Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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Well hello there....

It's been how long now since I've gotten down to actual posting without relying on a meme? *snicker*

Life has been C.R.A.Z.Y. Crazy and busy and sometimes a little weird but nevertheless, crazy and GOOD. You know it's something when you can look at the chaos around you and smile and still have that "I wouldn't want to be anywhere but here" thought.

So what have you all been up to? Have you forgotten me? Moved or started a new job, maybe had another baby or two while I was gone?

I want so badly to come and catch up with everyone but I doubt I have the time to sit through the hundreds and I mean HUNDREDS of posts that are looming on my Google Reader, just beckoning me, it's like the bad guy in a scary movie standing in the car inviting you to go and join him and you KNOW that if you do you'll never come back *snort*

So let's see what is going on here?

Well, school is well under way and I'm still having some issues with Mr Nicholas, today was a little better but yeah, we're still dealing with the morning "do I have to go to school?" dilemma.

Topping all this off is the fact that everyone around here seems to be sick right now, walking the kids to their classrooms you're surrounded by sniffles and coughs and it breaks my heart but it also makes me wish my kids lived in bubbles made of disinfectant LOL

School just started and yesterday, guess what? I had both kids home with low grade fevers, sore throats, congested noses and a bit of a cough. Today they went back to school, no fevers, but still not feeling that great.

I can't just keep them home if they're not running fevers and I also don't want them to start missing so much school already, not that it even matters, because the school themselves don't want any kids there that are sick. Seems the whole H1N1 Flu is still a big panic over here.

Anyway, let me show you some recent photos of the kids, my family is begging to see some since it seems like forever that I've posted any.

Oh you know what? Funny story, when I went to take the pictures, my camera had a little hiccup. Poor thing hasn't been used in a while either and I guess she forgot what her job was, I told it to take a picture and it just sat there with a blank look on it's LCD, then 5 minutes later it snapped the photo.....AFTER I had pointed it at the ceiling LOL

Last week my little one lost two teeth in one day, he was beside himself with joy, even more so when the Tooth Fairy left him $5 for his second tooth. Really....where was this generous fairy when we were growing up?

Let me think, what else? Oh the school.....the school *she says under her breath*.

There are a few things that are frustrating us so badly, one of them being the fact that the kids have 15 minutes to eat. Yes, from the moment they step into the cafeteria to the time they leave for recess they have 15 MINUTES to eat....without taking into account waiting in line to get their lunches.

A couple of us moms started noticing that our kids were coming home starving and when we do send in cold lunches, they are returned pretty much the way we sent them off, with maybe a bite or two of the sandwich. Kids have all been complaining that they don't have time to eat and that the teachers are constantly yelling at them to hurry up.

Please tell me I'm not the only one thinking this is unacceptable? I mean, honestly, come ON!

I've decided to go sit through one of the kid's lunches and see exactly what is going on and I promise you my children will eat everything they want to and no one is going to yell at them to hurry up.

Anyway, so there you have it, my life in a nutshell.....as you can see I'm still the same old babbling fool, talking way too much and jumping from subject to subject. *snicker*

Well it's time to get on out of here, I have some sick little ones waiting for mommy to slather on the vicks on the feet and backs/chests and then tuck them into bed for the night.

I hope you're all having a wonderful evening, I won't make a promise that I'll around to all the blogs tonight, but I will try to visit as many as I can.

God Bless,


  1. Oh, how I remember all the things about school when mine were young. Do you know that my "baby" will be 20 next month? No more teenagers :(

    But, that's a good thing, too. You do want them to grow and become independent...just not too quickly :)

    You're a good mom, Sandra. I always thought visiting school was so interesting...enjoy your lunch together!


  2. Definitely haven't forgotten you!

  3. Sandra I am SO with you on several things on this post I was sitting here nodding along as I read! I too have been relying on memes a lot when blogging ;-) Also the amount of time to eat lunch at school and then head to recess is awful..one of my sons when to a charter school that did recess and THEN lunch and it was night and day in behavior and nutrition that got into him how focused he was for afternoon learning..I def see a difference him now havin lunch 1st and then recess..

  4. Our school only provides the opportunity to buy lunch one day a week so the rest of the time the kids have to bring their own. In our Primary classes the kids eat under the supervision of their class teacher. The older classes have 10 minutes inside and then can finish their lunch outside. The Prep/1 class (with whom I work the most) eat outside at specially made tables and they're required to stay there until they're done eating. It can take up to 20+ minutes for some kids. Otherwise, they'd all run off to play and then wonder why they're hungry when it's time to come into class again.

