tree was littered with the tiniest of green lemons, I just couldn't bring myself to leave them there or to throw them out, so I picked up this small glass container and we filled it to the top. It sits on my windowsill as a decoration but also giving out that beautiful lemon scent.

I have to love my grass, because really it's mostly clovers or whatever LOL

But hey, it makes for a soft padding under your feet and who am I to complain right?

One of the tiny baby lemons Nicholas picked up, he wouldn't let it go, he kept saying "Awwwww, it's so little"

Here's another view of the tiny one.....

Little hands and Little Lemons, the perfect combination

Not until I saw this photo did I realize that I had a hung nail on my thumb....yeah laugh all you want but I'm sure if you didn't notice it before you're all squinting at the monitor now trying to see it. HAHA

We brought the little container inside and Nicholas wanted to cut open one of the lemons to see what they looked like inside. Tell me is that not the cutest little lemon ever? I mean look at the segments, so perfectly made.

God truly is an amazing being, when I see things like this it reminds me of how much attention and detail He put into everything that He created.

But now what to do with all those chopped up little lemon tops???? What to do? What to do?

Hand them over to the 5 year old who quickly arranged them as hats on the heads of his Funkey's. He said it was Christmas hats LOL Then told me very strictly that I was to take a picture of his creativity and post it on the blog to teach us a thing or two.....though the only lesson I learned is that when those things dry up and fall off, you will be stepping all over them and then cursing under your breath at the squishy mess left on the floor, because you know, it means mopping AGAIN. *snicker*

I wonder if I could make Little Lemonade from those LOL

Let me tell you, that beef stew I made in the crockpot yesterday was SO SO GOOD. Oh man, the kids loved it and asked for more too. If you're looking for a quick (well, relatively speaking since it's in the crockpot hahaha) stew recipe, this is it. Check out my Slow Cooking Thursday post yesterday for the recipe.

I think tonight's dinner is Homemade Pizza.

Curt has been working weird hours for the past month and a half....they're doing night flying. I know the other air force wives know exactly what I mean especially since it doesn't matter which part of the base you live on, you still have the loud thunderous jet engines screaming all night long.

But anyway, he's going in at 2:30pm and not getting home until 3:30 or 4:oo am. For lack of a nicer way to put it "It SUCKS". It really really really really sucks big time. We don't see him, we don't spend time with him and the kids miss their daddy. It puts a huge strain on the marriage too, we tend to get snippy with each other because of the situation, it's just the stress of it all.

I do know that I'm blessed enough to have him here with us where some military spouses are not. So for that I'm greatful and thankful and it gives me the strength that I need to put up with anything as long as he's home and safe.

I'm closing off this post sending out prayers for all of those in the path of the tornadoes. We have friends in Greensboro, North Carolina and I'm praying that they are safe today.

Before I leave I want you to go over to Adopt a Troop in Prayer. This wonderful website allows you to sign up and adopt a soldier to pray for daily, it's the least we can do for the troops overseas putting their lives at risk for us back home.

I already have a soldier that I'm praying for daily, but if you don't want to adopt one specifically you can also go to the Prayer Wall and leave a prayer for our troops.

Prayer for Those in the Armed Services

O God of Mercy, we beg You now to protect in a special way those who are fighting for us and for the country we love. Bless them and take care of them. If they are tired, give them strength. If they are wounded and suffering, give them comfort. If they are lonely, touch them with Your gentle hand and let them know that You are near them. Grant them strength, wisdom and help through Your power and Your limitless love. Amen.


  1. Will definitely keep you all in my thoughts and prayers! I agree with you, prayer does work miracles. Love the tiny little lemons. Have a wonderful Mother's Day and a great weekend.

  2. What a beautiful prayer.
    I look forward to hearing about your amazing trip ad I'm so happy you get to go. You have been gone from home too long.

  3. I will pray all weekend for that passport to arrive in a timely manner.

    Our boys just joined the Civil Air Patrol and are loving it. Maybe we have future Air Force men living in our house. :)

    I love the idea of praying for a soldier. We have a couple of cousins who have been to Iraq (Army) and one is currently there for his third tour.

  4. I can't imagine how stressful this situation is. I'll be praying!
    I love the little lemons- they are so cute and I love Nicholas' idea of using them as hats.

  5. oh man I would be stressing about the passport situation too! I'm really praying hard for you that it arrives on Mon and they overnight it to you!

    Man those lemons are TINY!

