Monday, August 3, 2009

Coming up to breathe......

I've been busy and running around and sorta kinda crazy lately.

See school starts on my birthday, August 10th, my kids seem to think it's a great thing because they want to come home to some birthday cake, me on the other hand, I'm a little sad, I wanted them home with ME. Oh well, can't always have what we want right?

So I've been a little MIA, if you've noticed, maybe you haven't and now that I'm mentioning it you're probably sitting there thinking "oh well, she was gone?" LOL

There's a lot going on, from the hustle of getting everything ready for back to school, which includes shopping for endless supplies and buying new clothes and backpacks and shoes and hair accessories and whatnot.

It's by far, my least favorite time of the year, just trying to get through the school aisles at any store is enough to make the most patient person on earth, cringe. But that's a whole other post.

After spending the whole day gone yesterday for errands and groceries, school stuff and car parts to finally get my Durango was spent at home, doing......well......let me show you.


Car trying to change out the water pump which let me tell you, is very fascinating, at least for me, I got right in there with my hubby and got my hands dirty and handed him tools and peeked here and there, and asked questions, oh many questions.


Thankfully I have a wonderful patient hubby who actually gets a kick out of having me all up in his business, bugging and asking stuff and sticking my hands in that grease.


See, I have to tell you how wonderful he is because he's sick, he's got the summer cold we had and he was feeling miserable but he still went out there and worked on my car for 5 hours.


I don't know if he was concentrating or praying at this point, he was having the hardest time getting some of the bolts and nuts to come loose.


We may have at some point gotten a wrench stuck in the neighbors thingamagig *snort*

I know that sounds dirty, but I don't know the name, it's this really long metal thing that you use to help you with the torque, you know....(just pretend you know what I'm talking about).

Took us a while to get the wrench loose, we pulled and prodded and laughed until our sides hurt and still ended up messing the thing up, I'm sure we'll have to buy him a new one LOL

All this time the kids were in and out of the house, playing outside and then going back inside and at one point they went in and were gone for a while, so I cleaned my hands up as best I could and came in to see what the deal was and was met with this............


"We decided to beat each other up" was their answer. I honestly thought it was real at first and got a little freaked out, then they started laughing and I just had to take some pictures. LOL


I have children with a very vivid imagination and sometimes it just cracks me up to see the things they come up with.



I cleaned them up, made them popcorn and got them all snugly in front of the tv watching a movie, then went outside to let hubby know that I was done for the day, I even acted like I had done a lot LOL

I found him around the driveway at the gate to the backyard, having a little chat with Lola.


And that was it, that was our Sunday.

I would love at this point to say that my car is fixed, but it's not, we got everything loose but we were too darn tired to even begin install the new water pump.

It will get done sometime this week or next weekend before hubby has to leave on a short little deployment.

I joked with him and said, it's no rush fixing the car, the minute he leaves to go anywhere it will just break again Hahahahahah

Anyway, I better skidaddle on off to bed, I have to get my body used to getting up early again, it's going to take me longer than a week that's for sure.

Have a great night everyone, I'll see you bright and early for the Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. You are blessed to have a hubby who can fix cars!
    I love the pictures of the kids! What great imaginations they have.

  2. Sandra I LOVED those pictures of the kids!!!!!! OH SO FUNNY!!!!!! My husband can do just about anything when he puts his mind to it. I love watching him do stuff, when he is working on something. Its so "manly" & I'm drawn to it...watching him. Of course I will help him but there is just something about a working man!!! lol

  3. That is my son's birthday too:)He will be 12,how old will you be?Come on,I won't tell:)ROFL J/K Have a GREAT day on the 10th!

  4. Great Pictures!

  5. What a blessing to have your hubby work on your car! Your kids are adorable and very creative. Great pictures!

  6. How fun and creative that was for your children to think up that prank! Just glad they didn't use permanent marker. LOL

  7. Sandra,

    I love your kids creative spirit! I mean honestly very life like indeed! I know it would have made me think twice.

    Love that you are out there arms deep in grease with the hubby, sometimes I think they simply enjoy the company of knowing they aren't out there all alone.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. Beloved is a mechanic and he always prays when he's working on a car. Something along the lines of, "Lord, what do I do with this mess now?"
    I stay far, far away. :)

    Hope the deployment is super short!

  9. My hubby has a 67 mustang and he always has to replace things on it. But he loves it!
    Sounds like y'all had a great Sunday.


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