Friday, April 15, 2011

Such is the life of a mommy....

Sitting at the Holiday Inn, waiting for my girl to do her AIMS testing.

Today is the final day of testing and that's great because yesterday she started feeling sick, sore throat and just not feeling very well.

Woke up this morning with a slight temperature, sore throat and her body aching but here's the thing, we can't skip AIMS testing, so we got some breakfast in her, gave her some medicine and slowly made our way here to the testing location.  I spoke to one of the teachers and they are keeping an eye on her.  They moved her to the desk closest to the door in case she felt unwell.

I just checked on her and the teacher said she is doing well and they were about to begin the second and last part of the test.  Thank Goodness.

It's a waiting game.

So here I sit, at the hotel's restaurant with my hubby and little one, we're passing time by just chatting, playing on the computer, drawing etc.

Such is the life of a mommy, sometimes you're all go go go go.....and other times you're stuck for a couple of hours doing nothing and THAT is when you realize, hey, I actually prefer the busy busy of housework and errands to the quiet time of doing nothing.

Or maybe that's just me???

Who knows, I'm off to read the Mustard and Ketchup bottle labels for the umpteenth time, maybe I missed something the other gazillion times I read them?  HA!

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