Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today flew by and Menu Planning

I wish I could say I was in some really cool place doing some super neat activities or something, but I wasn't. I was at home, reading and watching tv and doing absolutely nothing, which might I add feels so good.

So how is everyone doing tonight? Anything interesting going on?


Come on in and sit with me a bit, we can have delicious Buttery Pound Cake and some coffee or tea, if you prefer.

I've been sitting here getting my menus planned for the next two weeks and the grocery list too, tomorrow is payday which means I need to run errands and buy groceries and all that other stuff that comes with running a household.

Now speaking of Menu Planning, I've talked about it before on my blog but I recently had an email asking me just how I do it, if I go by what is on sale or what I have available in the house or what. I thought I would answer that today.

I don't really go by what is on sale, maybe I should start doing that but the way I Menu Plan is for two weeks at a time.

I will sit down a day or two before payday and I'll draw up a Menu, I used to just do dinner but I've actually started adding in lunch and breakfast too, now mind you those two meals are simpler and easier than dinner.

For breakfast we usually have either pancakes or waffles, cinnamon toast or cereal or french toast sticks or whatnot. So when I plan the grocery list I just make sure to add in a couple of breakfast items and the same thing for lunch which is usually sandwiches, chicken nuggets, ramen noodles, leftovers, quesadillas etc.

Dinner is where I spend the most time on, I like trying out new recipes but they have to be quick, simple and not include any weird or gourmet items....personally I just don't like dealing with that, I prefer comfort food, trusted family recipes etc.

So I use my cookbooks and online recipe sites and old family favorites, I do use what I already have on hand and check the pantry and freezer etc while I make the menu so that I can use up what is available. I am not one of those that has a full pantry overflowing with all sorts of different things, I have the basics and what I need for the two weeks of groceries.

Menu Planning may not work for everyone but I've been doing it for over 11 years and just can't see getting by without, it cuts down on prep time because I look at the menu every night and pull out whatever is needed for the next night and also saves me the time I would take trying to figure out what to cook. Let's not forget the time and money saved when you know exactly what you need to buy and don't just go to the grocery store and throw a bunch of things in the cart.

I really could go on and on about Menu Planning but I think you get the idea.

Do you Menu Plan too?

Well I'm out, I need to finish this list and then get the kids ready for bed. Hope you're all having a great night!

God Bless!


  1. I sure do menu plan ! Every week ! It's a disaster if I don't. I am like you in that I like to try new meals. I do that OFTEN. But ... I like the fancy and out there ingredients. ha ha. I like new and interesting but also comfort foods as well !!

    Is that swing on your porch ???? If so, I'm on my way over !! :)

  2. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Hi Sandra! Yes, I usually do plan a menu every Monday. However, there are far too many weeks when I don't get to it. I much prefer when there is a menu, it makes life much easier :)

  3. I have fallen off the wagon in regards to meal planning.such is life.So good for you for planning every week.

  4. Yes. I definitely menu plan. I make things that will stretch for several meals, things that can serve more than one purpose. Like a chicken or a roast. Right now, there are so many things in the garden. We eat less meat now and can alot of our garden produce for winter. I do keep alot of staples in the pantry, like rice and pasta, flour and sugar, oatmeal and pancake mix and always have a spare can of coffee. We make jelly and syrup, tomato juice, home-canned vegetable soup. We even can chicken and roast beef.
    I clip coupons and check for sales to get the best bargains. They had shredded cheese for 99 cents a bag. I bought 10 and threw them in the freezer. Common sense and think ahead.......

  5. I menu plan. Occasionally it falls apart, but I'm pretty good at getting back into the routine when that happens. Without a menu plan meals turn into a last minute disaster. I usually buy meat at the beginning of the month (taking advantage of any offers) and freeze it, then I do a rough dinner plan for the month based on what meat I bought. Each week I pull that into a detailed breakfast / lunch / dinner plan, which allows me to tweak for anything that has cropped up on the calendar and to add in vegetarian alternatives for my veggie daughter.

  6. Hi Sandra! Not much going on here at the moment. I.m just checking in before I head off to work.
    Yes, I menu plan. I do 2 weeks at a time like you do, but plan breakfast and lunch only on the weekend. I would be in such trouble if I didn't plan!

  7. When my kids were at home, I had to live by menu planning or we would starve...it's just cost efficient no matte rhow you look at it.

  8. Yes- I menu plan. I actually do a month at a time- I have a calender on our family command center. I do that but only grocery shop for two weeks at a time. IF some of the things I know I need for the next two weeks is on sale, I buy them then so I can maybe save a little. I usually do see what kind of meat is on sale and then base menus off of that. And to further save money, we have breakfast for dinner once a week. That's usually Friday night and we have a picnic on the living room floor (blanket and all) and eat our cereal, eggs, whatever and chat about the week. :)

  9. I can't imagine not menu planning. My mom always did. Then when I met hubs and got to know his family I was appalled at how it would be four and they would make a run to the store to figure out dinner. I HATE the grocery store...can't imagine going every day...plus the amount of wasted money for conveniece items because it was already so late (like pre-chopped onions). Anyway -- I only do one week at a time because so much of what I use to cook with is fresh veggies and they don't tend to last 2 weeks.

  10. I'm a fickle menu planner. Sometimes I go on good streaks with doing it and then I don't do it for a long time. I need to find consistency with it. Where I get tripped up is on the weekends. When I planned for those meals there was always some kind of kabosh thrown into the plan. LOL.

  11. Hi Sandra. Not much going on here. I menu plan and I have to say, I'd be lost without it. Hope you're having a great day!

  12. I do menu plan but some weeks it's more formalized than others.

  13. Sandra,

    My menu planning occurs when I think I need to plan something tonight for dinner. I will look at what I have and then plan around that.

    It's because things always happen here and nothing is normal. I can't plan for anything. I always have to be ready for changes like hubby being out of town or the kids being at friends for the night.

    Planning just never worked out for me.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. MEnu planning is my goal - but I don't tend to do it consistently. I do know it saves SO MUCH MONEY if you work or lead super busy lives where you're not home all day. I am home more now - but worked full time for 3 years & I'm guessing much of MY income went for convenience food & restaurant food :(

  15. Yes, I do menu plan! I've been doing if for like 6 months or so! Boy, is it a lifesaver! :-)


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