Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I love Little House on the Prairie!

No, I'm serious, I really do love the Little House on the Prairie series and if anyone out there likes it as much, raise your hand.

I've recently started rewatching the series through Netflix, I mean yeah I've seen it before back when I was a young girl but so much of it I've forgotten about and I also think as I grew up tastes changed, shows changed, it was no longer *cool* to be one of the kids watching pioneers running around and baking bread from scratch.

I'll admit that for a while I didn't really think about it at all and then I got married and had kids and the past few years I've gotten a whole new respect for the show and what it portrays.

But anyway, I don't think I need to tell you anymore, I'm sure we're all aware of Laura Ingalls and Ma and Pa and all the adventures in the tv series.

I think what I love the most is that with each episode I'm watching, and mind you I'm only on the second disc of Season 2, there is always something to smile about, always a lesson to be learned and I find myself jotting down little notes as I watch. Nevermind that my kids think I'm completely insane for doing this *snicker*

Like the episode where Charles looses his job and the family pulls together to make ends meet and to pay the bill at the Olson's.

I sat there watching and thinking about how many times we've run out of this or that at home and my first reaction was to complain and whine and go on about "what am I going to do? We're out of tea.".....or "we're out of sugar, this is bad".

Now I have to laugh because as frustrating as it is to run out of something, it all comes down to the way you deal with it.

The Ingalls sat at the kitchen table about to eat some berries and Pa asked for sugar to which Ma told him that they were out, they were also out of coffee and tea and tabacco but instead of crying about it, they laughed, they sat at the table eating their berries with a smile on their faces and determined to not let it get to them.

It's that sense of family that I think should be shown on TV more. Look I admit I like all sorts of shows, all different genres and I can watch a comedy movie followed by a drama and then a horror. I just think that lately we're missing the good wholesome shows, I'm sure plenty out there may disagree with me, but personally I would rather my kids watch shows like Little House on the Prairie than some of the other stuff available on the channels.

But enough about that, here's some fun stuff for you, in case you know, you ever wondered what to do in Walnut Grove.
About Walnut Grove:

Walnut Grove was founded in 1840 by Lars Hanson. It was going to be called Hansonville, but he changed his mind because it was made by the whole town, not one person. Lars Hanson, Lem McCary, Jess Moffet, George Madox, Les Sutherland and his wife Maddy, all built the town. The town was named by Jess Moffet after the group of walnut trees on the hill. The name was briefly changed to Olesonville. The population of Walnut Grove is 127 people. It is nearby to Mankato, Sleepy Eye, Springfield, and Rochester.
Where to Stay:

Your best choice is to stay with the friends or relatives you are visiting here in Walnut Grove. But there are accomodations available at the Mae Flannery or the Wilder Boarding House. Nellie's Restaurant and Inn may also be open at the time of your visit.

Where to Eat:

Walnut Grove offers a variety of eateries for your dining pleasure. Check the date of your visit, as new restaurants are opening, and others are closing.

Nellie's Restaurant & Inn
Mrs. Sullivan's Kitchen
Oleson's Restaurant
Caroline's Restaurant
Where to Shop:

The Oleson's Mercantile has a wide variety of goods, including fabric, stoves, dry goods. Come by for a look!

Visit Ebenezer Sprague or Bill Anderson at Walnut Grove's Bank for all your banking needs.

Legal Services:

Adam Kendall is Walnut Grove's lawyer.

Religious Services:

Church is held in the white building at the end of Main Street, which also doubles as the schoolhouse. Services are held every Sunday morning, by Revered Robert Alden.

If your visit is permanent, we suggest enrolling your children in Walnut Grove's one-room school house, with their wonderful teachers.

Miss Eva Beadle; Mrs. Eva Simms
Mrs. Caroline Ingalls
Mrs. Harriet Oleson
Mr. Hannibal Applewood
Mrs. Alice Garvey
Miss Laura Ingalls; Mrs. Laura Wilder
Miss Eliza Jane Wilder
Miss Elliot
Miss Etta Plum
The subjects studied include history, spelling, grammar, math, french, art appreciation, reading, crafts, current events, government, and geography.


