Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Ice Pop Joy by Anni Daulter

If you're a fan of Anni Daulter's books then you're going to just LOVE this new one called Ice Pop Joy.

I love the way she approaches cooking, it's all about using organic fresh fruits and vegetables, natural sweeteners and getting your children involved in the cooking.  Big thumbs up from me just on that alone.

Let's face it, all kids (and plenty of grown ups)
love ice pops, but not all kids love healthy foods.
This collection of wholesome and heavenly
ice pop recipes are cutting-edge nutritious and
delicious for the whole family. 

So chill out! You can indulge in tasty sweet, and
juicy ice pops without consuming refined sugar and
fake sweeteners. Using fresh, seasonal fruits; sweet,
nutritious vegetables (yes! vegetables); protein packed
whole foods; and a multitude of other
exquisite ingredients, Ice Pop Joy contains a wide
variety of recipes for scrumptious frozen treats any time of the year. 

My kids sat with me as I looked through the book and all I could hear was "ohhh that one"...."mommy make this one"...."Ohhhhhh Oohhhhh I want that one".

I don't think there were any pops in this book that I didn't want to try, though I have to say that some of the ingredients I don't keep in that house and that stopped me from making a few but other than that, it's just easy quick and simple recipes using fresh fruits and veggies and I tell you, delicious.

We settled on Pure Sunshine using Strawberries and Honey.  Yum!


Just a handful of fresh ingredients, like lemons, strawberries....

Some honey, some ice and blend it all together

Fill up your ice pop molds and into the freezer it goes.  That's it.

These were SO refreshing, SO good.  We all really enjoyed them and I think would be just perfect on a hot summer afternoon.


Tastes yummy, it's definitely kid approved.


If you're looking for an amazing book filled with delicious ice pop recipes and using nothing but the best of freshest and organic ingredients for your family, then you have to get yourself a copy of Anni Daulter's latest "Ice Pop Joy".  You won't regret it, I promise.

You can get your own copy for only $18.95 and I really do recommend it, especially with Summer around the corner.

Thank you to the author Anni Daulter for sending me a copy of the book for review. 

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