Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Short Hiatus!

Gonna take a tiny, teeny little short hiatus from the blog.....I mean nothing big, just until next week Monday.

There won't be a Slow Cooking Thursday post up tomorrow either, last week there were only 5 links added and only 7 comments, so I figure no one will miss it for just one week.

I will be back in a few days with a new blog look and things to talk about.

God Bless,


  1. You mean Monday week? Sorry there must be a cultural difference there. Have fun with your new look.

  2. Enjoy your hiatus !

  3. Elizabeth11:25 AM

    Enjoy! See you when you get back.

    Elizabeth in Mississippi

  4. looking forward to next week.

  5. Sandra,

    Enjoy your mini hiatus and take this time to recharge your batteries. We will all be here when you get back.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Have fun! I can hardly wait to see what you'll share with us. :)

  7. Enjoy your much needed break! :)

  8. Hello Sandrabr,

    I have decided to make my blog private to protect my family's privacy. Please visit this link to know more about what that means -

    By doing so no one will be allowed to go to my blog and see it right away.

    You may only be granted access to my blog if I go into my settings and send you an invitation. You may also go to my blog URL and request to see it. I will then get an email and either approve or deny your request.
    If you would like to continue reading my blog and I hope you do, you may send me a message and put your email in the text of the message. I will then send you an invite to view my blog. Or you can just go straight to my blog and request access.

    This is all new to me and I am just figuring out how to do this so if I don't grant you access I probably just messed something up so be sure to message me again!

    I hope all this wasn't too confusing and I do hope that all of you will contact me.

    I don't want to lose my loyal readers I just have some folks that I would rather not have access to the details of my life. I am sure you understand! :D

    God Bless!


  9. Have a great weekend. I know I've been swamped lately and a break sounds soooooooooo good, but no time, so take one for us both :)

  10. Enjoy your break! I think the shorter summer this year has really had many running around crazy, and with way less time at doing the things they love. I know I haven't been able to blog, near like i'd like to. I'll get back with SCT really soon. Maybe next week! Hope your break is enjoyed!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  11. Have a nice break, I just took a 2 month break. I didn't mean it to be that long but go so busy with life and my T2. So I am back and will be reading and commenting my heart away again.

  12. I'll miss you Sandra....but hope you enjoy your break. Have a great weekend.


  13. enjoy your time away lady!
    we'll still be here!

  14. Can't wait to see the new look. I don't always get to comment, but I am always coming over here to check out your posts.

  15. Hello Sandra!

    Love the new look!

    Have a great Monday!

  16. I think the end of summer and the beginning of school have slowed things down some. See you soon! I would love to invite you to join me for Crock Pot Wednesday at Please come check it out. Thanks so much for posting.


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