Just reading the above makes me smile. I hope it does the same for you.

I'm off to finish dinner, I'm making Chicken Soup as I have a kid with a runny tummy for the past 4 days, doesn't help that behind my back she's been eating chocolate and drinking orange juice, I mean really? LOL

We gotta keep our eyes on these kids every second of the day.

Have a wonderful night everyone and come back tomorrow for Slow Cooking Thursday, I'll be sharing my Green Chili Stew. Yum!


  1. I LOVE Little House on the Prairie. We have several of the season dvd sets and this summer when we camp, I am re-reading the first four books.

    I am picking up on things I never picked up on before.

    Last fall, each nite before bed I would read a few pages out of one of their books to the kids...well then life got busy and I stopped reading to them. I hope to start up that tradition again this fall.

    Thanks for the great post!

  2. I love LHOTP, too - I haven't seen that show in years. I'm relatively certain I'd have a mutiny on my hands if I told my boys we were going to watch

  3. I love it too. I was named after one of the twins that played Carrie - but for when she was in a movie called Sunshine.

  4. I love the series too & remember watching it with my family growing up. I read The Long Winter last winter I loved it! They were great wholesome shows & your right, they have good lessons in them.

  5. I'm a major fan of Little House, and my kids love it too (even the boys :-)) The later seasons are not nearly as good as the older ones.

  6. I love Little House too. I think I want to live there~!

  7. Hi Sandra!

    Loved today's post b/c I too am a fan of Little House (both the series and the books). In fact, one of the reasons that I haven't been by to visit your blog in a while is b/c I have been on vacation with my family.

    We traveled from KS to Tampa, Florida and back logging over 3000 miles on the minivan and spending lots of quality time together. After seeing the Ringling Brothers Circus Museum and Mansion, the Florida Aquarium, the Space Shuttle launch live, our absolute favorite thing to do (a mere 100 miles from home) was our very last pit stop...The Laura Ingalls Wilder home in Mansfield, MO.

    Mansfield is located near Springfield, MO in the southwest corner of the state. Laura and Almanzo settled there in the 1900s. (I think in the 1920s). We did the tour of their home; everything was very tiny. Laura was only 4'11" and Almanzo 5'4"!!! In the museum portion, they actually have Pa's fiddle, Laura was the keeper of the fiddle, loaned it to the home/museum in DeSmet,SD, but it has since been returned to Mansfield.

    The Mansfield home is where Laura wrote all of the Little House books. They have her writing desks and typewriters on display!

    If you ever get to the Midwest and find yourself in MO, it is a must-see!

    Sorry this was so long! Have a great evening,

    P.S. I will let you know when I post about our Little House stop when I get back to regular blogging!

  8. I love Little House too. It's a wonderful show. Your post just made me smile ~ Thanks! Hope your dtr feels better soon.

  9. We too love Little House! All 4 of us! Costco began selling the DVD sets and we bought every one of them. The girls watch an episode every night!

    We found. Few books at the library about Laura Ingalls that were so interesting! Of course the girls were like "the TV ones don't look anything like the real ones"!

  10. I absolutely 100% LOVE this show!!! I still watch reruns! I loved this post!!! thanks so much Sandra! :)

  11. I too am a Little House fan. I love love love the Walton's more though. I have to laugh at your comment about running out of things, because the other day I was watching my DVD series of the Walton's and I told Hubby that I was thinking as I pulled out our last bag of sugar off the pantry shelf...what did "Livie (Olivia) do when Ike was out of sugar at the general store or it was on ration. Well, they used back strap molasses (if available) or did without. I find myself thinking to the ideals they share when I do my home keeping and think that in some ways that they had the right idea on family values and cooking, etc.

    ~Mrs. M

  12. Little House is one of my all-time favorites!!! And my 6-year-old LOVES it too! We're in the process of reading the books as well; right now we're reading "By The Shores of Silver Lake."

