Monday, June 6, 2011

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Still here.....

No I haven't disappeared, matter of fact I'm here every single day but I'm sure you're wondering where the posts are?

Well my random, homemaking, family living, military craziness posts are kind of taking a backseat to my 31 Days of Prayer for my Husband.  Not to say that I won't check in too during this month but I'm trying to devote as much time to getting this prayer off the ground.

Truth is, I've been under attack.

Hubby and I have a wonderful marriage, not a perfect marriage because I don't believe anyone out there has one of those, but we do have a pretty good one.  Oh we fight once in a while and we argue and we firmly believe in spitting it out and not keeping it in if one is doing something to frustrate the other.........but for the past 6 days, since I started the 31 Days of Prayer for my Husband, I feel like we've been put on the radar of the evil one and are being attacked.

We have been fighting pretty much every single day and about the stupidest things and there have been times when I thought "oh for goodness sakes I don't have patience or energy for this, how can I put up with it for 31 days?".

But just as quickly as I get that thought another one comes over that says "Don't you DARE, don't YOU DARE give him the power, you stand fast, you stay strong and you continue to fight for you husband and for your marriage".

Not easy, not easy at all but then again that's how Satan operates right?  Throw in some doubt, make it a little difficult or a LOT difficult and try to throw you off kilter, you just have to strong enough to see it for what it is and to throw it right back into his hands.

So maybe now you understand a little better why I've been kinda MIA, just trying to keep my head above water and get this under control :)

For those of you out there participating with me in this 31 Day Journey and who may be feeling the same way, I'm praying for you all, just stay strong we'll make it through together :)

Anyway, I've been grilling up a storm lately and just plain enjoying the summer, from the warm sun to the sound of the sprinklers in the back yard, to the birds chirping and flying around as I sip on some Iced Tea.  It's relaxing!

Steak Sandwich Kabobs....these are super easy to throw together but so delicious, my kids couldn't get enough.

Steak Sandwich Kabobs

Sweet Citrus Iced Tea - if you love iced tea and you love lemon and orange, you have got to give this one a try, I think you'll really enjoy it.

Sweet Citrus Iced Tea

Dinner tonight for the kiddos and I was, was Homemade Churros....why?  Because my hubby is now working swing shift which means he is not home for dinner and the kids and I don't want a huge meal, so we usually have whatever we feel like.

And hey, my kids think I'm the coolest mom in the world when they get Churros for dinners.

Homemade Churros

How about some yummy Apple Sandwiches for your afternoon snack??  I love giving my children not only healthy snacks but those that catch their eye too.

But you also could just go for the Hillbilly Teeth LOL  I still love these and they're one of the kids favorites.

I've also been enjoying doing laundry, yes I know that sounds so ridiculous but really, I have.  I think it has to do with this new product I'm using that I'm really liking.  See I don't enjoy it when I watch a commercial or read the label on a product and it tells me that it's this amazing softener that leaves your clothes smelling wonderful for weeks on end, then you try it at home and nothing happens.  Yeah....tried many like that.


This one though, works.  I mean, it really works.  It smells great and it lasts for a long time, like days time.  Anyone else tried it?


Also harvested some green onions :) 

My tomatoes are doing great though a few have been eaten by birds UGH.  We've now put them in a different area where the birds can't get to them and they are doing beautifully.

Oh and guess what, my lettuce is coming back in, the gofers ate my last harvest but it's growing again and this time I'll be ready for these gofers LOL

So that's what I've been up to, just wanted to come in and say hi and let you know that I'm still here, I haven't forgotten my blog :)

Now I'm off to give this house a quick once over, then it's bath times and reading and hanging out with the kids, watch some tv etc :) 

Have a blessed night!

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