Friday, October 9, 2009

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3 Down....

I should have known that it was just wishful thinking on my part LOL

But here we are, 3 of us down with this cold. Nicholas is starting to get better, the fevers are all gone with him, now it's just the sniffles and a bit of a cough remaining.

Jasmine and I however are still going through the first few days of it, so to say I feel awful is just an understatement.

I can't stand the fevers, the way that they make me exhausted and hurt my body and leave with me no energy for anything. These are the days I miss being close to family and being able to turn to someone for help, even if just for an hour or two during the day so I can crawl into my bed and shake the fever chills away.

At least we're all sick at the same time, well, except for hubby and we're going to try and keep it that way. Needless to say there's lots of hand washing, soup eating, juice drinking, vitamin C popping around here. It's like a little clinic LOL

Thank the Lord that the kids are on Fall break today and Monday. It worked out just perfectly, this will give us 4 days to rest and heal up.

Boy it's been a tough cold season already, it's pretty bad around these parts and from what I'm hearing, around the country too. This flu season has come in with a bang and I'm just praying that we can all get through it minorly scathed, needless to say we need to pray and pray hard.

So what have I been doing? Well, I've been wearing PJ's all day and sweaters. IN.ARIZONA! LOL

You may laugh but that is how you can tell that I'm really sick cause that hot weather outside is definitely not conducive to sweater wearing. *snicker*

The kids and I have been watching tv and relaxing as much as possible and I've been blog reading and book reading and catching up on my Supernatural, I'm almost done with Season 4 and this way I can finally catch up to the new Season on TV.

I had to put my Little House on the Prairie on hold for now because the last disc I received was broken. I kid you not, it was cracked down the middle, actually broken, I don't know if it happened at the Netflix facility or in the mail on the way here, but it happened and even though I have the last two discs for Season 6 here, I can't watch them until I get a replacement for Disc 4 that I never watched.

Are you confused yet? LOL

I've always been on Facebook looking at the pictures my sister in law Lilian, posted from their trip to Portugal with my parents last month.

They actually went to Povoa de Santa Iria which is where I grew up and oh my goodness, it was so wonderful seeing the old building we used to live in and the aquaduct that we used to walk on.....yes you read that right.....walk on. I can't believe we did that and now I'm staring at the pictures thinking....UH??? If only my parents knew at the time what we were doing, we would have gotten a spanking LOL

Now see there, we used to walk on that thing, I mean really.....what were we thinking?

That's my oldest brother Paul....the buildings behind him on the right....not the first door, but the one to the left, that was the entrance to our apartment building. I have SO many wonderful memories from this place.

This road LOL Oh my goodness. My brothers and I used to build go karts and then race down the road, see how it dips?

Well on the left side in one of those buildings lived this annoying lady that hated the kids playing on that road, so actually used to put sand on the road so the go karts couldn't ride over....but my brothers and some of the older kids in the neighborhood would go and sweep it away LOL

See that yellow car? To the right you have a black one? Well right behind it, in that little corner used to be a tiny little store we used to buy food at. It was so small but I remember my brothers and their friends messing the crates at night LOL

They would hook up a rope to them and then pull them up a few stories and then BAM, let them go LOL

Another view of the building we used to live in.

Those days were so wonderful, I have nothing but the best memories from my childhood :)

Nowadays I will talk to my children about the things we did and the fun we had and they're actually jealous that they will never be able to experience the same freedom that we had. Times have truly changed and not for the better.

Anyway, thank you to my sister in law Lilian for uploading these pics, they brought back so many wonderful memories and even brought tears to my eyes, it makes me miss those carefree days.

I'm off to scrounge up some dinner and count down the minutes until I can get into bed and sleep LOL

Have a wonderful friday.


  1. For our family, it was about 3 days of really feeling bad and then we were on the mend. I hope you and yours are better soon!

  2. We have it too. Heather had it about a week ago and now Bob and I have it. Thank goodness today was my day off. Bob went in and came back home. The two of us spent the day sleeping and watching tv under blankets.
    What fun to look at those pictures. As for walking on that aquaduct? You were crazy!

  3. I'm praying for your family and Mari's too. I didn't know she was sick too.

  4. Oh I really hope you feel better soon!

  5. Hope you all get to feeling better very soon!
    God bless,

  6. oh man, i will keep you all in my prayers..

  7. Keeping your family and Mari's in my thoughts for a speedy recovery. Feel better soon!

  8. Sorry you guys are sick again. I am depriving Jack of any play facilities like McDonalds playlands and jumpey places for a while. There is alot of sickness going on around here too and I don't want it.

    Take care of yourself and get better soon, and thanks for putting the book review button up there:).

  9. I'm sorry you're all poorly, I hope you get better soon.



  10. seems to me everyone is sick, hope you all feel better soon.
    loved your trip down memory lane, we used to swim in the bayous down here and now i look at them and say to my children they will never swim in them, what was i thinking back then.

  11. Love Love Netflix! They are so customer oriented we think! Sorry you all are sick - get better so you can enjoy the fall ;)

  12. Hope you all get to feeling better soon!

  13. I pray you are all feelin better soon!
    I'm new to the Happy Homemaker Monday....I found it through Tanya blog. I've been wantting to participate for a while and finally got to it! (I worked on it last night)
    I can't figure out how to link up?
    I will totally understand if you don't post the link until tommorrow or let me know how.

    Georgiann momma of 6 and wife of 1!

  14. Olá Sandra, espero que estejam todos melhor.
    Gostei imenso de ver as fotos e de ler acerca das tuas memórias. Eu não vivo muito longe da Póvoa de Santa Iria e conheço bem o sítio. Vivo em Santo António dos Cavaleiros.
    Ando a ver se consigo estar mais presente nos blogues, a ler, comentar e escrever. Porque realmente gosto de tudo isso. Mas não tem sido fácil. São fases!!!

  15. We've all got the sickies here too :( No matter how many vitamins I pump everyone full of those virus' seem to always find us.

    Boo on germs!

  16. Sorry you're all sick! Feel better soon!


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