  13. I love it too, Sandra! As a young girl, I never missed an episode! I would wait for it to come on! I've always loved their sense of family and simple way of life! I'm enjoying reading the series aloud with my daughter now as I did with my son and we have Little House days with another family and do some of the things we read about in the books. Thanks for this post....loved it!


  14. I am with you on the love of Little House !! I loved this post ... it was fun to read !!

  15. I too love little house....we may be going up to the ingalls place in Missouri in September to tour the home they retired in. i will let you know if we go.

  16. ::::RAISING HAND::::: I love LHOTP! I am so glad I grew up with some shows like that with wholesome families, life lessons, and strong faith thrown into the moral the story, peppered with humor. :) I did get to visit the Wilder House in Marshfield MO this year - in April - so awesome to think they really lived about 1 1/2 hours from where I live right now :) PIcs are on my blog - somewhere in the April archives.

  17. MANSFIELD, not Marshfield - that's where the Wilder House is, sorry! Although Marshfield is a town near by - sort of - too! :)

  18. I LOVE Little House too!! I grew up watching it every week. It was one of those shows that the whole family would gather and watch. I remember my sister and I laughing every time Laura fell down the hill at the opening of the show. What memories!!

  19. Raising my hand here. We are big fans of Little house on the Prairie!

    We have the 9 season DVD set and thoroughly enjoy it!

    In fact, a few years ago when my daughter was in the hospital, we took in our DVD's and she preferred watching those over the cable t.v. stations she had to choose from. :-)

  20. i love little house..been watching it since it came to tv land..
    have a great day sandra..

  21. We are lucky enough to live within driving distance to DeSmet, SD and Walnut Grove, MN...both are filled with fun and history of LHOTP. My kids love it and so do I!

  22. I love Little House. I was thinking about either buying the set or renting and watching them in order from beginning to end. You're right, I think it's the sense of family and hope that things will work out even when the hard times where there that draws me to the show. Way better tv viewing than watching kids mouth off their parents and show attitude left and right which seems to be the fare that is dished up to us nowawdays in "family viewing" shows.

  23. I also enjoy Little House. I just posted about it on Tuesday. How funny! It is a simple pleasure of mine to watch it from 4-5 on Hallmark while I am preparing dinner.

  24. My hand is raised - I've seen ever episode at least 6 times!

  25. I absolutely love Little House on the Prairie. I am looking forward to reading the books to my granddaughter this fall. I have also been watching for a good buy on the complete video set of the tv shows. Can't beat it for being wholesome and family friendly! Have a blessed day!

  26. I love little house so much. Come and visit my blog about little house books and tv series too! I will apperciate that you comment on my blog.
    I absolutely love Ingalls sisters. They are so cute.
    I hope you enjoy read my blog about little house. :)

  27. I'm raising my hand as high as I can!:D I love it I love it I love it! I'm actually watching the show right now, the episode where Laura gets her first teaching job, and Almanzo realize he loves her<3
    Oh it's such a wonderful show!

  28. Great post. I didn't even know the tv series existed until I was married. Sheltered life and 3 tv channels while growing up.....I started watching it every day on my lunch break and was so excited to tell my husband when he came home from work one day....DID YOU KNOW LHOTP was on EVERY DAY!!!! Duh, ya....I didn't know how sheltered I was until that very moment. Ha! I wonder if it's on netflix in Canada??

  29. I am addicted to Little house and thats saying it lightly! The way they lived...the morals they taught...the way they loved each other and their neighbors. I have the whole series and watch it everyday. I wish i could live in such a place some day. Its a shame they had to blow the place up at the end. I would have gone there to sight see a long time ago ! Or tried to move in lol... What a wonderful series. TV is garbage today compared to shows like Litle house. So many people stil love it so much. If they recreated Little house it wouldnt be the same ofcourse but wow talk about ratings ~! Makes ya wonder why they havent done it yet !


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