Thursday, October 8, 2009

# Slow Cooking Thursday

Slow Cooking Thursday


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Mexican Goulash

1/2 lb lean ground beef
1/2 cup onion; chopped
1/4 cup green pepper; chopped
3 cup tomato juice; hunt's no salt
1 1/2 cup raw macaroni
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/4 teaspoon chili powder

Add Macaroni to boiling water and cook for 7 minutes. Cook the first 3 ingredients in cast-iron skillet until meat is brown and vegetables are tender. Drain off fat. Add tomato juice, macaroni, and spices. Simmer until liquid is almost absorbed. Note: Served with a salad, this makes a delicious meal.


  1. Your recipe sounds delicious. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Looks good. Like comfort food. Thanks for hosting!

  3. MMM! This sounds good. Will put this in the soon to try pile. Thanks!

  4. I only recently got a crockpot but am really happy to take part in Slow Cooking Thursday!

  5. I love the slow cooker.I am definetly going to try this recipe.My recipe for White bean with kale soup works good in a slow cooker too.I loved your site layout as well.

  6. Hi Sandra,
    sounds good, my boys will love it..

  7. love goulash made a big batch just the other night

  8. That looks and sounds great and very easy to make. That's what I need; Easy. Thanks for the comments on H2H blog.

  9. I'll have to try this one.

  10. This sounds like a good one. Thanks!

  11. Looks and sounds really good!! Thanks Sandra

  12. Oh that looks delicious! I like to use my slow cooker at least once a week. Once the cooler months come I use it like every other day! I might just have to start linking up to this on Thursdays! :)

    Love the new site layout btw

  13. YUMMY! This sounds delicious! And just in time for fall.

  14. YOU ROCK!! I've been searching all week for a recipe to take Saturday to church for our missionary dinner. I (in my infinate wisdom..ha ha)decided to pick Mexico as the dish to prepare. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  15. Oh my that looks delishious! Thanks for the recipe.


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