Saturday, August 8, 2009

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Summer BBQ!

Summer is quickly coming to an end so why not enjoy the last few weeks of it with a great BBQ.

Summer BBQ.

The summer sun is shining, the kids are out of school, and from a distance you can smell the familiar scent of charcoal burning. It’s time to turn down the AC, get up off your mattresses, and start planning your summer BBQ. The perfect summer BBQ must have three key components: great food, great decor and great games! Here is some helpful hints, sure to make your next summer BBQ the highlight of the summer.

Great Food:
When conceptualizing your menu, variety is key. Many people think that meat on the grill is all you need for a good BBQ. Not so, today’s crowd is bound to have at least one vegetarian or perhaps someone who does not enjoy traditional BBQ foods. This doesn’t mean that you have to scrap the great tradition of BBQ meats, just make sure that you supply a few options for you herbivore friends. Potato salad, coleslaw and pasta salad are all great vegetarian options to consider. Why not throw on some delicious portabella mushrooms on the grill while your at it? Here is a great recipe for a vegetarian based potato salad.

Great Décor:
People often assume that their BBQ needs to a theme in order to be successful. Although themed parties are often fun, a summer BBQ does not require the detailed planning that most may think. Simple items can give your patio or backyard all the character and fun you need. The placements of traditional red and white checkered table cloths are perfect for an outdoor party. Accent your tables with fun center pieces! For instance, a traditional watering can used as a vase to hold sunflowers. Check out this great idea!

Great Games:
Traditional backyard games such as horseshoes, volleyball, and badminton and lawn bocce are staples of a good summer party. Such games, however, require a large backyard. If you don’t have the space, why not consider something like Cornhole! Similar to horseshoes, this fun game uses bean bags and a platform with a hole in it. The aim is to land your bean bag as close to or directly in, the hole in order to score points. The soft nature of the bean bags makes this a perfect game for kids to play, and the best part is that you can easily build all the elements of the game yourself. Check out the American Cornhole Association for more detailed rules.
Enjoy your summer!


  1. Sandra,

    These are great tips not only for hosting a Bar B Que but attending one as well. You are often asked to bring something, but no one says what specifically, these are some great things to consider when deciding what to bring.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. I think I'd love to attend an American BBQ, just to see how different it is! Here, it is quite a relaxed meal in many ways.

    We often do a BBQ over summer even without guests. Meat, 2 salads and cubed spuds on the hot plate and we've got a meal. For guests, I'd add homemade dinner rolls, another type of meat, sausages for children and dessert.

  3. You are right! I need to break out my BBQ and get grillin! I have not doen it in a few weeks! Last time we did, I made Chicken skewers with pineapple, and Red Bell peppers with teriyaki sauce. It came out excellent! Okay I am off to go start the BBQ, thanks for the remembral! LOL

    Keep the Faith!

  4. Hi, Sandra! Pls stop by my blog for an award!

  5. I'm just wondering, my dear Sandra, living in such a hot place as you do...when does summer end? We all know when the official first day of fall is, but that's probably meaningless if it never cools down. Here in Maine, the evenings are already cool...had to shut the windows tonight, it was actually too cool. That's when WE know the summer is ending...but YOU still have plenty of summer! No?

  6. Well Danny is grilling steaks this evening but the rest of the outdoor activities are moved INSIDE! It is sooo hot here I can hardly stand it! Please pass the tater salad!!

  7. Even though it was hot and humid today, with thunderstorms tonight, I still could go for a good barbeque! Have a great week.


  8. Good morning Sandra. I have an award for you at my blog.

  9. Summer is coming to an end. I have so missed all my dear blogging friends as I gave up blogging for the summer to work on my big redecorating project but I think I am at a place where I can at least start visiting again. I have to say your blog is one I especially missed. My Grandson has just deployed to Afghanistan and I sent him your list of things that military might like to get so I can get busy on a care package for him. This is so hard on my Gramma heart but I know you will understand. I hope you and your family had a wonderful summer and like me are looking forward to Autumn.

    The Raggedy Girl

  10. BBQs are fun anytime of the year. It's like a light version of gathering around a campfire for a meal, combined with a party. Aside from the good food, you get blessed with fun, lively company!


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