Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Making use of the Freezer

I'm such a slow poke, no really, I'm usually the last one getting anything and then when I do it's a big hoopla because I can't believe I ever lived without one.

This time it's a chest freezer.  I know, go ahead and laugh you're probably sitting there with your mouths wide open shocked that I didn't have one, but you see up until now we really didn't need one and living on a military base, trust me, there is not much room for a freezer.

So a week ago, we bit the bullet and bought one on sale at the BX. 


There she is, ain't she a beauty?  Don't get me wrong, I wish I could hide her somewhere and out of the way but I just don't have the room in this small house, but we do what we can right???  A little pretty flower on top and it's good to go.

Now that I have the freezer I'm going to start planning my menus a little different, it's time to incorporate some freezer meals and start doing some batch cooking.

Before I get into all that though, one of the things I'm enjoying is being able to buy fruit and veggies in bulk and not worrying about them going bad.


Hubby and I are trying to lose weight right now so with that comes portion control and calorie counting, but honestly it's already such a battle trying to keep yourself on the right track and not fall into the bad habit of eating the junky stuff laying around the house.....then you throw in calorie counts and it's just downright frustrating.


So to make things easier for hubby and I when it comes to snacking, we've been buying huge amounts of fruit and then I take a Sunday or Saturday afternoon and peel and chop and sort into ziploc bags, write the amount of calories per baggie and pop it in the freezer.


Trust me, it's so much easier when you get a craving to be able to just reach in the freezer, grab a little ziploc bag and know exactly how many calories you are ingesting.  It's helped us alot, so much so that we've both dropped 7 lbs this week :)

But using the freezer is not just about weight watching and portions.  It can be used for SO much more and I plan on sharing with you, over the next few weeks, just exactly what I'm doing in there.  Well not literally in there, but you know what I mean.

So next time you have a few spare moments, throw on some good music or one of your favorite shows on your laptop and chop and pack your veggies/fruits.  You'll be glad you did :)

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