Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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A little under the weather

I should have known that Miss Jasmine was not one to keep her little cold to herself, honestly I didn't even think about me getting sick, I was so busy last week that the thought didn't enter my mind.

But here I sit.


I've been spending the past two days deep in reading, Jane Austen of course.  Though I've read all her books so many times I never get sick of them and reading them again and again is just like reading them for the first time.


I think there's nothing better for the body and soul than an afternoon of comfort with a good book and a pot of hot tea.....


Especially when you're under the weather like I am.


A sore throat and I mean, really sore like somebody done jammed a knife up in there and left it dangling. Goodness, is there anything more irritating than a sore throat?

I know what it is, it's my sinus acting up because I'm congested and I have a headache and it's one of those where if you sniffle just a little too hard you feel like your brain is blowing up like a balloon.....and if you talk a little loud or if you stomp on the floor a little harder than usual, you are left wondering who are the imaginary people hammering away at your noggin.

I'm slowly getting my housework done, teaching the kiddos their school work and trying to drink lots of water and tea and take some breaks in between.

This afternoon, right now, we're all done for the day so while they play on the computer, I'm sitting here on my bed with a blanket around me, my pugs and a new series to watch.

Have you heard of or watched Land Girls from BBC???

Land Girls is set in the English countryside during World War Two. Four different girls arrive at the Hoxley Estate to begin their new working lives at the Pasture Farm owned by Frederick Finch (Mark Benton) and the opulent manor occupied by Lord (Nathaniel Parker) and Lady Hoxley (Sophie Ward). The girls, Nancy Morrell (Summer Strallen), Joyce Fisher (Becci Gemmell), Bea Holloway (Jo Woodcock) and Annie Barratt (Christine Bottomley), have joined the Women's Land Army for very different reasons, but they all share the same goal – to help serve their country and to help win the war. Nancy is forced into joining the Women's Land Army, when female conscription begins. Joyce wants to serve her country, just like her husband is doing. Annie signs herself and her younger sister, Bea, up, so they can escape their abusive father. As the girls adapt to their new surroundings and begin the hard work, their lives begin to change. Six months later, Bea is married to Billy (Liam Boyle) and Joyce is still working at the farm. The brash Connie Carter (Seline Hizli) arrives to do her duty and American industrialist, Jack Gillespie (Clive Wood), comes to the Hoxley Estate on business.

I just got my hands on the first Season and I think that is what I'm going to watch this afternoon.  As always though when I find something that I think my readers will enjoy, I have to share here on my little blog.  So there you go, something to add to your list of wonderful BBC dramas to watch :)

I'm off to shove some vicks on my nose, sip a little more tea and enjoy some good tv.  Hope you're having a wonderful day :)

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