Thursday, November 04, 2010

Right on my Tush!

Yes, this past week knocked me right on my behind and that is why I haven't been updating the blog as much.

Just a quick recap of what's been going on here:

- Had both kids down with a nasty stomach bug which kept them home from school and me nursing two children who were playing tag team in the bathroom.  It left me exhausted.

- Caught the said nasty stomach bug from my children but thanks to the Lord it only last half a day with me

- Hubby prepared and stressed for his military PT test and finally took it this morning.  He passed and now we are all breathing a sigh of relief.

- Stocked up on my homemade breadcrumbs


- Washed and disinfected and sprayed everything in sight


- Made the best, juiciest burgers that I have eaten in a long long time.  Herb & Cheese Stuffed Burgers 


- Enjoyed a delicious Caramel Apple Gingerbread which left my house smelling divine


- Started the Christmas decorations outside the house because it's one of our favorite holidays, and while doing it enjoyed snapping pictures of my babies



It's just been full, busy home days of which I'm thankful for and blessed to enjoy.

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