Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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Mary Go Round

Cute name isn't it?

Well not only is the name cute but the end result is adorable too.

Let me start by saying that I'm a little under the weather, I don't know if I'm fighting allergies to the crazy non stop wind we've had for what seems like a month or two now, OR, if I'm coming down with a little cold.

Either way, today has left me feeling deflated, with no energy whatsoever and just wanting to do absolutely nothing, including, cooking.  Yeah, me, Miss loves to cook, not wanting to cook.  Oy!

I've been taking it easy and one thing I've noticed when I'm sick or just not with it completely, is that I automatically reach for my colorful crochet hooks and yarn.  I could have just gone to work on my Granny Stripe Blanket, but I wanted something easy and quick to make.

While browsing through my favorite crochet blogs I came across the perfect project for an afternoon.  Mary go Rounds.  Cute, cute, cute.

This lovely lady has the cutest tutorial for using, of all things.........are you ready?

Bangles OR bracelets.  I'm sorry but in South Africa we call them bangles.  HA!

Mary Go Rounds

Round 1::::

Mary Go Rounds

Round 2:::

Mary Go Rounds

Round 3:::

Mary Go Rounds

But for the actual pattern you'll have to go check out the  Whatever Lola Wants blog, the lovely Lola Nova has the tutorial for you all :)

Now as she explains, these can be used as fun summer accessories, definitely for the adventurous type who loves adorable, fun, colorful items.

Mary Go Rounds

Or as really cute wall decorations, which I definitely will be doing as well.....and actually the author made them as little frames for her wall which is something else I'll be doing too.

Mary Go Rounds

It went from one to just try and see if I would like it.....

Mary Go Rounds

To 3 in some of my favorite colors and they're so fast to whip up that I may just make a bunch of them tonight.

Mary Go Rounds

And you know what, I think I AM quite the adventurous type who will more than likely be sporting these this summer, how can I not when they're this cute?

Mary Go Rounds

Go Have Fun !!!

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