  5. Anonymous6:01 AM

    I'm with you on the lunch deal. I went to my daughter's school to eat lunch with her on her birthday only to discover they get 20 minutes to eat lunch and no talking is allowed. These are first graders and you're telling them after sitting in a classroom all morning they can't even talk to their friends at their table?!?! Hopefully your son will get better with school. It must be a boy thing because I've never had a problem getting my daughter up and ready - only my son!

  6. I have not been able to blog at all recently. We have been so busy with different things. Every weekend in August was full of something. We had a wedding last week and this weekend we are going camping...in a camper! I've also been busy with the lawyer representing my sister. So hopefully now that September is upon us I'll be able to blog a bit more! I've been making so many cards that I have a ton of pictures to put up. Have a great day!

  7. go get'em sandra! make sure your babies get a chance to eat their lunch ;) praying they are on the mend and feel 100% soon.

  8. Good to hear from you ... I've missed our "chats" :) I haven't had a baby or two YET since you've been gone ... but I'm a few weeks CLOSER :)
    Sorry to hear your school woes - as always, it bothers me because school should be a place where children LOVE (or at least LIKE) to go ... and as for a 15 minute lunch - that's ridiculous!!! :( The kids have so little time to do the "fun" things like lunch & recess, they need to enjoy it. I think it helps them later in the classroom. Praying you'll find out what the deal is there!

  9. Hi Sandra,
    I hope your little ones get to feeling better really soon. Cute pictures of them too.

    I am with you on the 15 minutes to eat. That is pure crazy!

    Take care.
    Hugs and Blessings,

  10. How do they expect kids to focus and learn in the afternoon if they don't even give them time to eat a proper lunch?

    I don't think you're the only one who is posting sporadically and relying on memes. I think it's just the nature of everybody's lives this summer.

  11. So good to see a post on my reader. I hope things settle down soon for you and the family.

  12. Sandra,

    I completely agree with you that the quality of our education for our children seems to be heading downhill at lightning speed. 15 minutes for lunch???

    Perhaps you can rally some other parents and get a meeting with the board if the school won't make the changes allowed.

    Now they want our kids to do more, manage more classes, have more homework to complete and buy all of our own supplies. This has got to stop and parents need to speak up!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. I hope everyone feels better soon. The lunch thing is ridiculous. Children need a little unwind time during that day too. Take care...

  14. 15 min sounds outrageous to me..Kids are slow and such, they need more time..
    HOpe they are feeling much better today Sandra..
    take care,

  15. Sorry the kids are sick again, I am dreading starting our preschool group with Little One this year for this reason.

  16. Sandra

    Good for you going to the school to find out what is going on! When I was teaching there were kids that did not finish in the "allowed" amount of time in the lunchroom. CRAZY short lunch times! I would let them finish on the playground. Kids need to fuel up!


  17. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Have you ever looked into homeschooling them?

  18. Hope your little ones feel better soon!

  19. I agree that the lunch time is short. Must be limited space and time. If extra lunch time is not an option perhaps a mid day snack or something. I liked that my kids could be sent to school everyday with a healthy snack for the am time, which mine do need because they eat so early to get to school on time.

  20. Welcome back!

    I still wonder which district you are in. We face similar issues, and I'm just down the road from you! :)

    I'm still pregnant! 19 weeks and counting. :) We did find out it's a boy. Hooray!!


  21. I myself have been very sporadic due to my lack of internet at home. When I actually am able to get online I'm trying to get other things done!

    I haven't visited near as much as I'd like or posted as I normally would. Life has been busy as well, and that keeps me from posting.

    I haven't forgotten you...though I can understand that when we're absent sometime it seems people forget us (C:

    Have a great week.

  22. So I guess your kids are "SICK" of school already!! That is terrible. 15 minutes for lunch is not acceptable!!! There are all kinds of reasons that this is not acceptable...it is not healthy and that is the biggest reason there. I think going to the school & seeing for yourself is VERY SMART!! Sandra....do keep us posted on this. Hope the kids feel better & that you dont get it.

  23. Hi Sandra, have been reading your blog thru most of the summer... and now its over... Hey the same thing kids need time to eat their lunches without being yelled at by the noon hour supervisors, thats not good, and I hope you get that straightened around right quick.. I start back to work on Sept 8 here.. as do the kids all start school... hope you are well and happy.. ttyl

  24. Since school is just going to start up here, I am just getting back into blogging. Nice to visit with you again!


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