Monday, October 26, 2009

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Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!


At this point you probably thinking I'm talking about the body exercise, aerobics or something else....but, I'm actually talking about the Military Exercise kind, the one that wakes you up at 5 am with this loud male OR female voice over the base speakers "EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE".

It's annoying to say the least but I always have to laugh too, I mean it's kinda sorta ridiculous LOL

Anyway, there's an exercise going on right now which means 100% ID check, no matter where you go, if you walk into the BX, the shoppette, the commissary, come in the gate or just walk to the loo, you're bound to have someone standing there waiting for your ID.

Oh well, what can we do?

So let me tell you what's been going on here, I know I said I would blog more and them BAM we all got sick and then last week I had Parent/Teacher Conferences and just a lot of things going on.

I'm proud to say that our Jasmine made the Principal's Honor Roll, how awesome is that? WE are so happy and so extremely proud of her, she works very hard and it shows when she brings home those report cards full of nothing but A's.

Little Nicholas is doing extremely well too, he also brings home straight A's and his First Grade teacher wants to start giving him harder work because she feels he's getting bored with what the rest of the class is doing.

You know it makes me smile and it also makes me glad my children are not like me in that sense. No you can laugh but honestly, I wasn't the straight A kinda student and my parents can vouch for that LOL I passed and never failed but there were hardly ever A's and sometimes hardly B's LOL

I think though that I'm blessed in the way I was raised because as long as we did our best and showed that we were applying ourselves to our school work, my stepmom and dad NEVER forced us to bring home just A's, or threaten or bribe.

I've done the same with our kids and I don't push them to get A's, just be the best they can be and to try their hardest in their school work, thankfully they're both very intelligent.

Oh boy, I sound like a one of those gooey moms LOL

Anyway, we got some Halloween decorating done around here and carved our pumpkins this weekend, I didn't get pictures though, by the time I remembered, I was elbow deep in pumpkin guts, not exactly the best time to grab the camera.


Hubby is working day shift this week which I absolutely love. He's been a great help to me, he takes the kids to work in the mornings and I just pick them up in the afternoon.

It might not sound like much but just the fact that I can take my time in the morning and not feel so rushed even if for just one week, is a blessing.

I wish I could stay and chat more but I need to get dinner started and my last load of laundry put away. A woman's work is never done is it?

Hope you're all having a wonderful Monday!


  1. I think that exercise thing is just crazy!
    I do understand what you are saying about having Curt work days. The chance to relax a little in the morning is wonderful!
    Congrats on raising such wonderful kids!

  2. oh the memories you bring back of my 3 years of living on an Army post ... we moved on about October 2001 (right after 9/11). I had to really pick my timing to get in the gate because with 100% id check & guards using mirrors to look UNDER vehicles and all that ... well, sometimes it would take FOREVER - oh, and random vehicle checks - lovely!! Get out your insurance, registration, etc.
    In any case, glad the kids are doing well in school :) and I love the pumpkin pic!!

  3. Sandra, what a lovely, upbeat post! And the bit about the exercises was just too funny! I needed to read something light and cheerful, so THANK YOU!!

  4. Anonymous9:44 PM

    I have SO missed your posts and am glad you are all feeling better!

  5. If your title was just Exercise, I would have thought the body type, but written out 3 times like that? Totally new it was a military exercise! LOL I sure have NOT missed hearing that living off base for almost a year now ;)

    Glad you're doing better and that the kids are doing so well in school!

  6. In Iceland we had this big family exercise where they ran us through evac procedures. It was INSANE. And we had to keep packed bags under our beds.

    And no...the enemy wasn't Russia (who liked to send planes into our space just to see if we were awake and get the jets to scramble)... it was the volcano's.

    ID check is so much easier now.

  7. That exercise stuff is a tad early for my tastes. LOL.

    Easy mornings make for such calmer nicer days too I find.

  8. Must be interesting living on a base!!


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