Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pack your bags.......

I'm taking you on a trip, well, a virtual trip but nonetheless you still need to pack some things, like a drink and some snacks and maybe a notebook and a pencil to jot down some of these amazing places.

Who knows, maybe one day you'll get to go there in person. I certainly hope so, all I can do is dream right now.

So where are we going you may ask?

We're taking a little trip across the ocean. If you show you an aerial view, will that give you a clue?

Avebury circle and village from the air.

Oh yes, I am sure most of you who know me already guessed that we were heading to England. I'm nothing if predictable right? *snicker*

Anyway, I hope you're ready for a full day of travelling, we'll just go from village to village, town to town and explore along the way. I'm excited are you?

We're going to start heading east from Bristol, I don't know about you but I would rather see the small villages along the way than stay in a big city like Bristol.

Our trip takes us past Mangostfield which is a village in South Gloucestershire, England.

Mangotsfield Station
Mangotsfield - Flickr Image


Our first stop is at Littleton Drew, a village of 44 properties and 120 villagers. It dates from before the Norman Conquest, being known at that time simply as "Litle Tun" (little farm). From the 13th Century it became known as Littleton Dru, Walter Driwe Dreu having held the manor from about 1220.

Aren't those beautiful? I absolutely love old churches and graveyards, though many find that a bit weird of me, but what can I say?

Let's keep going we have plenty more to see. Coming up on our right is West Sevington.

Ahhhh here we are. I think we'll hang around here for a bit.

A quiet bridleway

This is the Manor House in Stanton St. Quintin

Manor House, Stanton St Quintin, Wiltshire

Main gate to Stourhead House - The Stourton family had lived in the Stourhead estate for 700 years when they sold it to Henry Hoare I, son of wealthy banker Sir Richard Hoare in 1717. The original manor house was demolished and a new house, one of the first of its kind, was designed by Colen Campbell and built by Nathaniel Ireson between 1720 and 1724.

Main gate to Stourhead House

I think I would be happy living around this area, it's just stunning.

"Where Sheep May Safely Graze"

As much as I enjoyed this little stop we really should get going, hop in, we're heading to Dauntsey.

Here is the Old Rectory

Another beautiful church

Did I tell you where exactly we're going? I didn't? Well, I'm taking you to Pendle Hill.

It will take us another 3 hours to get there since it's further up north, but with such beautiful scenery all around I think we'll have an enjoyable trip.


Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill is located in the north-east of Lancashire, England, near the towns of Burnley, Nelson, Colne, Clitheroe and Padiham. Its summit is 557 metres (1,827 ft) above mean sea level. It gives its name to the Borough of Pendle. It is an isolated hill, separated from the Pennines to the east and the Forest of Bowland to the northwest.

Pendle Hill  1

There is something magical about this place, I can't quite put into words just how stunning and surreal it looks.

sunset after the rain 1

Divided Wall 1

The story of the Pendle witch trials is the best known example of alleged witchcraft in English history. The hill continues to be associated with witchcraft and large numbers of visitors climb it every Hallowe'en.

Local magistrates, conducted ruthless witch-hunts in 1612 in the hope that they would find favour with King James who lived in fear of Catholic rebellion having survived the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. One of these hunts resulted in the arresting of Alizon Device in Pendle, Lancashire.

The crime she was accused of was setting a curse on a pedlar and paralysing him. She confessed, and incriminated two other women, named Demdike and Chattox.

The pendle circle

Pendle Hill and the stones

Moon over rimmington lane

I really could stay here forever couldn't you?

However, I think we've been travelling for quite a while and it's best to head on to the The Pendle Inn for the night. We can always explore more next weekend right?

Yes I think these accomodations will do just fine.

Well I'm off to get some rest, I hope you enjoyed this little trip with me, I'll keep going next Sunday and if you wish, I would love to have you along again :)

All Images from Flickr


  1. I have never visited any of those places and enjoyed being introduced to them :). My adoptive grandmother believed she was related to one of the "witches" of Pendle. One day I hope to do the research to find out if she was right.

  2. I would love to visit any of these places in real life. I love old churches - or old buildings. These photos were stunning!

  3. Hi Sandra,

    Thank you for taking me on a quick trip to England! I would love to visit England before I am too old to go. There are so many beautiful places to see and experience.

    Can't wait for the next trip!

  4. Sandra,

    Ah merry old England is it? I would simply love it if we could take it past virtual and perhaps make it a reality?

    I too, love old churches and graveyards. Something about being lost in time taken to another place with people whom I may never get the opportunity to meet. They are also so peaceful as well!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. oh how fun Sandra ! Thanks ! I needed to go on a trip !! ha ha.

  6. i would so love to visit england..i would love living in a little village...
    cant wait for next sunday to see where the journey takes us again..

  7. oh fascinating!!! I spent 10 days in England when we were stationed in Germany (we DROVE over via the ferry) - and had a BLAST. My favorite area is the Clotswolds - near Oxford. I didn't see any of these places you have shown - lovely!

  8. Hi! Sandra
    Not sure if you remember me, but a couple of years ago you knew me as Michelle from The Mother Load. I know, long time, but just had to find you and visit.
    Loved the trip to England - I so wish I could really go. One day!
    My in-laws lived in Scotland for a long time and always sent me the most fabulous photos from their very own backyard in Fyvie.

  9. I dont even feel like I have jet lag? Great trip!

  10. Oh my!!! How beautiful. How in the worl do you manage to find these things. You are a woman of many talents!

    I was born in england because my dad was on the air force. I'd love to visit. We moved before I was a year old.

    Italy is another place I'd like to visit

  11. Thank you for the TOUR! I sooooo want to go there! I've told my hubby if we ever go international I want to visit the UK for a couple of weeks! Sigh... This post just makes me so happy...

  12. Wow, these pictures are amazing. Gosh, I would love to visit a place so serene and picturesque like this.


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