Friday, July 3, 2009

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Remember I told you I have quite a few reviews for you, well this one is right up my alley, there's nothing I love more than summer and summer accessories.

No one says you have to go out and be uncomfortable in the summer heat, if anything, you can look absolutely fabulous with a super cute hair accessory.

I was sent some HairZings to try out and the minute the package arrived, Jasmine tore into it and immediately begin playing around with the clips and trying out new styles.

Let me tell you about them first, if you want you could just go on over to HairZing and see for yourself.

Our company is founded on the belief that business and education are two great equalizers. When used correctly, they increase the quality of life for everyone they touch.

One of our goals is to bring business opportunities to women, especially in areas that have limited resources and support. The second goal is as to ensure that girls in these regions receive education.

You change the world one girl at a time….

HairZing is based on the principle of "stretch and contraction." It adapts to EVERY type of woman's hair -thick, thin, long, short, and curly. You have all the control necessary to set the holding power in motion. Just stretch the combs far apart to make the hold snug and firm. For a looser hold, don't stretch them as much.. HairZing is made by women for women…and you'll feel the difference that makes!

I tried it for myself, I have extremely thick hair and I struggle to find a clip that will hold it back, it's actually frustrating going through so many hair accessories and spending so much money only to find that it does nothing for me, OR, the worst, it breaks off in my hair leaving the little teeth behind LOL

HairZings actually held my hair in place and I could feel it snugly against my hair, I loved it and Jasmine did too. I can't wait to try out the different hairstyles and play around with them a little more. They're also pretty inexpensive and right now you can buy one and get one for free for just $9.95.


  1. I have a similar product and I love it! Like you, I have super thick hair and it's hard to find something that holds it back.

  2. Those are really pretty. Almost makes me want to grow my hair long.

  3. A friend of mine got one and she loves hers too!

  4. If only I had enough hair to get one!! They look very pretty

  5. Oh I need these. With long fine hair, it's hard to find anything that will hold it in place and these sound perfect!


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