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  7. I love the little lemons - so cute. You know I'll be praying for the passport and the troops!

  8. Oh the stress of passport arrival ! When Rory and I got married in Colorado and then moved to Australia, my passport was the same ! Since I was coming on a spouse visa we had to wait til we were married to get the visa. I had it in my hot little hands a week before we were due to come here but they had printed it with my maiden name !! DUH !! So ... it had to go back. TO LA ! And the same thing ... overnighting it. It arrived the morning of the day we left to come here !! BUT ... IT DID ARRIVE !! I'm praying yours will too !!

    As for the little lemons. They are adorable !!! I love that photo of Nicholas holding the cut open one. Great composition !!

  9. I'll be praying for you & that passport.

    Those tiny lemons make me think of how babies grow! Perfectly formed from the very first...

  10. Finally! I got in to comment! Could not make your blog entries load, so I could comment. ????

    Luck with the passport arriving. -sigh-

    Happy Mother's Day!


  11. oh no.good luck with the passport arriving in time.I'm praying for you.I hope that you have a good weekend., glad to hear that the beef stew was so popular with the kids.. ;)

  12. Praying for your passport, hang in there!

  13. I will say a prayer for your passport to come on Monday and be sent to you. I agree, just watch the power of prayer.

    Those little lemons are adorable, but what to do with them, I don't really know. Christmas hats, great idea Nicholas.

    I think I will try this stew, with the bread it looks even yummier.

    Sorry to hear Curt has to work the crappy shift, sometimes my hubby does too so I know how that goes. Thank God he will be going on vacation soon.

    I will check out the adopt a troop in prayer link, sounds like a good thing to do.

    I'm thinking of you and your passport and I know it will come.

  14. I am praying for you over the passport deal. If it does not arrive on in LA on Monday, can you call your Congressman or US Senator's office and them to help you get a new passport issued and to you by Friday. Usually the Congressman's office can work wonders with those things.

    If it comes to this, I would pull use the wife of an Air Force husband card. You deserve some kind of reward for your sleepless nights among all the other sacrifices your family makes for our country.

  15. Sandra,I'll keep the troops in my prayers as I have for a long time.
    I hope that you have a Great mother's Day.
    Keep me in your prayers as is explained on my site.

  16. Dear Lord, someone named Sandra is praying and hoping and needing her passport to arrive on Monday. Dear Lord, please hear Sandra's prayer, and mine too, for the joy of family reunion in Africa that this passport will signify.

    Sandra, count on me to include the passport prayer in my prayers tonight, as I have been doing....

    The power of prayer, cannot be under-estimated.

    As for the lemons, they are the cutest, tiniest lemons I have ever seen. Lucky you to have that citrus in your very own backyard.

    I'm also praying that your husband's hours will ease up, and that total harmony and peace will reign again in your household.

    Best regards,

  17. Happy Mother's Day, Sandra. I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful day, and I'm also sending more *passport wishes* your way....


  18. I really hope your passport arrives! And they are the cutest lemons ever.:)

  19. just wanted to wish you a happy mother's day!

  20. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Arghhhh,I totally understand your stress; I am one who even though I know in my heart of hearts that God is in control I still worry when something is out of my control and really important to me.

    I will be praying, and you are so right the power of prayer is amazing because God loves His children.

    I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. 20For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. Matt 18:19-20

    Hugs and love

  21. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful. The stew certainly looks like comfort food to me. And aren't those lemons darling.
    LeAnn.... I'm sure the passport is in the mail!

  22. Oh, I am praying Sandra! I can understand you being stressed....$6000 is a lot of money and I know how much you want to see your family. Keep us updated! Those baby lemons are the sweetest things ever and I love what Nicholas did with them...very clever! Sorry to hear Curt is working long hours...hang in there!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  23. I like your saying about prayer in numbers! It always works! God likes to work in his time so you know that it is God, and no one else gets the credit! I hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day! I did. I got just what I asked for, and my family took me to eat at my favorite restaurant even though it is over an hour away!

  24. wow, its getting so close, i pray you get your passports..I know here in the news they were telling people that it takes a while to get them..
    I hope you get yours today Sandra, so you can go see your family..

  25. I just recently stumbled across your blog, and have enjoyed reading it. I am praying that you get your passport, and SOON! I am guessing you are from Africa? =)
    And those little lemons are just so cute!

  26. I'm praying too... confie no Senhor... Those lemons are the cutest thing! :-)


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