Friday, November 26, 2010

Stuffed and Thankful!


I'm utterly stuffed, content and exhausted, all wrapped into one little ball.

The preparations for Thanksgiving began two days ago, with lots of baking and prepping for the main event.


The meal in itself was wonderful, we filled our tummies and we chit chatted and laughed with our friends.

By the time the night rolled around, I was dead on my feet and managed to drag myself into a hot shower where I stood for quite a while, just letting the warm water comfort my aching feet and back.  A little bit of tv with some Dr Quinn and I fell into a deep sleep.

It felt good.

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed though the aching body is still a reminder of two days of non stop kitchen work.

So here I am, sipping on some chai tea while the rest of the household is slowly coming to life. 

The plans for today?  None.  I'm not one for Black Friday shopping, never was and never will be, I just can't muster the courage to go stand in super long lines for hours on end, in the cold weather, just to get something a few dollars cheaper.  I will gladly pay the full price or do it online.

Inside Christmas decorations are going up today, save for the Christmas tree, that is coming next weekend.

We are making a trip up to Flagstaff to cut our own tree, to play in the snow, to enjoy some hot cocoa and to fill my childrens heads with memories to last them a lifetime.  Oh there will be many pictures to record the event, you can be sure that my laptop and my camera will be making the short drive with us.

I hope you are all having a blessed lazy day and enjoying all those leftovers.

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